Thursday, December 10, 2009



This was written on January 2008:


my baby. sniff. i can remember the first time i saw it. i ws at serendre with nica and geno, but they both had to go, so i had to go on alone. you know how i am at malls. pretending i have the money, asking as if i have the intention of buying every item that tickles my fancy.

well, i went in the high-end shop, not really expecting to find anything. i just wanted to test my "im-a-rich-rich-girl" powers, AND I SAW IT. GENUINE LEATHER, CROC SKIN, SHINY (but not patent), BLACK, SILVER, UNGIRLY, CLASSIC WATCH! PERFECTION IN A GLASS CASE! it screams "breakfast at tifanny" (audrey hepburn's croc skin pumps), manly watches, and it screams ME! and i had to demand the guy to take it out and i can still remember getting stunned and semi-hyperventilating. my goodness! i even asked if other stores wherever had stock of it.

and it goes with every single thing in my closet!

but, halllooouuu.. i can not afford it. and i thought id live my life without it. and i just wanna cry right now.

(i can soooo feel like crying right now. seriously. i just reaallly want to cry. my heart is hurting like hell! :( im not overreacting. )

when i got it on my 18th birthday, i was at cafe breton (my fave crepe place) which just made the gift hand over so much special, i was extatic. my mom found it, via my description and nagging(and the price).


Sunday, December 6, 2009




Spend life with (people) who makes you happy, not (those) you want to impress"

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm happy because

We're gonna have a kitchen soon. Lalalalalala. It's so noisy every morning, but WE'VE NO KITCHEN FOR 2 MONTHS ALREADY!
and because I'm currently dating. And open to possiblites. I doubt the possibilities are maximum, though.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

EXPENSIVE THRILL (Cosmetic aint cheap)

after christmas, i will go to Suesh Flagship, near GH Zirkoh... and buy me a makeup bag and be happy for the rest of my life. Hooray.

Oooh la lovey dovey.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009



It's been half a year since OMG's been so good. Edits and details and pictures later. Gawd, I love local lit.

I loved everyone's reading. And everyone love the "Go on, Manwhore" poem very much. YOU SHOULD HAVE HEARD THE CROWD! YEEEESSS... THE CROWD. LAUGHIG, and possibly think (This girl's a natural!)

And it was a huge crowd, man.

You love me, you really really love me.

Then they made me, uhhh, how would you call it, sing-chant-perform on stage when the last band played and it went on for about a million minutes (in gert's words).

Oh life. Oh love.

BTW, it's an unwritten rule that a writer... an actual creative writer (you know, people whose hearts are infused with flowery words) must tote around a notebook about the size of a hand. Some are thick some are slim, some are hardbound, some leather, some just some cheap 26phps (mine.pff )... the scrawnier the better. Then I lost mine yesternight. Not that it's scrawny enough to be of sentimental value, but I still lost it. And I've already written stuff there.

The quest for the perfect notebook will start later! (Requirements, size, no lines, and not necessarily a mole skin. But maybe I'll get one for myself this christmas. Hmm. Perhaps, if the size is right. Oooh, and proper amount of pages. And expensive so that I treat it better)

And I'm stocking on Pilot Pens.


YES I'M OVERSPENDING DRASTICALLY. We'll compute the horrifying expenses. Chores first. Mwah see you later

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Pardon the language.
My laptop crashed.


PEROOOOO, its ok. I dont mind the retype. And the checklist is turning me OC too much.

Oooohlala. Anyway. I'm fine. Don't mind me. Cheers!

gusto ko gumawa ng tula

I can remember Jared T. from Makati.

There's no roadmap.

gusto ko gumawa ng tula

I can remember Jared T. from Makati.

There's no roadmap.

40 years if love

1. My laptop was sick. And we're in recovery mode right now.

2. I had the most sincere conversation with my lolo 5 minutes ago. My lola's sick. She's getting better, she is. Pero this is what's going on in my mind. Movie scene: She lies in bed, white sheets and all, simple day lang, pero she just stares blankly at you as you tell her about your day, and how she'll get better. You know she's giving it her best shot to comprehend your words, but its not enough. And you massage her hands, her legs, and her tummy... because she cant do it herself, because it hurts, and because you love her very much. That's my lolo.

If I can just find the words to deliver exactly how I'm seeing them in my mind.

So there, my lola's sick. Not the 5-day kind of sick. She might stay in the hospital for 3 months to a year, in that blank state. And its crushing my lolo's heart.

So, please pray for my lola.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pre-christmas Wish List

Mababaw lang naman.

2. 8 hour of sleep everyday!!!
3. The gift of NOT ever having a beer belly
4. Cotton. Hahahaha.. Naubusan ako e.
4.5. Thesis Media Plan

5. And I want to br 19 forever! Kaso 20 na ko e. And I love the idea of "Embracing your age".

Ok, I'm shutting up now.

6. Self control pa pala: Yosi, veggies, and a sport aside from commuting, talking, and carrying my daily 20 pound baggage.
7. Looking forward to 90s night. :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


my durdy flirts will every male specie inc. himself

guess the ear

malabo mangyari to, pero atleast may picture ka jan! shoot na shoot ka pa sa ulap.

You are my dearest loves. <3

P.S. Mag upload naman sana ung iba jan. Kulot!

Monday, November 16, 2009

On artificial beauty and ineffective sleep.

I give up. Makeup artists are dominating the world. We very much need more layout artists, photohraphers, and definitely illustrators. And ofcourse marketers.

Anyway, despite these brush toting kikays conquering the world, I'm not going to stop from going to makeup school (Yeah.I fucking wish). Life is a constant journey of learning anyway. I'm just keeping all the skills to myself. It's called "TAKING CARE OF MYSELF"... and part of this is eating veggies (OOOMAAYGAD!), doing yoga (that costs too much), and getting enough sleed (which is risky because I'm tamad and I currently depend on pills--of all kinds. Melatonin, Vs, Antihistaimine, Benadryl... name it! I tried it!) Something must be very wrong with my brain.

My doctor suggested taking me to a neurologist... but I sounded to brain damaged that I backed out. Well, this one doctor check up on me, and gave me the fucking mildest form of pills. I could've turned that into pulutan and stayed awake. Fucker.

I love pa naman the 7am sunshine. :(

You know what, freakily, scarily... if I die, or if I go insane, I dont think anyone will wonder what caused it.


1. Kung anu anong kakikayan pinaggagawa mo, yosi ka naman ng yosi.
2. Please pray for my lola. It might take three months to a year to recover.
3. For a better future!!

4. What I'm very much missing in my life:
Exercise, Sleep, and Veggies. I'll fix these soon. I'M EATING A SALAD TOMORROW! (I think)

5. Although, I am very happy because of
Do you know that I love you?

6. O yeah, popped 30mg of roche and here I am blogging. Boredom got the best of me though.. lookie:

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nothing still beats being with people you love, even if they are far away.

I am such a freaking romantic.


Makeup, no makeup...
Rock, oldies, cinema one...
Kanto talk, conyo talk...
Saintliness, notoriousness

I mean, hypocrites are normal... its an inevitable character of nature. Pero ung pacool Facking gawd.
And I've been taught repeatedly to not care about what people think, and I'm happy to say that I've been getting better at it.


Kalimutan mo nalang na I ever said these stuff.

Btw, when people keep on reiterating about how they're happy.. Fuck, they are sooo sad deep inside. WALA AKONG GUSTO IPARATING PARANG AWA MO NA.

P.S. Dear readers, please forgive me if I keep posting pictures of myself here. The hot ones and wasted ones and pictures which wont be of interest you. :* Kissy.


and now to compensate for the semi-stupid pics, here's a satisfactory one.

P.S. No makeup, just lipgloss, AND FUCKING AMAZING LIGHTiNG. (sana yan ang lighting ng world)

[edit: nagging feeling.. i look like your skinny cute-ish boy-next-door. gawd.)


On the more useful and unselfish part of my life:

1. My laptop is in constant iTunes mode. Remembering me complaining about losing all the songs. Amazingly, I'm coping very well. I already have half the amount of lost songs. :D Coolio.
2. So maybe I don't always get to sleep at exactly or before 12, but I'm not failing at waking at 7am. Today though, I woke up at around 3 and cant sleep anymore, despite popping one. (You know what I mean friends)
3. I love my friends. Nuff said. Thank you for loving me and taking me everywhere. For taking care of me. Just tell me if I'm spoiled already (which I bet is unlikely).

Short Hair

Constant Disclaimer: I look stupid. :) But I look so fun. U Yeah. Non-makeup pic babes. Okay ba? Huwahahhaa. Good hair, good lighting, and an annoyingly immature pacute smile can fix that you know.

Attempt at short hair. I'm telling you, I look better with long hair.

