Tuesday, March 24, 2009

blog leave

since i havent been much entertaining for a while now...

i therefore conclude a blog leave.

see you in a while loves. :*

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quarter 2009 _ List

The Quarter 2009 Shit List:

1. I am now drinking too much soda. I make it coke light, but what the hell, coke's still coke.
2. Am not moisturizing anymore. Boohoo.
3. My computer's antivirus is an antique. The last it's been updated is eons ago.
4. I've yet to actually WRITE. (See how shallow my blog vocab has become.)
5. Attendance not really well.

The Quarter 2009 Bless List:

1. Am now getting enough sleep, despite the stress. Yipee! Fafay quasi-jetlag.
2. Am now using Globe!
3. 90 pounds.
4. Am a behaved girlfriend. :D
5. Independent (ISH!) (Ish 10x!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


After a merciless whole house raid for my watercolor, Teta brought it out during lunch. Thank God.


The thing about Tita Maya, (THE client) is that despite her ruining my whole life, she's very nice and sweet. She has one of the best (if not the best) household I've ever been in. Her husband is funny and oozes with charisma. Her eldest son is at the top of his batch, her two younger sons are just as sweet and nice. And Javon, her little boy can not speak tagalog. And she goes to Europe and Middle East everytime she closes big projects. She never forces me to do stuff but asks nicely. Through her sugarcoated commands she got me to eat fish toppings, gulay, and drink a quarter glass of carrot juice.


Though, life is shattering in front of me. Nothing emo, I swear. And well, I dont know how to react properly, so instead I continue doing my plates.

Monday, March 9, 2009

W is for Whatever part 2

When every one is chopping of their hair for the gamine look, I'm growing it. There's charm in going against the trend, especially if the trend was yours. (?)

Whatevs. I love the shoulder length. Oh and btw, I've succumbed to the wonders of blowdrying. I've never owned my own hairblower until now, see.

Too bad short hair looks so pooosh. T_T

Yada. Whatever.



Sunday, March 8, 2009

W is for Whatever

On a shallower note, I can no longer use the the perfect penshoppe blush because it actually ruined my skin's texture. Never mind that it was perfectly pink and discreet and handy and cheap, if it kills your skin, it's (kinda) not worth it.

Boohoo. :(

Eeek! Kikay self. Ugh. -_-

And as usual, my room's a fucking mess. If it weren't for the pale pinkish walls and makeup tossed everywhere, I would've assumed its a guy's room. Oh the bags contribute to the girlyness too.

Agh! What happened to the anti-girly?

I don't have anything interesting to tell you just yet. And I dont have the time to cook up anything worth anyone's effort.

Hmmm what else? Uhhh... am starting to breath again.

And because CFAD is OJT-less, I can not wait for summer. Yippee!
But before the parties, anti-parties, and the sort.. must suffer hell week. B-)