Wednesday, April 30, 2008


all my friends went invi and left me to wither and die.

love you, guys.


i kinda think im going fashion again.

see, i bought these bombee pants which totally makes my ass look as curvy as a pencil and ive been trying to work things around it... and its sooo fuun. i guess its the most fun i ever get alone. i really cant take it off me anymore. the fashion-ness, not the pants, sweethearts.

im not posting pictures of it everyone! i only post pictures that flatter

having the best hair day these days. :)


we're back at it again! finally!



oohhh.. i found mushrooms in the garden. they're even prettier than flowers. they're prettier in real life than in pics though.


some people take weed when they're depressed. and some people eat grass.

it was a nice day.


there is only one day i my life that i can remember hating myself. it lasted for about an hour and a lot of whining and "oh my god"s. i bet you cant guess when.


i caanntt write. nothing to write about. tell me what to write anyone.


[edit: 15 minutes later]

i hate judging people. i really do.

as in i really really really really really do.

thats one of the many live and love principles that i have to fully master you know.


oh yeah, and ive just read the most arrogant post in the universe written by yours truly... AND I AM SO FUCKING FULL OF MYSELF! GODDAMNIT! BURN MACCI BUUURRRNNNN!!!


and disclaimers.. uhhh i guess i do those "stuff" in the mildest mildest sense.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008

poise under pressure

harhar. no comment.

6 minute post

ive got 6 mins til 11pm and by then i should be hitting the sack.

best brushing experience of my life:

colgate 360 and colgate applemint fresh

ive been brushing my teeth for more than 5 mins. theennn, i go clean my stuff while burshing my teeth again.

macci's profile: hobby: writing and brushing my teeth.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

the most arrogant post in the universe

spontaneous post.

being the egoistic bitch (/whore/slut/emoqueen) that i am, i have decided to write about how i view myself. gracing this blog, dear readers, with my amusing arrogance.

(sigh. its just one of those days.)

macci is a charming strong person who will always be the girl she wants to be. its not thaatt hard to be who you want to be you know... you just have to, uhh.. well work on it.

so as i was saying, im strong, charming, mature, and despite all the bitchiness, bratiness, and pagkaantipatika... i am loveable. read it with me, everyone.. loveable.

ooohh.. and i love everyone too. TRY IT! ITS GREAT! a little psychotic and annoyingly overfriendly, but its great. takes great load off your chest. as long as you dont make too much noise.

its always been you either love me or hate me. that's been the macci way for, i dont know, forever perhaps. whatever. BUT ITS CHANGING NOW. just a year ago, i believe, i learned my manners. the real ones. and just a short while ago, i finally learned to smile and stop being such an erratic snob. (i dont know what erratic means though. it just sounds cute.)

and on matters of my flirtiness/sluttiness/whorishness... it is all temporary. i swear. ive always been a good girl, see. and i still will be. its just that summer is boring me to my wits. and there's nothing else to do but whore around a little. (gawd, ill hate myself for posting this.)

but when school comes round by june, id be back to the old study hard, party harder nerd that i am. oh yeah, and im pretty. have i told you that. maybe i have. I SHOULDNT BE SAYING IT, BECAUSE PRETTY GIRLS DONT HAVE TO GO TELL PEOPLE THAT THEY ARE.. just like a proper lady doesnt need advertising that she's one. BUT WHAT THE HECK THIS IS MY BLOG AND I WANT TO FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF... so there we have it:

macci is pretty.

not that prettiness matters much these days. seriously.

macci is no longer materialistic. once in my life, i lived for the luxury of everything. but you grow up and learn that there are more important things in life that branded coffee and a guy with a great car.

despite that, there's nothing like a good haircut. and great eyebrows. and polished nails. and NEW PAIR OF SHADESSS AND LOTSA NEW MAGAZINES.

i knowww i swore to be less vain. see, i am no longer using the undilluted vanity theme ive had before. but well, i lluuurrrvveee taking care of myself. i mean, in the long run, YOU'RE ALL YOU'VE GOT!

and since im totallty erratic now (i know what it means., GOD is my boyfriend! yiipppeee!! every guy that would come along are created only for physical and emotional and tangible needs. BASTA GOD AKO FOREVER! LABAN KA!!?!!!

let's see.. what else. in the long run, macci is a semi-partygirl, nerd. you just have to mix it up a little. im just your typical 18 year old, who looks like 16, thinks like 14, and has the height of a 12 year old. little queen. im not a princess, never have. PRINCESSES ARE WEAK AND GIRLY! QUEENS ARE WOMEN!!! AND THEY LOVE THEMSELVES! they dont need the king to love for them. but having a king for a while would be nice though. agh.