So, I look stupid, and will someday regret posting this.

WELL, for your information, I keep on putting my hair up these days. Hindi naman sa confident na ko... It's just comfort over fashion... WHEN NO ONE'S AROUND.

Ooohlalove. I feel so good.

left right

With and without EYE makeup..

The right eye is painted with collection of cream, and powder, and liner... the left side is left nude blushless. My face is all swathed with oily-ish moisturizer, but I had concealer on both eyes, and full lip color.

Yeah whatever, pictures tell more words.



I know guys like simple girls and shit... but oh well... simplicity is a chore.

This is the ultimate form of rebellion, im dressing up and being a girl now. Expect me wearing dresses soon! Oohla!

And I'm being actually-publicly vain. Hindi ung tipong TFs ko lang may alam.


(P.S. I bet magbabago din isip ko months from now. :*)


But despite all this, I still believe that substance matters most, because outter beauty is just gonna last you a decade or two. Fine, cge matagal yun. Pero pretty girls tend to be nakakasaw within 2 months etc. It's really how you portray yourself that matters ever.


(BTW, here's a compromise.. how about I still smoke, but just not too much?? :)

Friday, November 13, 2009


What makes me happy

1. Venti Warm Mocha
2. Great jeans
3. Chill friends
4. Tagaytay Weather
5. Good music
6. Macbook
7. Goodsleep, and goodmornings
8. Moderate alcohol
9. Moderate nicotine
10. Paper, pen, book
11. Carrides
12. Good hair/ haircut

Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to live a better life (Macci-wise)

1. Sleep before 12midnight everyday
2. Wake up at 7am everyday
3. Have breakfast and soak up the sunlight
4. Eat ATLEAST a fruit a day. (let's be realistic)
5. Drink an amazingly abnormal excessive amount of water
6. Moisturize
7. Stretch a lot. (Exercise is too farfetched)
8. Read a book
10. Don't smoke

Ahh. Healthy living

11. Update your ipod
12. Don't spend too much
13. Never judge people (even if its inevitable)
14. Drink moderate alcohol. Not to the point of hangovers (anti-rum!)
16. Jot down notes (since you always forget)
17. Don't care about strangers or semi-strangers think. See, they are all usually stupid anyway. Wuhahaha
18. Avoid jerks, and people who put you down. Ang dami daming tao sa mundo bat ka magtyatyaga?
19. Be happy, Be thankful
20. Surround yourself wih positive people

and last but not the least:


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The Advantages of Good Sleep
1. Good Mood
2. Good Mind
3. Good Looks
4. Good Health

I'm a very strange creature. I'm not blessed with the ability to just sleep whenever I want to. Sigh. Sigh sigh.

What I must give up to have good sleep:
1. Social life. (I have to go home before 12midnight everyday!)
2. I have to prioritize sleep over my thesis and plates.... :(

I tried to last sem, and I'm not exactly in a better position. :(

This makes me ver ver ver sad.


Yeah, btw. My YM's broken. O always appear online, even if I'm not.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I'm listening to too much grunge. -_-

I am very scared I'll get tired of it soon. But I'm not very interested in other music right now. Everything else sounds gay.
(Gay music can be good though)

Too much of anything is toxic.


On the brightside, new bed sheets. <3

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton

This song was written after Eric Clapton's four year old son died. Apparently, his son, Conor, fell off the 53rd floor of a New York building. Clapton dealt with the pain of his son's death by being an alcoholic and releasing this song.

Ooh it's so heartfelt.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


BUY LIST (If I had the money)
1. Levi's Jeans
2. Angelo Suarez's "Or else it was purely girls"
3. Mac's Keyboard Silicone
4. Warm Venti Mocha or Tall Americana
5. Smashbox Photo Primer (If I'm really really amazingly sad)
6. 1/3 Golden Brown; 2/3 Matte Ash Brown L'oreal Hair Color
7. A box of tissue
8. Hairpins
9. DRIP Album because I can't seem to get any mp3s form the net. :| sucks.


I am a Smashbox fan mostly because it's got good packaging, it's got pretty colors, and because I can't afford it. :|


I burned ants climbing my wall. Ive got so much ants in my room. I'm in a brooding mood today. I must buy a book and/or go to starbucks for a fix. But starbucks is irrationally expensive... and not luxe enough for that much expense. Still I can't stay home, I'll go crazy.

It's Ustetika deadline today.. and I have nada. This is soo why I didn't take lit.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Chabbo loving

I miss my dslr. Ish. It really is too heavy, but it does produce pretty pictures. :) This was taken a year ago.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I am currently under a curse called the non-chic hair. It's not long enough or short enough to be chic. And I have to suffer every pang of it until I graduate. 70% of the Filipina population have cut their hair short, it's really therefore time to grow it.

Ooh lala, friends, take me out. My life's boring. Do I always have to beg? :*

Monday, November 2, 2009

kung binigyan lang ako ni lord ng sapat na guts

"Ay, alam mo crush kita. You should take me out."

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween it's 2:53am

For tonight's hair, I've used approximately, 4 u-pins, and 9 bobby pins... Yes, that's how much it takes to get an messy updo (even if i was aiming for a clean classy one).

Am currently a hairpin fanatic.


I am currently loving xta's gift rainbow bracelet. It's sooo cool! It stands out and goes with everything. Agghh! I am annoyed because I got the 100 ml Celeteque pala instead of the 200ml. Grr. I wanted a wholesale version of the moisturizer because I dump it on my skin a lot.


I sooo love my x-men shirt. Rawr!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Very happy because I FINALLY have 200ml Celeteque. Im an advocare and I use it whenever I can because it feels like I'm constantly washing my face. Lol product review?

Very sad because I'm back at 86 pounds. Yikes. This is due to too much sleeping and not enough intake. Argh.

My mom's psycho. She's blaming me for a haircut gone short. WHAT!? UGGHH!

Tara inom tayo

For the girls: When you drink hard, its like you drown yourself in one big gulp. To the point na halos di mo na pinapadaan sa dila, like it all goes straight to the throat. This coming from an amateur. Open to corrections, suggestions, yada.

Speaking of alcohol, I havent gotten myself properly intoxicated for the whole break. Ehem. The last inuman I went to was all beer... and you know how I'm (supposedly) anti beer.. and then I slept all through out the one before that. So there. I've barely got traces of alcohol in my blood now.

I'm being all saintly now... but it's the semestral break god damn it!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

reasons why my macbook rocks

I don't mean to brag, but my new macbook pro 13" is ver ver wonderful.

1. IT'S NEW!
2. The webcam makes human skin look so exquisite. Non-makeup looks beautiful. Good lighting, I supposed.
3. It's so pretty.
4. It's got bluetooth.
5. It's sooo pretty.
6. I love the Myriad font so much better than Arial and Times New Roman anyway
7. The sound system is outrageous!
9. It's cool!
10. Long battery life. I'm used to my old laptop crashing after 5 minutes of use.
11. The desktop image changes eveyr minute according to my liking

It sucks though because:
1. It's heavy.
2. It's extremely common. Am guessing it'll everyone will have one by the end of next year.
3. I can't get the programs I want! It's an unending process of finding the mac version of everything. then checking if it works, then realizing it doesnt work.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I have to work on my Ustetika. Ugh. I haven't written anything for a long time and I'm not in the mood. By the time the mood arrives, deadline's way over.

What I really can't figure out is how there can be so much to do, and still so much time for me to sulk, and I still haven't finished much.

And I can't figure out why I can't write well right now.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


My lola is very very sick. Please pray for her. :(

Really, my limewire isn't working. It sucks! Where do I download. Vuze kinda sucks too.

I just want to stop thinking and start working.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Growing up

Currently: Eating Snack Pack Pudding while tinkering with the omigod brand new lappy and Vuze.

My room smells like the states. Or well, it smells like stuff from the states that people bring back home. Smells like duty free and foreign airport disinfectant. I finally have Bobbi Brown long wearing black gel eyeliner, a perfect loreal golden beige shade of liquid foundation and bunch of new jackets, which is timely because I've been short on jackets for a while.

We also have loads of chocolates in the house and just looking at them makes me want to avoid chocolates for the rest of my life.

We are all sooo growing up.

1. We went to Duty Free yesterday, and the irrational excitement was gone. Browsing through aisles of sweets and imported footwear isnt what what it seem to be anymore.
2. I was eyeing a $37 bargain of Smashbox's Photo Primer. THIS STUFF IS SUPPOSED TO BE AMAZING, but even if it was on sale, I still can't afford it. But still, wanting something past five hundred pesos was so out of my league back in highschool.
3. Speaking of highschool, hs friends and yours truly have graduated from houseparties. We actually go out and pay now.
4. People start learning to drive.
5. We can feel the hierarchy of highschool royalty snobbed. Everyone can talk to everyone now.

