Tuesday, February 3, 2009

12:40 am

I'm sleepy na kaya. But I still have this effing Package Design plate to finish. Funny thing is, PD's just 2-units worth and we tend to stress over it so much more than we would the the 6-unit subjects yadayadayadayada.

It's like when I complain about my academic life, PD always find its way to my rants and complaints.

1. Am learning to drive. Yippee!
2. Am learning to walk in heels!
3. Happily cheesy
4. Losing weight. :(
5. Grounded
6. Lost my sun cell. What do you expect? No one contacts me via sun anyway, aside from the folks, the sis, and Angelika Relova. And the phone's so little...
7. Has pile of works to do (e.g. TWGuild, Photogee, AdFrec baby cheesies, gaining parental trust, Reporting: Fashion and Professional Ethics, Valentines.. ETC ETC ETC)

...atleast my PD is finally on a roll. FUCK PD!!


My mom kinda cried over the "May Bukas Pa" commercial. Wahahaha.
The blockada-ish is all over "Tayong Dalawa" or "The Both Of Us" as my dad calls it.
The boyfriend and I is cheesssyy musshhyyy <3 <3 Lovwa, babe <3...
Am kindaahh sleepy. Musn't.

Oh and yeah, controversy going on at the right part of the bloggie. (Read: Tagbox)
IMO, some anonymous dude did it and everyone's kinda having fun using names other than there's. Lol. The long lost 'Stalker' or someone related to him may possibly be the PD.Man because the idea is similar.. yadayadayada. Sleepy.


Anonymous said...

Hey it's a refreshing to have seen you kanina.

Stay very in love!!!

macci said...

I MISSED YOU GUYS! T_T my two-week leave ish sucks.

see you tomorrow :*

lovers go to hell pa din!