and in terms of happiness... you have no right to be sad when you've got the ego the size of mine.

whoopeedo. there's a nerd for you!


weng weng

ugh. pakshet.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

pictionary summer briefing

if you're wondering why i have adsese on my sidebar... well, im not really profiting from it.. but its sooo pretty e. so it's their for aesthetic reasons alone. pretty pretty (though senseless).


so here are random tidbits of the things happening this summer. caption not necessary. just ask me whataver if your curiosity gets the best of you.

needs more picture of grass, of pe, of korean food, of the streets, of the rosary, of lunch.


i think i think i think that i need a digicam.

i think i think i think i think i need to post kinda daily pics of stuff happening in my day on this blog. i dunno. i mean, i have to preserve memories, you know. and blogging is my preferred istrument of record. but it's a blog and it would so seem like im boasting everything that im doing in my life. and i dunnnoooooooo.. but it beats posting about it. riigghtt??

i dont need a digicam! i have a a cellphone!

so there we go.. the newest blog resolution!


addictions and unaddictions

i believe that i will crush geno's heart by saying this, but its just a revelation i have to make already. ready, boys?

i am no longer addicted to fashion.

when reality hits you, it hits hard. see once you've established your style and have finally learned fashion, there's no going back. you bring it with you forever. so despite my unaddiction to it, fashion will always be a part of me. harsh as it sounds, however, i have fallen out of love with it.

harsh, harsh, harsh.. i think ive just slashed my heart.


the list of your highness's current addictions

allure magazine
sleeping pills
paries and non-parties
chocolate (always have, always will)
buddha beads

aghhh! cant think of anything else. pssshhhhh.

me and jasmina, and our new bangles-slash-bracelet-slash-beads (plus shoelace).

goodmorning, sweethearts. :*

Friday, April 25, 2008

its still summer.

you know what i mean.

i just want peace.


got tagged by the infamous mr.pepe. agh. this is so typically blog-ish. and so unprofessional. but what the heck, sweethearts. let me have my fun.


1.Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
2. Bloggers that are tagged need to write their ownblog about their ten things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, or to read your blog.


1. i always turn into the person i want to be. always.
2. i do not eat veggies and never will.
3. i love words. i do i do i do.
4. magbubuhay lalaki ako this summer
5. i am the least sporty person i know in my life
6. i say "please", "thankyou", "sweetheart", and "dear" an awful lot.
7. i can not live without nivea cherry lip gloss
8. i love hugs. hugs are powerful, magical, and free.
9. im a nerd. for real.
10. ive got a hellish case of insomnia (which im struggling to fix, thankyouverymuch)

and being the narcissist that i am, i could go on with the list. but it only requires ten tidbits. boohoo for me.

i tag:
nica, khan, bes(seph), earl, weena, joyce, pao(la), jasmina, ken, lester, louie (if she ever decides to put something on her multiply aside from her prof's faux pas), and teta (if she goes online ever at all).

I ROCK! (but not enough.)

61 words

Speed test

on blogging and still on happiness

same question as ever: should we blog about how we feel and think or what's been happening to us?

the answer is: write about the things that MAY POSSIBLY not bore your audience.

i may write and dwell on my search for happiness, or i can just jot down everything ive been doing and am going through this summer.

psshhh, whatever, right? i mean this is my personal blog. not my multiply where i am pressured to conform with the network's idea of "fun" and limit my excerpts to censored articles.


but it's too late to write about the things i've been doing. since the blog was kinda stagnant this summer, it's already missed:

1. pretty much 4 major parties (and when i say party, dearests. i do mean party.)
2. 3 swimming escapades
3. 2 weeks' worth of mind-less fun
4. more or less 2 weeks worth of devastating heartbreak
5. a handful of strangers
6. loads and loads of both meaningful and meaningless conversations. lots of living and loving
7. the whole summer's worth of daring amusements
8. unforgettable and unforgiveable drunken idiosyncrasies
9. karaoke, hanging out on the grass, cards, malls, lunches, breakfasts, dinners, volleyball, naps, jamming, and everything of everything.
10. and ofcourse, a decade's worth of realizations.

ive been going home pretty late everyday this summer. well, not thaaatt late. but considering that i get out of the house at 6am in the morning, am free from 9am onwards, and go home at 5-8pm, its pretty hard to keep track of where ive spent whiling the time away.

i appreciate everyone's company. even the kids in PE. everyone.

the only reason i love being at home is because the blog is sooo pretty. but if i had the chance, id stay out til its time for bed.


update: im getting better though. :)

cheers to me. im back at 84 pounds, and if do i great great great job, id be 86 on monday. just in time for bikini season again. yippeee!