But we're still not quite grown up yet
1. Allowance. Hello.
2. I bet everyone's room is filth too.
3. We're all still irresponsible sloths who wouldnt survive if our mommies leave us. Or maybe, we will survive, but we have to scratch and scrawn our way to living.
4. I don't know if this applies to a lot of other people, but fairy tales do exist. Acqckk. Ugh. Cheesy. I take it back.
5. I'd still stutter like a brain damaged toddler if the crush of the moment starts talking to me. Therefore, I will just not talk to him ever ever forever again.

Writers Block

Im just going to pretend that no one ever reads my blog so that I can actually write. I mean, that isn't far from reality anyway, considering I POSSIBLY have around 4 readers. So there.

Oh my god! I can't write. Ive been staring for the past 15 minutes... mustering courage for the past 4 hours... and I still can't write.

Okay, so I'm in a rut. I'm currently using mac right now, and its extremely pretty, but I CAN'T DO ANYTHING WITH IT. (trivia: my old laptop died a few days ago. bless you.) I'm trying not to use a mouse, and I'm trying to back things up, and I'm trying to download songs... and none of those attempts are successful.

And besides, I wanted to talk about deep stuff. But, babe, seriously, I can't think of any.


Sunday, October 25, 2009


Happy hair cut. :D Hoorays.


Blogging again.

Stress season is over.

Popsy just got home from Lola's, and surprise of all surprise. Ive got a new lappy (laptop), and I've got new hair. Oooh my my gawd... im zoo haffeh.

Funny how sometimes you pray and you get it. You always do.


I'm blogging again later. I just have to figure out how my life works first.

See you, loves. :*

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

blogging will continue on 10.24.09

Friday, September 25, 2009


Yes, I know.. the blog is much abandoned now. Anyway, I am now guilty of oversleeping. :( Aside from it makes you body ache more, it has no practical value whatsoever. :( Oversleeping will not compensate the years of stress and insomnia.

Anyway. If you have time, will you please answer my survey. :( Pretty please.

ONLINE SURVEY for macci's thesis

Thank you very much. :) So much love. :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I will be tying my hair in a pony tail for a loong period of time. Fine, I know I look better with my hair down... but it's too much effort. And a pony's so refreshing! I swear! AAND almost effortless. I dont' need to blowdry or junk products on my hair anymore.

Smile smile.




Annnd heller, it's writing season. I am actually HORRIFIED!

Monday, September 14, 2009


I need to buy a chic jacket.
All my jackets make me look like a nerd... which isn't bad. I just want to look chic SOMETIMES you know....




Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Post-breakfast, in my pajamies, hair in a knot, nibbling on gift from Ja (basically a week and a half old hardened sugar), it's sooo raining outside.

Hello, gooooodmorning :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


God created work because emotions are too much to bear. Isn't work the ultimate distraction from our own misfits? You get to contribute to society and get that sense of accomplishment! Plus it takes up most of your time! Wow! And you earn money! Plus, the only health disadvantage it has is stress, which will not kill your liver, lungs and will not kill brain cells. Besides you'll get stressed in other aspects too, better stress on something productive than the other stuff.

Yes, this sounds like some lame advocacy campaign to encourage a workaholic lifestyle.

Catching up. Fail.

Poor public bloggie. :(
You dont get any decent posts anymore.

Okaaay, my hands smell like thinner and linseed oil right now, and I so feel itchy all over. Hahaha, that's some form of catching up there, no? I need to shower at 10pm, or I will sleep all tired and itchy, then wake-up at 4am to shower then go back to sleep. Yes, that's how pretty much I've been living my life the past weeks.

It's working well for me, I think. The sleeping before 12am stint.


I'm wondering, why isn't there a stealth setting in facebook?

And why is my hair being such a bitch. Makes going to school not a good option, pff.

It's the Virgin Mary's birthday today! Pff. Why are there classes!?!?! And I didn't even hear any announcement for mass. Maybe they proved her birthday wrong and forgot to announce it to the world. Just like how Christmas Day is totally historically incorrect. Gawd, whatever. I'm rambling. P.S. I do not have any credibility in this topic, so feel free to bash the previous statements.

Sunday, September 6, 2009



Thursday, September 3, 2009


My laptop is dying. If I dont revive him soon, he might just crash on me and leave me alone.

Ooooh laptop love. :(

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Alcohol AND September 1st (discussed separately)

Drunkness can be categorized in three stages

1. Crazy Fun Drunk
2. Stupid Foolish Drunk
3. Sick Pangit Drunk

Go figure. Need I explain?


p.s. hey pabsyman, read on!
(And its like it isn't ending)

Virgos born on September 1 have a practical approach to life. They take great pride in their ability to organize their activities, and although they keep up a steady pace with every project, they never hurry. They have the same philosophical approach when it comes to life: "Do your best and leave the rest."

Friends and Lovers

The attitude of people born on September 1 seems to be that no one can ever have too many friends. September 1 individuals treat everyone like family. They wait patiently for romance, unwilling to walk down the aisle until they are convinced it's true love.

Children and Family
People born on this date see themselves as a continuation in a long line of tradition. Even if they have differences with their parents, they have respect for them. As parents, they put their whole heart into the job. They're more likely to forgive a child's mistake than to scold the youngster.

September 1 natives are cautious about their health. Though generally robust, they can never believe everything is right. They are moderate in all things. Sleep is critical because of their high-strung nature. They have a hard time relaxing, which can lead to sleep disorders.

Career and Finances
September 1 men and women are witty and articulate and could easily make their living with words. They don't seek the spotlight, but they aren't averse to it. They have a talent for taking a small amount of money and making it grow.

Dreams and Goals
September 1 natives have modest goals. They will never sacrifice their own security or that of their loved ones to try something wild. The key to understanding September 1 people is to realize that they do the best they can, every day, without exception.

Virgo Information
for September 1
You should embrace: Freedom, liberality, a sense of humor

You should avoid: Overwork, being too serious, solitude


On its credibility: Do you, non-september 1st born people think that these things can apply to you as much as it applies to me and The Pablitoman?

Monday, August 31, 2009

thank you

Thank you sa lahat ng dumating.

Happy birthday yet again.

bagong buhay

For my birthday, I have decided to go Kurimaw-style.

photos c/o george
pants c/o migz senires

happy birthday!


The most important life lessons I've learned in my 19(+1) years of existence

1. Lots of water and Powerade is your anti-hangover potion.
2. Moisturize moisturize moisturize, especially when you're drinking and smoking. Tas tons of water. Take vitamin C. Gulay is optional. Hahahaha. Commute = exercise.
3. Perfect moments dont happen on birthdays and proms etc, it happens when you least expect it.
4. Its okay to be crazy. Di mo naman makikita ulit the people around you.
5. Friends come and go, families are boring, boyfriends go to hell... but this laptop will never leave you as long as it has fan underneath!

Chillest house party I've had.
Standard operating procedure never fails.

P.S. When I'm too happy my mouth gets big and my nose flares and my eyes get so chinese small. I will now frown. Im all grown up e.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

attention. important.

Pumunta ka sa bday namin ni Pabs sa sabado! gabi yun! 8pm! dala ka ng alak kasi short kami sa pera. PERO WE WILL SURVIVE.

inuman lang naman. wala ngang kainan e.

Maski daan ka lang.
Or makitulog ka na din.

Happy Birthday Yippeeeee :D

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Since I overproduced yesterday, I am now compensating by producing half-baked, almost unthought of ideas.

Mind juice is low low low.

No fuel.

And I cant find my original chapter1. Fuckity.



Everything you heard about me...'s very true.


Must not stop! Thesis rush!

Must not interrupt train of thought.

Caffeine, black and research everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fucking spent my money on cab rides and coffee. Lost a lot. I didnt even eat. Camon! What an unfair world)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Random random random.. mental clutter.

first and foremostest:

ANG GWAPO NI ZANJOE......................................... omaygad!


I wake up some mornings with the perfect post-aircon temperature, perfect blanky snuggle, and bright sunshine. Uh huh, and then life is not all glamor. You have to clean the bathroom every once in a while.


MY PRINTER IS WORKING! No more overpriced and extra effort printings. Not the best quality though. But working's working. We can't be too choosy or else we'll get stuck.



I miss dSquare, babies. The mud on my fake crocs, the overpriced food and bad service, the waitresses of varying prettiness (some are hot, some looks like magsasaka toenail), the evil that is gossip, beer beer beer, and most importantl the supposedly smart debates that aren't really smart, but are just long complex words tossed around.

Gimme them back.


I talked with the Jesus Christ of the Local Literary Scene for approximately 21:38 minutes, recorded.

My charms were defunct. Intimdation > common social skills.

One life goal down.



