Friday, February 27, 2009


For the record, this is the most stressed I have ever been in my life.

Sorry sa lahat ng pagkukulang ko sa lahat ng tao. :(


I'm giving up.

My spirit is broken.


Oo ang iresponsable ko. Inaako ko ung mga trabaho maski alam kong hindi ko na kaya. Mapride pa ko. Hindi ko alam kung pano humingi ng tulong sa ibang tao. At higit sa lahat ang pleaser ko, kasi pag may bagong trabaho, oo ako ng oo. PUTANGFUCKINGINA.

Never take work you can't manage.

Lesson learned.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Now is ours

One down.
Fashion show is finally over.

Drama never seem to leave me be. Yuck. Tangina.

And stress too.

Dont have time to blog actually, but I really need to let off some steam. Whatevs.

My dad is 'hired' me to do this effing layout thingy that's been eating my time almost completely. I haven't cried over it yet, which is usually the case when I'm under pressure.

Uhhuh. Will isn't so strong. I crack.

I miss my girlsies, and well, I'm with them almost everyday. Distance is mental.

My sisters are awesome ish. My boyfriend is loverly. My nails are strawberry red.

ohhh cheesy

Yikeee. Holding hands

ngumiti ka naman! try mo lang.

Friday, February 20, 2009



Despite the list from my last post, I don't think I accomplished much. Still, am stressed. My body's been aching the past days and today I rest.

"Rest". I have catalogue and ppt layout to do.

I still don't know how to deal.

hfhkjdhkjsf isfd i need more time!


There's always something about evryone that I admire. Is looking up to every fucking one a crime?

Monday, February 16, 2009

pre-break jsdlsdal

I may just be the shades murderer. I've finished off my favorite pairs of shades and my collection is now down to half. :(



I miss my friends.


Squeeze all tasks in 7 days:

Ppt and Catalogue (inc, shoot)
Ad Design Sketch (8/sec
Ad Prac Survey + Tally
. Shoot 5 done, 7 to go
. Book layout and Production
Org Love notes
Org Prose Project
Fashion Cocktail Illus, Long Gown sketch
PD Choco Filipino
-measure box
-create design
Photog Reportage
Photog Marketing Heritage

Friday, February 13, 2009


The similarity between designing ads and formulating poems is the need for reason. Merely looking or sounding good is not enough deem it right.


Pop culture is against cliche, but everything becomes cliche after some time.


Thing critiquing is that it's extremely/semi-completely subjective. A perfect poem does not let subjectivity take command.


Am sick.

Gawd, I'm sickly. I used to be healthier before. Maybe its because of the sleep (lack of), or possibly not enough nutrients.

It feels like a hang-over... only worse because my temperature rises and I can't expose myself to the cold. It's gross actually, how I vomitted an entire dinner in water-ish form. Bwahahaha. Kadiri noh?

Le Boyfriend came over to snuggle and watch Slumdog Millionaire. Then he won't let me leave the house for the AdPrac shoot because of my sickly state. Im sorry to disappoint you girls :(. And now, I dont know much of his whereabouts. Worried. :|

And sweaty from sleeping all afternooon under a comforter without any aid of electric fan or ACU.

Fuck, what do you know? I'm writing about my day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quarter Past Four

Repulsed by the putrid flavor of time wasted
He droops in bed, lashes glued on his lids
Cocooned by the sheets
Mastering the futile art of tossing and turning
Twisting to find the perfect mould
Time is the universal currency
It is dripping away
His mind racing around the web of his thoughts
His biology ceasing to be in accord with his will
The chronic disorder dulls his skin
Swells his eyes, dulls tomorrow
The sun spills on the corner of his bed
He rises because sleep fails again

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pre- sleep.

We have no time.
Every waking moment must be spent on the betterness of your academic wellfare.

Must do plates 24-hours.

Migraines, lovers, and sleep arent valid excuses.

Time is the universal currency.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Angelika April!
Alam kong binabasa mo blog ko!



I've grown a constellation of pimples on both my cheeks and by the hairline. Ugh. Puberty much? I have to start taking care of my skin again. It's been 3 months and I've stopped using facial moisturizer and am very frequently using my trusty eye cream.

Well, I'm confident because I don't smoke. And I almost never deprive myself of sleep ayway.




Thursday, February 5, 2009

Issues on legality and cheesiness and the self

I can no longer lie to my parents. Grounded na kung grounded. Ang mahalaga sakin panatag loob ko.

Besides, I'm almost 20 for goodness sake! And mahal ko kayo at ayoko kayong gawing bobo.


I can handle life on my own, thankyouverymuch. But I'm more complete with you.


Does 'bahala na' work?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

12:40 am

I'm sleepy na kaya. But I still have this effing Package Design plate to finish. Funny thing is, PD's just 2-units worth and we tend to stress over it so much more than we would the the 6-unit subjects yadayadayadayada.

It's like when I complain about my academic life, PD always find its way to my rants and complaints.

1. Am learning to drive. Yippee!
2. Am learning to walk in heels!
3. Happily cheesy
4. Losing weight. :(
5. Grounded
6. Lost my sun cell. What do you expect? No one contacts me via sun anyway, aside from the folks, the sis, and Angelika Relova. And the phone's so little...
7. Has pile of works to do (e.g. TWGuild, Photogee, AdFrec baby cheesies, gaining parental trust, Reporting: Fashion and Professional Ethics, Valentines.. ETC ETC ETC)

...atleast my PD is finally on a roll. FUCK PD!!


My mom kinda cried over the "May Bukas Pa" commercial. Wahahaha.
The blockada-ish is all over "Tayong Dalawa" or "The Both Of Us" as my dad calls it.
The boyfriend and I is cheesssyy musshhyyy <3 <3 Lovwa, babe <3...
Am kindaahh sleepy. Musn't.

Oh and yeah, controversy going on at the right part of the bloggie. (Read: Tagbox)
IMO, some anonymous dude did it and everyone's kinda having fun using names other than there's. Lol. The long lost 'Stalker' or someone related to him may possibly be the PD.Man because the idea is similar.. yadayadayada. Sleepy.