and sleep is better. can you believe that i get sleepy at 9pm these days. gotta keep this up. forever if possible.


i should stop lying in my blog. well not lying per se, but keeping too much secrets.
from now on, id be saying names and actually telling you about my activities. no promises, though. but we'll see.


realization for the day (well one of the many) : there's past and there's future. but now is more important than both. :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

economic crisis

after a million years, bryski and yours truly finally decided to hang out again. but due to an ongoing economic crisis that affects most of the populace, our joint finances sum up to the image you see below.

and that is inclusive of our fare home.

nonetheless, we'll be watching the newest jetlee-slash-jackichan action packed chineseish movie next week IF and only IF we get any richer.

love you, bryski. :* happy summer.


isnt it so preeettyyyyyyyy....
and clean???
and easy???

i am so tamad these days.

gawd, ill continue blogging when i get home. its so nice to blog on new blogs, see. hmmm.

also, i might reuse the old blog. but still use the same layout. thinky thinky. see you pretty folks in a while. mwah. :*

p.s. this aint done yet. standby for petty changes. kishy, dearests. :*


i really have to change my blog layout. i mean, look at it. its as bland as rice.

it gets sooo boring. but the problem is i have forgotten completely how to do layouts. hmmmm.


but my weight issues, which i have not so long ago resolved to ignore, are still about. i cant help it. im just too skinny. and i mean, what's another 10 pounds on me. i wont get fat-fat, you know.

so just eat lots and rest lots.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


due to very unfortunate and difficult events that have occured not so long ago, i have almost magically lost 6 pounds in 7 days.

and now, im trying to get it all back by forcefeedig myself throughout the day, which therefore, contributes to my urge to vomit every night before i sleep. i cant burp anymore, because the food just comes up if i do.


atleast my sleep's waayyy better. oops. jinxing it.

Monday, April 21, 2008


since im sober and no longer drunk from sorrow and all those emo shit. i have to move on to happy stuff.

fine, im happy that i have a great family, a great bunch of friends, and a great self, and great god (whoa. bat ganto na ko?)... but one of the things im happiest about is having sexy friends. pretty. hot. hmmm. ego as high as the heavens.. but true. believe me.

so what is it with my egoistic, super confident, abnormally superior self.

i have no idea. i dont know. maybe it comes with being happy. or maybe happiness comes with it. no matter, no matter. just appreciate everything that comes your way, and you're good to go.

CHE! LET ME BE! SAYA E! harharharharhar.....\:D/

gawwd.. i have to stop giving words of wisdom already. changing my blog into this is already boring my royal subjects. i really have to do something with this already. really.

Sunday, April 20, 2008



happiness doesnt just come around.
you have to pursue it.


im my daddy's girl through and through.

wala lang, share.

he's got a big chunk of him in me, and im more like him than anyone else in the world. strong, positive, smart, charismatic, funny-ish, and both amusingly/annoyingly overconfident.

the thing about me and popsy is we talk like friends. like peers. we share a deep outlook on life and therefore, we talk like we're always preaching. we talk about the facts of life, an we talk about strength. we talk about successes, and dreams, and we celebrate ourselves.

BASSSTTTAAA!! ANG GUSTO KO LANG PALABASIN IS ANG ASTIG NG TATAY KO! and we are so fortunate to be friends and folks.

my life is the best. :)
now, that's happiness for you!

Friday, April 18, 2008

season 2

hi. im macci.

it's currentyl 11:51pm, im as tired as hell, but im posting a welcome to everyone who may have "stumbled" on my "humble blog", as inept bloggers would put it.

my room is a mess right now, and so is everything, to be honest. well its getting better. so much better that it will be great. :)


season 2, huh? to those who have been a great audience of what im going through or just have gone through, i dont think i need to explain. and to those who've the faintest idea what its about, i guess i dont owe you an explanation because you weren't there for me. harsh, no?


as bloggers do, they tell the world what they have been up to. well, see, i spent the day at nica's, sunbathing, relaxing, tons and tons of soul searching.

fuck soul-searching! i put my ipod on loud, which i dont do in any situation, and try to drown my thoughts in music. aaahh, relaxation.

then i went throught the most brutal commute home all my life, which in its turn, drowned my thoughts in exhaustion.


see, season 2 is different. everyone changes. sometimes, it takes less than 2 months for people to change drastically. then life starts all over again. differently but still the same.


hi, season 2. this will be great.
and different. lots lots lots.

here's one. its 12:09, and i need to get rest. as you MAY know, 12:09 isnt really sleeping time. i'll tell more lots soon.