Friday, August 21, 2009

Obsession's a lovely curse

Schedule for tomorrow:

9:00 wake up, eat, fix
11:00 leave. secret
3:00 secret
6:00 secret

edits. later

1. Sponge Wedges!
2. Eyeshadow Applicator hopefully long handled
3. 2nd Lip Brush or/and retractble lip brush
4. Medium round blush brush
5. Proper contour brush
6. Posh Makeup Box, in black or silver... Yipppe <3 (Hopefully nothing too Orocan)
7. Eyebrow sealer/clear mascara
8. Light / dark brown mascara
9. Proper Fan brush
10. Smudger brush tiny
11. Smudger brush laage
12. Gel Liner in Black
13. Gel Liner in blue / yellow/ purple/ green
14. Beige eye liner
15. Bright metalics
16. Extra Cream Liner Brush
17. Cream eye color collection
18. Mommy's Baby Pink Lip Liner... so unfair
19. Liquid liner in black and brown

And Budget.

I know this makeup rage will fade soon, but while I'm at it, might as well as get broke for it. I mean, even if I do quit for a while, I always go back. Ohlalove.

Will never grow hair past collar bone

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Liberation is not notoriety.

Liberation is sponteinity, and being able to do what you want to do or know what you have to do.

Its smoking because you know you work better that way
its giving wrong number to wrong guys
its loving your family even if people find it passe
its wearing men's clothes because you know it suits you
its cussing because it emphasizes a point
its reading a book
its saying thank you when someone says something nice
its walking alone in school and knowing that, duh, you're cooler than 90% of the population because you dont care and they dont know shit

Liberation is being able to say no to yosi and beer
its accepting that we are all aging
its knowing that the decisions we make makes us, pero making a wrong decision is not the end of the world
its knowing that there really isnt anything such as a wrong decision

Liberation is talking to anyone you want to talk to, and not caring about what you've heard about them
its wearing the same jeans over and over again.. and wearing the clothes you love over and over

Liberation is knowing you can look stupid sometimes because well you'll never see the people around you all over again
its knowing that your health is more essential than your grades
its sleeping without taking a shower with a lot of junk on you hair, but as long as you wash off all traces of makeup and moisturize.

Liberation is, as always, making the best of what you have, what has happened to you, and loving and seeing the best of the people you surround yourself with.

Monday, August 17, 2009


1. I finally have the perfectish brown liner from Loreal
2. I got a cheap white one from Nichido. OMG, it actually works!
3. I need round medium blusher brush, contour brush, an uncheap fan brush. I also need gel liner in black, in brights, and I need cream eye colors.
4. I SMASHED A 700PHP WORTH OF CONTOUR POWDER. Hinayang to the highest level. Pero still usable,... besides I can get the same shade at Nichido for 15% of the Body Shop prize.
5. Im finally learning to use a concealer.. always been against it because of its too light reflective properties. Unwise for photo ops. But sometimes you just have to use it.
6. My mom gave me a really muddy lipliner. It sucks. I asked for a pink youthful one, and she has one and she wont give it to me. Pff.
7. Almost giving up on curly beachy messy hair since I found out that Bench Water Creme with Gatsby Strong Hold wax can actually do the job! Lol.
8. I need a toteable makeup palette. You know the ones you can customize. And a whole set of eyecolor and blushes, and yes even foundation and concealers.
10. I dont know how to do hair. My hair is wash and wear.. so I think I need Louiee... or maybe I'll do it myself with her assitance. I used to cut hair remember?? :|



Calling all faces

Pretty morenas, do line up. Pleasing personality not required.

I need to stop practicing on my face and my sisters' only. It shelters the imagination. I need girls with wide eyes, little eyes, healthy cheeks, and square faces. And as much as I want to practice on the mestizas and chinitas, as pretty as you girls may be, bring your own foundation and concealer. Foundation and concealer and my resourced are limited.

And btw, no one has the time anyway. Lolz.

P.S. Don't take this post seriously because:

1. No one has the time, not even me.
2. I do not have a photographer.. and I'm in semi-retirement from photography. It strains my hands, I'm very shaky, nad I suck at measuring light.
3. Limited resources
4. I guarantee nothing.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jompy <3 Nica part2

I've learned that cinematic drama in words or in an actual event is not what makes a moment.

Happiness just pops in places and moments when you least expect it.

Life is never without awful and pleasant surprises.

The world is just a much better place now. :) :) :) :) :)


P.S. Pwede ko gamitin tong post na to just in case ikasal kayo. Hahahahhaa.

TRUE FEELINGS: Tangina :(( Naiiyak pa din ako. I'm so happy for you. Ang saya ng puso ko. Feeling ko kami na din ni Jompy. I love the both of you very much. :(( heart heart heart everywhere

the mandatory: jompy <3 nica post (part1)

I actually drafted an outline for this post, you know. Sadly, I lost it. Fuckity.

Identities are changed in this post for privacy reasons.

Jorpa*: (Insert asar dedicated to me here)
Macci: Tae. Ang yabang mo ah. Pag ako nagtanong sayo---
Jorpa*: Haha. Cge, tanong ko.
Macci: (Hesitates) Eh. Shy me.

(Immature friends continue computing compatibility between people through accurate and proven methods namely M.A.S.H and Flames)

Macci: Jorp!
Jorpa*: Ano?
Macci: In love ka na ba kay Niki*?
Jorpa*: Oo.
Macci: (Deep inside TANGINA OMFUCKINGFUCKINGFUCKIINGGOD! 100X! FDSHSJKDHFLDSH) Aaaaahhhh! Kinikilig ako. (Happy frown face)
Jorpa*: Ha.ha.
Macci: Nasabi mo na ba sa kanya?
Jorpa*: Uh. Hindi pa.
Macci: Shet. -_- Kinikilig ako.

(Macci pauses for 2 mins...)

Macci: Shet. Naiiyak ako.

(Macci rushes to her friends Bomba* and Jihad*. Cries with poise and grace.)

This was an actual event dated on August 11 2009. THIS IS THE LAST TIME IM TELLING THIS STORY!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is such a weird effing game.


And i love yous. :* Happeh happeh happeh.. <3

Sunday, August 9, 2009


See that dress? I may never fit into it anymore. :(

Past Midnight

Creative juice seem to dry up after midnight. Pff.

I was finally able to use the perfect black dress. I really do love its discretion and versatility. <3 <3 I can even wear it with jeans. <3

Highheels were invented for family dinners and going to the salon, because you wouldn't have to walk much.

Really, I don't have any substantial thoughts tonight. o_o

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hangovers.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Romance in Politics

Sigh. Lovin.

Hey, welcome back to the team. <3

Monday, August 3, 2009

must understand fully


We are so young and our futures are so vague. We don't really know how far we'll go or how stagnant we'll remain.

But still, look at us, we're young and restless and reckless.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I can remember neglecting all aspects of my academic life back when I was in 4th year highschool. And right now, the same perception is devouring me.

Sometimes, workaholism hits you... and since you're on a roll, you don't want to stop. I developed a reputation of being good in school.

But this year's different, instead of being all excited because I'm finally graduating, I barely have anything to push me to do my best. ESPECIALLY THIS SEMESTER.

My new blockmates think I'm one of the lax characters. One of those kids who enjoy their lives to the fullest and in the process lose their concentration. Kind of those people I've once detested. (Ugh.. detest is such a strong and ugly and 1990s word.)

I've heard from this guy at SC office "Naman kasi, ang daming demonyo ngayong fourth year. Gusto ko nalang umuwi at gumawa ng plates, tas biglang magyaya. Ayun uwi ko lagpas hatinggabi din."

O peer pressure, you fucker.

But, nevertheless, I've always loved working. It's one of better highs where you actually accomplish something as you lose yourself from the real world.

Work work work and don't stop until you get it all done. Aja.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vanity for the win

The quest for beach-y hair is almost over. I am around 200 pesos away from textured, piece-y and severely heat damaged hair.

Besides that, I have tons of new clothes and nowhere to wear them.

I've just failed my 6 week pact of not purchasing any fashion item. But it's such a lovely piece. How can I not have it.

The "MUST-HAVE" way of thought is financially destructive.

Hello August. :) We've always loved August, haven't we?

Friday, July 31, 2009


Cheers to the last 30 days of my teenagerness.'


I slept well before midnight last night and woke up at 5am. OMG. I AM SO PRODUCTIVE.

My mind's racing... and there's no bout of depression etc. Plus I'm well-fed.

Very much wishing my biological clock can be semi-permanently wired this way.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Insomnia. again.

This is so depressing, and not at all productive.

After years of complaining about this fucking insomnia, I still don't get proper treatment. I've seen a doctor once and he just let it slide and gave me the weakest ever pills.

