Friday, February 13, 2009


Am sick.

Gawd, I'm sickly. I used to be healthier before. Maybe its because of the sleep (lack of), or possibly not enough nutrients.

It feels like a hang-over... only worse because my temperature rises and I can't expose myself to the cold. It's gross actually, how I vomitted an entire dinner in water-ish form. Bwahahaha. Kadiri noh?

Le Boyfriend came over to snuggle and watch Slumdog Millionaire. Then he won't let me leave the house for the AdPrac shoot because of my sickly state. Im sorry to disappoint you girls :(. And now, I dont know much of his whereabouts. Worried. :|

And sweaty from sleeping all afternooon under a comforter without any aid of electric fan or ACU.

Fuck, what do you know? I'm writing about my day!

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