I'm missing classes, I'm ditching friends, I'm not doing plates and I'm thinking too much.

And I'm very annoying because I'm still in the same fucking cycle.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Life is short:

Get your nose done
Get a tatoo: Have your favorite words written down in your skin.

But I dont think I'll be getting myself one, as much as I want to.

I'd love to keep my skin clean.

I need to find me self a Kurt Vonnegut.

I'm sick and broke...

..BUT IT DOESNT MATTER BECAUSE I HAVE FOUND THE PERFECT LITTLE BLACK DRESS :X. Im wearing it everywhere! And I'm getting it in blue and making myself more broke than ever ever.

I will be spending the next 6 weeks saving up after tomorrow. :|


I shifted from the uber comfy too-big-for-me backpack to this rugged-patent-leather black-and-gold tote. From cowboy to bitch... ugh. But I love it. T_T I got used to it and I realized how verver pretty it is...

Besides, I've been too boyish for a long time. I have to compensate.


YIPPEE <3 <3 <3 <3

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spring-cleaning and Angst

Would you post pictures on your wall of people who abandoned you?
Is it really hurtful to grudge?

Aren't we all guilty of the same crimes anyway?

On a different note, overkill ruins everything doesn't it?
And most importantly, bad sleeping habits are ruining my life!

i am always hungry

I look up to my Bestie (Veztttteh as he is now more frequently called) for being the most properly laidback sonofabicth in the planet.


This is the best hair evah! (I know I say that all the time) Who would've thought that the freakily fugly summer haircut can grow so properly. <3 <3 <3


"Isa sa pinakagagong bagay na magagawa mo sa buhay mo ay problemahin ang hindi naman problema."

Gel says: Focus!

Yes, do think about life a year or a decade from now, but aspire to excel in now.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I must sleep. I can't. Been idle all day.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

because I love everyone

... here's the most convenient anti-hangovers from today's inquirer magazine:

Note: Turns out, hang-over comes from dehydration.
Disclaimer: No approved therapeutic claims

1. Ingest vegetable oil before drinking
2. A tablespoon of honey before bed
3. One cup of milk + one cup of tomato juice + a multivatamin + POWERADE.
4. Peach syrup from canned peaches
6. (Weird:) Pint of orange juice + half-pint coke
7. Two hot tacos and a bottle of beer
8. Lucozade Sport drink! Works fast and 100% effective
9. Chewable vitamin C. Take 4 and chase down with water.
10. Midol! (?)
11. Emetrol! (?)
12. Cold showe and brisk jog.
13. Sugarwater.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

edits later

I don't clean my room, I don't remove my makeup, I lie in bed and just drop.

It's time to take centrum!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


1. New school shoes. Finally! The older one's comfier, but I think the new one's prettier despite being girlier.
2. Happy birthday mumsy.
3. I finally met my thesis adviser!! FINA-fucking-LLY!
4. I am so not photogenic. :( Cry.
5. My hair's being a biatch.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Look what I found #2

The prettiest bitch on the planet.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

look what i found!

September 21 2007

12:53 Sunday.

Midday Sunday, everyone's up but stays in their bed. My face is like an oil mine and I do not have a hangover. Hooray to me.

Now all I have to do is do the MAP, VMA, TXD, and I'll be fine.

NEWSFLASH: I just realized, that if this were the real world, MAP could be suing me right now. That would so make things easier for them. Ugh. I may just have given them an idea.

...English slowly sucking again.


Reasons Why Im Not Working

1. My bed, closet, aircon, and bathrooom usage increased by 200%. Non-lame and non-noob translation: my sisters are staying in my room and the mess is unimagineable. We dont fold our blankets anymore and theur are flipflops, laptops, wet towels, books, and used clothes EVERYEVERYEVERYEVERYWHERE!!!

2. Drinking, blogging, and typical convenient bumming has used up my time.

3. I know that everyone is faking industry. My peers are claiming that they are working, but actually aren't, therefore, I am confident that my misery (or in this case, unproductivity) is not bereft of company.

4. My workspace is 10 meters away, too far away.

5. Yes, I'm lazy.


studded miniskirt, green guy shirt, ponytail.

too much words.

pile of homework.

3:55am post-saturdaynight, I think everyone's asleep already.

Everyone strives to be what they aren't.

I want nuggets now.

Friday, July 10, 2009

on the clutter of daily mental intake

Oh, irony. Why are you such a bitch?

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Darling, devil sweettalker,
every word is honey wooing me.


Cheers! To the peacefully boring year to come.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

bright, nonbright

On the non-bright side:
I left my trusty usb in the effing mac room. FUCK! Argh super argh.

On the brighter side:
Happy Breakfast Tuesdays. <3


Monday, July 6, 2009

1. Why is there an outbreak of self-important menopausal hypocrites in the Philippines?
2. It hasn't been a month since school, you know.
3. I'm staying in the office.
4. Must buy me iPod charger. Have headphones now. Yip. :)

2.53 pm monday

No, I haven't been productive the past week/s. I go to school to bum, and when I get home, its so crowded and messy that I start using the lack of workspace as an excuse to bum.


Am currently deleting friendster connections. Ah. Power. Cutting connections with people of orcy nature.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Here's something psychological.

I will lose weight because there's an oversupply of food in the house, and just seeing so much food makes me want to hurl. Nothing looks appetizing anymore.



When I grow up, I want to live in an apartment with minimal supplies. Nothing too much. Everything that unused for a reasonable period of time should go away. No to clutter. I will not survive without airconditioning and just the proper amount of alcohol.


Mr. Mraz makes me so dreamdreamdreamyyyyy. :x :x :x.

I'm in front of the computer in the office, alone, wooden columns, wooden floor, speakers on, productive, no company, with an almost non-alcoholic drink, pringles, silent mobile phones, ACU just turned off, printed research, usb....

and Mr. Mraz singing this song that I once hated a lot. But its still surreal.

OXI missed you, very absolutely magically dreamily much.

Friday, July 3, 2009

words to live by

Thank you (via pabs bloggie).

Thursday, July 2, 2009

to dos

1. finish tv art story board finals
2. have maam recto check textile studies
3. claim perfectly measured countertop design from Ji and digitalize. But I have to hand out the 2 underwater cameras found at home.
4. the Thesis Book Chapter 1
5. Survey and interview questions
6. MAP Printing
7. MAP Meeting

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

july 6-10

It's gonna be like the fun part of AI. Oooer. Bloody.

here we go again

"cno ulit ung kapatid ni christine reyes?"
"c ara mina."
"ah ganun? so anu apelido ni christine reyes?"

You werent there! You would've laughed.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

transformers 2 review

Robots in Transformers2:

Pink Robot with a green twin
Green robot with a pink twin
Yellow robot who saves the human beings and use simultaneous radio excerpts as conversational medium
Bida robot: Optimus Prime
Huge Robots on pyramids
Tiny Robots with broken eye humping Megan Fox
Really cute Old Robot
Insect robots that alert the boss robots when divided in pieces
The purple robot with the posh voice who tried to save Sam, but died within 5 seconds of instruction
The hot girl robot!
The robot who disintegrates into hundreds of metal balls to get into sewers
The fierce feline robot
All the other robots who all look alike anyway.

Need I say, I wasnt able to follow the plot.

Entry is open for comments, suggestions, and harsh words from those who know better. :)


I spent the afternoon drinking and now I'm suffering from an unnursed quasi-hangover because this fucking insomnia denies me from sleeping on it.

I don't want to go to school. :(

Monday, June 29, 2009

have i mentioned, i am so sabaw.

Sabaw. Sabaw. Sabaw. SAbbaaaawWwWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

They say that the only possible way to get an uno for your thesis is if you put you social life, love life, (if given the chance even your spiritual life,) on hold.

Not a bad idea actually. And definitely not out of the question.

I'm not saying I will, though. I'm just implicating that... I don't know what I'm saying. I just lugged this thought around with me all day and wanted to write it down.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


My mind's so idle right now. Like I don't want anything. Maybe it's the moment's contentment or maybe it's hopelessness. I mean what can I possibly acquire that will change anything, life will always be both unreasonably pleasant and awful anyway.

The Virgin Suicides indicated that some people are too much of dreamers that when reality hits them on the face, they don't know how to cope. They end up succumbing to irrational measures.

The Ophelia Dumalanta Reader indicates too that we must know when reading has its limit. We must identify which information intake we have to apply.

The thing is, with the lot of lessons we learn through out the day, not everything makes their way to our brain. It's a mental clutter.

2am in a cold bedroom is always boring.

Friday, June 26, 2009


My room is so cold. Brrr.

Let's see, so I fixed my room, which at this time is thrice its normal mess because of additional inhabitants. Cleaning le humble abode did wonders for my mood however not much for my sleeping problem.

And no, I don't think I can actually share life-altering stories in this blog. I guess we'll just have to do with the random barely interesting tidbits and ask the juicy life details personally.


And to get myself through tough times (e.g. boredom), I am now watching The Big Bang Theory on my ipod.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


The rain sucks. The ground's wet, the air is stuffy.

But isn't the chill just extremely magical?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


1. Reintroduction to Music.

I love the following bands: The Kooks, Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Switchfoot, Radiohead, Matt White

The said bands are the worksongs along with the old favorites (Amy Winehouse, Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, Arctic Monkeys, Julie London, The Cardigans, Up Dharma Down).

I also like (or love maybe. I'm in a confused time) Andrew Bird, The Donnas, Pedicab, The Rolling Stone

I've given up on listening to Incubus, Led Zep, Kate Nash, Lily Allen, Itchyworms, Matchbox20, The Corrs (Ugh). Not that they're bad. I just have to give my eardrums a rest.

I'm very sorry but I can't seem to appreciate The Moldy Peaches, Great Lake Swimmers, Jimmy Eat World, Mark Ronson.

(Disclaimer: The mentioned artists are just some of the artists I can remember right now.)
(Totally namedropping.)

2. The regulars:

My room is still a mess. And yes, I always strive to straighten it up every night. My sister's are staying here because relatives are all over the house.

My insomnia is still bad. I won't be sleeping tonight.

My hair is growing.

Am currently looking camcorder software online.

3. Thesis

It's a youth-oriented National Writer's Workshop for Creative Writing. Think about it. It's the same high we artists feel if we find that the greatest artists in the country are willing to share their technique with us. The most prestigious advertisers orienting us on how they process.

You just have to prove you're worth it.

And it's totally all about the youth so the design proposals will be so fun and modern and posh. PLUS hello, related lit material.

And hello, if I'm going to work on something for a whole year, might as well work on something I love. Besides other people had worse ideas and they made it work. Tahong, anyone?

4. Family

It's the ultimate reunion. School, work and AH1N1 isn't stopping it. Looking forward to a lot of dinners, out of towns, and more reunions.

Weirdly, we're all having fun. Ho-hum.

P.S. The lolo is a walking faux pas. And since I'm supposed to be used to it, I find it amusingly annoying and not just purely annoying. Besides, family love.

5. Misc

So the relationship was short-lived. Cut me some slack.

Attempt at cooldom

I have decided to actually share my life with this blog. See, I only write general details because:

a. If I'm doing something uninteresting, and I write it down, it look like my life's boredom purgatory.
b. If I share something interesting, it would seem as if I'm boasting,name-droppint, etc... and that would be the least cool thing in the face of cooldom.

So my aloofness to my own blog is actually a product of my climb to cooldom. Eew.

Therefore, with whatever theories I end up with as contributed by the statements, I will still try to share my life. Because if I stop thinking about what you think, then I will be so fucking cool B-) ... and happy too.

Still, no pressure.



[/] 60pts The closet
[] 15pts Change bedsheets
[] 20pts Do something about the bags everywhere
[] 45pts Scrub every tile and between in the bathroom
[] 20pts Clutter of books and magazines everywhere
[half] 30pts The makeup closet and shoes
[] 50pts Pictures on the wall
[] 15pts Accessory drawer
and of course
[90%] 1000pts Work. (MAP Powerpoint fuckingshit)
900+60+15 = 975 over 1255 = 88%!!!

1. Ate Neng cleared the closet for me. Yey. And that's not cheating there's no rule stating that you can't explore any method as long as you get the work done. Besides there are no rule at all.
2. I only got to clean the makeup closet.
3. I finally finished the (STUPID FUCKING) powerpoint. I just have to put it in CD and deliver. No, the project is far from done because the bosses have a case spontaneous demanding-ness... in a nice voice you can't refuse. Cry cry.

Nice people are evil!


People die and it sucks. It sucks becasue they leave you. It sucks because it's abrupt. It's not like they just fade away as if some sort of detoriorating friendship. It's almost unrecognizeable, even if you know that it'll be coming.

Deaths rip you of a part of yourself. Like an arm. And you can't have it back.

Background: He's my dad's uncle and therefore, my 'lolo'. Whatever. He's the head of the whole clan. He's the chief. He's one of those characters whose absence you would notice. And he kept the family together.

It's the first time I've actually experienced a death in the family. And because he'd existed in my life since forever, it's weird knowing he's not here anymore. I mean, if I didnt KNOW that he's not here anymore, maybe it would be different.

The whole family is flying in from different parts of the world, and as my cousins put it, homes are fully booked.

Yes, he's not young, but I never imagined him passing away.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


My tolerance to music is increasing ten-fold. I no longer crave for silence anymore.

I should start working now, and hopefully I'll finish everything tomorrow.

Weird thing, my dad bought me Mudshake.

And look! Everyone's leading their own lives. It's quite refreshing, I actually love it. :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Lies and Soundscape

The folks would always be able to tell if your hair smells like smoke. The other half would always know if you have an extra phone with you for extra-curricular activities. The strangers would know if you're just making up an awful joke. The profs know that you're not late because of unforeseen circumstances, and you just woke up late. The friends know that you're in love with her, even if you say you like someone else.

Just stop lying now, will you.


My musiclife is on a roll. Spent a sum of 6 hours downloading and I figured I love rock. Weird.

Bad music is just annoying. I wish I could clear the world of bad music.

The universe is great. God created music to drown our thoughts.


Life is all about the indulgence (e.g. walking, MTV, chilly weather, crushes, good haircut, waking up all snuggly.)

Rant: These guys are just a bunch of pussies. They want to be the epitome, but can't because they don't have that character. It's man glamour, it's all a stupid contest of who gets wasted most.

(Not you friends. :* )

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Penelope is so beautiful. The movie is striking.


So far, past 24 hours after the said list.. I've accumulated 100 points. And because I'm a little sleazy cheat, the only reason I got the hundred is because I'm starting on the workywork.

No, I haven't "spring clean-ed" anything.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The grandfolks are arriving on Saturday. Yup, this Saturday and not on September 2nd as originally planned.

For a month I would be subjected to my household's version of martial law. I have to be home within an hour after the classes. Any indication of alcohol, nicotine, or even any form of unclassiness (such as soiled or unironed clothes) are more than 'frowned upon'.

Also, the lolo is 10x louder than I am, and the lola 10x more discriminative. My lolo will be bringing his fellow seniors in the house whatever time he pleases, and the lola will interogate our (especially my mom's) every move.

And no boys allowed. Any conduct involving boys will cause an allowance decrease.

And I am not exaggerating.

No overnights, no parties, no mischief. Plus, really, an overdose of peskiness.

I love them, I do... but to put it lightly, it's not very comfortable with them around. Especially now that.......


Anyway, I have to clean my room. The following areas are to be covered within an eight-hour period:
(The points correspond to the task's difficulty)

[] 60pts The closet
[] 15pts Change bedsheets
[] 20pts Do something about the bags everywhere
[] 45pts Scrub every tile and between in the bathroom
[] 20pts Clutter of books and magazines everywhere
[] 30pts The makeup closet and shoes
[] 50pts Pictures on the wall
[] 15pts Accessory drawer
and of course
[] 1000pts Work. (MAP Powerpoint fuckingshit)

... And this entry sounds so political.



Every emotion felt past 2am until sunrise is intensified 10x its value. Therefore, every hurt, joy and even idea from the said duration is just a product of the delusions brought by not having anything to distract you.

And since they are merely delusions, they are invalid.

Don't take your feelings seriously at these times. You are worse than a drunk version of yourself. Your own mind is playing tricks on you.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Reg suggested a very interesting book called The Time Traveler's Wife, and if anyone has a copy, please please please lemme borrow. :X

I bought me Jihan-shorts yesterday!

(Jihanshorts - noun. barely knee-high garment in dark khaki having bulky pockets. ver ver laid back chic.)

MOST IMPORTANTLY, biological clock extremely messed up. I was up at 2am watching Manhunter to get me sleepy, I got to sleep after 5am, which in turn got me absent for my first two classes of the school year. It was raining and everything was just so chilly, getting up was a chore.

I've been living with this forever, and it has to stop. Im seeing yet another doctor soon. In the meantime, I'm getting a dozen or so of cheap drugstore melatonin tomorrow.

Monday, June 15, 2009


1. Found perfect affordable pizza in the comfiest poshiest accesible place... Joey Pepperoni, Quatro Formaggi at 165php 8"... 50% off at 2-6pm at Savemore, a tryk ride from home.

Verver pretty, and private. Almost secluded. And undoubtedly affordable.

2. Records show that on March 15 2008, I was 82 pounds.

3. Records show that on June 14, I wrote a letter to the NL.

Hello musicbox. :) Clicky. It's at the sidebar.

I don't know how long the warmth will stay... because if I get drained of it completely, I'm not very sure where I'll end up again.

Di nio gets noh? Ako lang makakagets nian.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dear Girlsies.

Alam mo na...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

its madness!

I paint my nails so bad, I dont deserve to be in cfad.

Friday, June 12, 2009

On irrational spending

Cab fares are the most irrational expenditure of the 21st century 19 year old. That's the price you pay for not having your own car or not knowing how to drive, and it's 4x the amount you pay when you commute. Although, commuting has no grandeur... and the Philippines is ver ver hot. -_-

But cabbies makes you poor.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Ive seen more shooting stars than anybody else I know. I'm not exactly observant, and not especially lucky... but I really do get to see a lot of shooting stars/bulalakaw/falling star whatever. There always seem to be one (or some) when the sky is clear.

And about wishes...


BTW, I will be living at Riverfront Residences, Pasig. :) <3

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The universe speaks

The thing about music is, I dont need it too much. I like going to gigs for the alcohol, for the people, for the airconditioning.

Yes, for the live entertainment, but that's just half of it.

But sometimes, after 48 hours of no actual music, and you hear any song (in my case, earlbabuy.blogspot's), you just immerse in it and linger.


I've been told that I have no guts to speak of. And your words, my dear, cant be any truer.


Weird thing happened. I was walking AND I STEPPED ON A NAIL. WTFF. I hopped to the nearest empty carinderia and investigated, and yes it was indeed a rusty nail and it pierced through my flipflops. Funny thing, it missed my flesh by a centimeter. It actually scraped off part of the thick skin at the ball of my foot (pota. anu tawag dun?).

If I werent very lucky, I'd be temporarily crippled because my foot's nursing tetano.

This has got to have some sentimental symbolic message from the universe.

Leche. No.

you know what to do

it hurts every minute.
tae, mahal kasi kita e.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Half Year Resolution. Revised

Half Year Resolutions (Revised)

1. I will stop smoking when classes start. It really sucks when you're on your way home and its chilly and a stick would do you much good. Oh temptation. Alas, the prices you pay to remain nicotine free.
2. I will moisturize. I'm failing. But I'll be on track again soon.
3. I will take better pictures. I can't stuff this in my schedule. We're all bums. Photoblog fail.
4. No to beer. And coke. And no to bad words.
5. No to haircuts. Going strong.
6. I will remind myself that less is more. And I will avoid cliche like plague. And I will attempt avoiding pretentious words... like "attempt".


1. Utos ng Hari by Jun Cruz Reyes is the father of all Philippine comedic short stories. And yes, the only reason I got around to reading this is because he claimed my "Mental Letter to Eva Fonda" short story has potential. He also announced that my english sucks, and that I'm better off not trying to shock anyone with any of my futile writing 'techniques' (ugh). Nevertheless, that is a far far cry from the hurtful "no comments" meaning you are beyond useless.

2. June = snuggleweather (But LDR still on) + sucky internet + rain rain rain. Lots of it.

Also, The AH1N1 virus is everywhere. UST is in quarantine mode, so classes start on the 15th. I don't think I really care.

3. Pauline (the 9year bestfriend) is back. Yippee. I'm hoping that this means a lot of sleepover at her house. This may also mean me going home with a bunch of goodies (flashy notebooks, chocolates, hand-me-down clothes, and just recently an english textbook). We do, however, need to spend less.

4. Girls suffer the same delusion. The standards we set are of miniseries value.
Well me and my friend do/used to. I guess, there's always something that we share with the people close to us: some sort of work/party ethic? Reachable goals? belief? Yadayadayada *insert drama here*.

Friday, June 5, 2009


The thing is, before I even get to half of the book I'm reading, I'm overwhelmed by the urge to write. Something like what I'm reading probably.

It's just like driving you know. You start learning it, but you can't find the time and energy to practice it. You'd love to just pay an incredibly irrational amount and have the driving skill when you wake up.

I just want to wake up poetic. I want every line I say or write be gushing with uhhhh magic?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Actually, you won't discover anything useful about me in this blog.

Here are the following details I refuse to enclose in this public journal:

1. Happy thoughts.
2. My vital statistics.
3. The things that I do everyday. I mean, what's the use of blogging it for public consumption if I do find them fun but VAGUELY interesting.
4. What I really really feel.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hi. It's 4:19am.

Season 3 much?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Hello OldSchool Blog

In the meantime.
Lover, hindi mo man lang tatanungin kung bakit? Mahal mo ba talaga ako?


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Phlegm | Half-Year Resolutions

I will stop smoking. I'm very sorry to say that my smoking habits are worse than ever. I am now capable of consuming over a case's worth of cigarettes in a day.

And I am now consistently sick... I think my throat's been burned up, and my skin's duller than ever. But that's what you get for a few moments of artificial relaxation.

Now I gaggle every other minute because of the phlegm. Eeewy.


Half Year Resolutions
(Basically, the same as my new year resolutions only I'm giving myself another chance because I just failed at them.)

1. I will stop smoking. when classes start. Just as much as the boyfriend will stop drinking when the classes start. Both of which I don't think we'll be able to actually accomplish, but swearing on it will possibly minimize the habits.
2. I will moisturize. I mean it's just gonna take a minute. And Olay does have a light finish... and it's gonna be good for me.
3. I will take better pictures. I will actually use the manual mode on the DSLR, and I will stop using the DSLR as a digicam. I mean better maxmize use.. it's heavy!
4. No to beer. And coke. Bye bye tummy.
5. No to haircuts. I've been ranting about this forever, so I don't think I need to ellaborate why.
6. I will remind myself that less is more. And I will avoid cliche like plague.


I love you and I never thought I'd ever get so kilig by text messages saying "Asan ka na? Bat ka anjan? Umuwi ka na, umiinom ka nanaman."

Thursday, May 28, 2009

CFAD really does affect the IQ

I have an extremely grave confession.

Worse than all other confessions, uhh, ever.

I haven't been reading. *insert horror sound here*

The last I've read is Bob Ong's MACARTHUR which is obviously a light read. Before that I've read a bit more grown up version of "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" and "Aladdin" (I failed to read "Robin Hood" because its version was so Old English-y). Everything else I've read before these are dissolving memories.

Lately, I've been having frequent Slowdom attacks. And I've already consumed 15 mins writing this entry.

AS Pabs said, "Sucks to be you, Macci."



Bataan 09

We were too busy bumming to take pictures. Wish we did though. Ugh.
Pics on nica's, sep's and my multiply.
In the meantime, make do.

The girls.

Everyone. (taken by pabs. :c )

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why I'm Growing my Hair


Lily from How I Met Your Mother

Silver from 90210

and because I want to tie my hair in a wispy ballerina bun.
and because it's been years!


Monday, May 18, 2009

1. there is sense of freedom in illusion of choice
2. when you're in a difficult situation... you go to the people you think will tell you what you want to hear
3. so many things happen in a span of 30 days, 60 days... why worry? it will just all fleet by anyway

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I can't write because I don't actually feel strongly about anything right now. Nothing too heavy etc etc.

Yes, next week's booked. There's the contest over thesis advisers, then the dreaded MAP meeting AGAIN (sucks), a check up, Cavite, and hopefully a day-date.

Anyway, do you know that I keep on losing my MRT card? Which is why I've finally given up on the train and am taking the bus regularly. I spend more than an hour of my morning commuting and an hour dressing up.

Pshhh. You don't need to know about this. This isn't some worthy insight. Ugh.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The 2009 Summer Survey


Ten things you wish you could SAY (don't tell us who it is)
1. You know I'd write about you. When have I ever left you out in open-letter/lines such as this one.
2. Pagkukulang = me
3. You've no idea how much I need you. Needed you for the past 2 years. Therefore, go home.
4. Goodluck with that. I'd love her. I know you'll do well.
5. Thank you, you're so sweet. 200% sweeter than I ever expected.
6. I miss you ver ver much dear. You never seem to realize how integral you are.
7. You are the most inlovest I've ever seen. Saludo.
9. may cavite ako next week. can i go pretty please? :x
10. Please stop ruining my fairytale.

Nine things about YOURSELF:
1. I hate my fringe.
2. I love virgin coconut oil and all its benefits.
3. I don't know what thesis I will take.
4. I hate staying in.
5. I love people.
6. I attempt to steer clear of everything too girly.
7. Have a very twisted view of myself.
8. Very sucky instincts.
9. Very Chocoholic. Moderately shopaholic. Slight alcoholic.

Eight ways to WIN your heart:
1. Talk to me in a very YOU way.
2. Be unexpected. Sponteinity.
3. Hahahaha pretend that you're staring at me.
4. Date me!
5. Be awake from 1am to 6am.
6. Let me be my true true true self. Whatever though. haha.
8. Be kim.

Seven things that cross your mind a lot through the day:
1. Obligations: Thesis, MAP
2. My hair!
3. Fashion. My own, not the world's.
4. That I need to get out of the house.
5. Things I want to be, should be, will be etc
6. BOYFRIEND love!
7. Friends. Parties. Relationships. Fun.

Six little STUPID things you want to happen to you before you die:
1. Beach bonfire!
2. Get published.
3. Be a 50% cool mom 50% perfect mom. o yeah!
5. Be my own picture of perfection!

Five turn offs:
1. Bad manners
2. Boring
4. hindi ako pinagbibigyan
5. too fashiony

Four turn ons:
2. Broad shoulders.
3. Height.

Three smiles that describe your life:
1. \(^_^)/
2. o_O or -_-
3. \:D/ or @-)

Two things you wish you never did:
1. Took more work than I can chew

One confession
I miss everyone.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So I spent the whole of yesterday with Nica and Louieee, a fraction of the 'posse'... and I can't believe that that's what I've been doing every single day last summer, and it's the first time I did this summer. I just can't believe it. We should be doing that as often as time allows us.

Anyway, had awesome fun. I never have to be anyone but myself with these people. You know what I think? It's undoubtedly easier to find a boyfriend, than to find friends that will last for the rest of your life. Therefore, the maintenance should be flawless

I'm sick today. It's phlegm overload. And as disgusting to share, I have ample amouts of bright gooey bright green snot and phlegm.

Plus when I'm sick, my whole existence revolves on healing measures. I never take ice, I take calamansi juice, I take salabat, I take tea. For breakfast, I minimum amount of what's on the table and popped 3 vitamin cs, 1 mucolsovan (whatever this is), 1 neozep, 1 biogesic, and 2 lagundi tablets. The electric fan is off limits and I will not do any rigorous or stress-inducing activities (ex: riding the effing MRT).

Monday, May 11, 2009

12:07am 5.12.09

I don't know why I do that.

When my boyfriend comes over, I panic. When he sms me asking me where I am, I panic. When he asks me at 4am in the morning what kept me awake, yuuuh, I panic.


Although, we look so far apart. And too friend-y. Eughck! It's still sane though. It totally didn't capture any sweet moment... but what am I complaining about? I look human!

Would you believe me if I told you my hair has grown? Maybe not. But it kinda has. I've been so happy with it I'm bombarding everyone's camera with annoying vain pictures and changing profile pics every half an hour. Eewy. But what can I do, it'll grow awful someday and I won't be able to bring it back.

This does not proove hair length... but look how unskinny I am. :D

So honestly, I just made this post to compensate for the blog's lack of pictures. Tatah!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Woke up after 4-hour sleep.

Why does it seem that time just goes away?

We make plans days before summer, and when summer's here, we're all too busy with stupid trivialities to make time for the good stuff.

I do wish I were better at taking pictures... but it's tricky to be good at photography when my camera is just beside my bed, rotting and all.

For light reading MACARTHUR by the infamous Bob Ong. It's his only non-humor driven novel/ette that I've read (it's Julia's), and he never ceased to amaze me. Struck me hard, this one. I had goosebumps reading it. And it's tagalog if you must know. You know how choosy I am in appreciating tagalog literature.

In my case, why can't I write properly?

Happy birthday to my dad.

I just DL-ed twitter tool bar. :X

Goodluck to me and my involvement in the newest LDR coupling.

I don't need anything else but virgin coconut oil. Hooey!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why do I keep talking about my hair?

a. I'm an insecure bitch
b. I'm a narcisstic shallow bitch
c. I'm a retarded bitch who can't spell 'narcistic' properly, and keeps on cutting my hair.

I should never ever wear brown. I should never have bangs. I should color my hair champagne brown. I should find a raspberry pink intense lip gloss/balm... hopefully in a pot.. very much like my now lost phased-out BodyShop lip gloss that lasted my whole college junior year.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where are my clothes?

This week is spring cleaning! Just like every previous week I've attempted to clean my room. And in this attempt, I've realized A LOT OF MY CLOTHES ARE MISSING!

And makeup too. My famous pot of perfect red lippy, my perfect versatile denim miniskirt T_T, bunch of accessories.... So weird how accumulated articles of clothing just vanish into thin air.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Night in.

-Boyfriend is already exactly 38 minutes late as of the moment.-

AM actually Plurking. Yip!


[11 hours later]

Baby baby baby, I need to get out my camera. I'm home Saturday night (again) and not complaining this time. Is it because:

a. I've finally stopped being a desperate socializing bitch who crashes anyway
b. I'm ACTUALLY happy
c. The week's satisfied my social needs and I don't need a Sat night out to compensate for my lack of social activity
d. Work (literary, parental, skill-development) is taking up my evening time
e. Am engrossed with an addicting activity: Plurk / TV Series / Fashion and Beauty / Monopoly / Book / Boyfriend / Online Comics / Trial-and-error do-it-yourself haircuts
f. So tired. Imma sleep now.


3% a.
    Socializing is such a harsh and complicated sport. I'd give up, but I love people.

3% b. happiness
    Ugh. It's not like anyone's like completely happy. Like, ever. But nevertheless, moments of pure content strike every once in a while.

40% c.
    I've totally used up my week worth of parental permission. I go home late practically everyday. And have slept over someone's house. Sleepovers are limited to one per week when academic matter is not involved, see.

15% d.
    I'm trying to work on everything. I'm such a scatterbrain, I haven't finished anything. My friend's making me make a certificate for some rotary matter that I've the slightest idea about. And I'm actually making it. Funny though, I've got loads of work to do for my dad (CPs), the NON-ENDING Marble thing, some design work for a french resto, and research for summer class... BUT I'M NOT DOING ANY OF THOSE.

We really are drawn to things that people don't MAKE US do. Ooh. Philosophical.

15% e.
    Hello Plurk! I check like every half a minute if someone's plurked anything new.. nevermind that it's utterly of no interest to me.

Thankfully no hair cuts for me. Call that discipline!

the rest% f.
    Tired yeah. But not enough to make me go to sleep.

I guess I've bored you enough already. Soo goodnight then. Or see you at Plurk.

P.S. Time to bring out the camera, lovey. Le blog is bland.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


8:46 am, perfect conyo weather. Tagaytay temperature outside, easy summer rain and indoor ACU. In bed. Just had breakfast. About to go back to sleep. Purrrffeect! (Aside from a clogged right nostril.) Am planning to give myself a vanity blowout. Just blow my money on grooming and styling.

My eyes are drooping.

I love you.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

4.29 almost midnight

I've pretty much killed 50 moths in 15 mins. I cooked some, stepped on some, swatted some, and may possibly have eaten one or two.

I started the class thingy today. Then, I SPENT 6 HOURS CUDDLING AND SNUGGLING, just not in my much-anticipated snuggle uniform--a tank and the 1k pajama--and I've completed PRO duty for the hs barkada.

Come midnight, due to excessive grooming... I've over plucked. Looks fine though.

Jessica Mania


Well, every guy is the Marcus Fluttie in some way. Maybe it's how we Jessica's expect change from them as inspired by our one of a kind typical girl-next-door qualities. I've got insomnia, I over-analyse, I write. His Marcus-ness is better left untold.

They won't change you know.

oh love.


Must write for Cavite. Im sooo into it.


Do contemplate: Everything is fleeting. The good stuff AND the bad stuff.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Petty Joys: Jeans!

I've got a brand new pair of old jeans. Fits really snug. Minimized my hips without sacrificing the curve. PERFECTION.

See, 2 years ago, my mom was teenager skinny and I was prepubescent skinny. She bought jeans from everywhere. And now since everyone seems to be gaining weight she can't wear it anymore and everything fits like a glove on me! Wiiih!

ESPECIALLY this dark blue gray F&H jeans. T_T So perfect.


I must say writers in my opinion over analyze. Artists, on the other hand, procrastinate professionally.

Writers and artists smoke and drink a lot. Writers do it because it inspires. Artists because its fun, and work can wait til tonight anyway.

Both are romantic.

Both are weird.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Before I Go.

Things are looking up. is working again. I'm back in my jeans-tank-chucks-minimalmakeup-backpack outfit, which is actually what suits me best. I'm just really pushing my luck with fashion.

Sorry Aiwa dear I didnt go because I had to catch some zzzzs.:( I need to see Louie this week because because. I can color my hair on Thursday because my schedule allows it, my budget doesnt though. AND I STILL WANT TO GO TO THE CAVITE WORKSHOP!

It's 4:25 and I have to do lunch.

And I'm not very upbeat right now. Last Christmas Aeya said A quick one while he's away. Ho hum.

The newest form of luxury. Pajimmies :]