Thursday, April 30, 2009


8:46 am, perfect conyo weather. Tagaytay temperature outside, easy summer rain and indoor ACU. In bed. Just had breakfast. About to go back to sleep. Purrrffeect! (Aside from a clogged right nostril.) Am planning to give myself a vanity blowout. Just blow my money on grooming and styling.

My eyes are drooping.

I love you.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

4.29 almost midnight

I've pretty much killed 50 moths in 15 mins. I cooked some, stepped on some, swatted some, and may possibly have eaten one or two.

I started the class thingy today. Then, I SPENT 6 HOURS CUDDLING AND SNUGGLING, just not in my much-anticipated snuggle uniform--a tank and the 1k pajama--and I've completed PRO duty for the hs barkada.

Come midnight, due to excessive grooming... I've over plucked. Looks fine though.

Jessica Mania


Well, every guy is the Marcus Fluttie in some way. Maybe it's how we Jessica's expect change from them as inspired by our one of a kind typical girl-next-door qualities. I've got insomnia, I over-analyse, I write. His Marcus-ness is better left untold.

They won't change you know.

oh love.


Must write for Cavite. Im sooo into it.


Do contemplate: Everything is fleeting. The good stuff AND the bad stuff.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Petty Joys: Jeans!

I've got a brand new pair of old jeans. Fits really snug. Minimized my hips without sacrificing the curve. PERFECTION.

See, 2 years ago, my mom was teenager skinny and I was prepubescent skinny. She bought jeans from everywhere. And now since everyone seems to be gaining weight she can't wear it anymore and everything fits like a glove on me! Wiiih!

ESPECIALLY this dark blue gray F&H jeans. T_T So perfect.


I must say writers in my opinion over analyze. Artists, on the other hand, procrastinate professionally.

Writers and artists smoke and drink a lot. Writers do it because it inspires. Artists because its fun, and work can wait til tonight anyway.

Both are romantic.

Both are weird.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Before I Go.

Things are looking up. is working again. I'm back in my jeans-tank-chucks-minimalmakeup-backpack outfit, which is actually what suits me best. I'm just really pushing my luck with fashion.

Sorry Aiwa dear I didnt go because I had to catch some zzzzs.:( I need to see Louie this week because because. I can color my hair on Thursday because my schedule allows it, my budget doesnt though. AND I STILL WANT TO GO TO THE CAVITE WORKSHOP!

It's 4:25 and I have to do lunch.

And I'm not very upbeat right now. Last Christmas Aeya said A quick one while he's away. Ho hum.

The newest form of luxury. Pajimmies :]

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Must Sleep Now.

I think photobucket is down.


You know, I never really let money--better yet, the lack of it--ruin my fun. I'd go as far as begging to get my resources. I just can't fund two people. Despite the one-unit funding, I still need money though.

I'm not really working right now. Too busy whining and complaining about being home too much. Being home gives me a head ache you know.

BTW, finished my Eva Fonda piece for twg. Kinda. Yiih! :x

And finally TWG have this 2-day workshop. And I really really really want to go. Then my head goes all confused. :( Have I messed up my priorities? I know I like writing, and I know that I'm not bad at it... But if only I exert as much passion in my art than in my writing, wouldn't that benefit me more? My passion for writing is half-baked. My efforts in improving my illustration/layouting/photoshopping skills are half-baked too. It's like I'm torn between two loves. (ugh. cheesy.)

Point is, I REALLY WANT TO GO! Maybe for the fun, but I should go because I want to learn right? Well, why do I want to learn anyway... am I making a career out of this? Well, perhaps, since I'm focusing on magazine work (and am not making much progress).

I went to TWG anyway because I don't want to forget how to write. But what about all that "You should wake up a writer" brouhaha?

Well, I guess I can manage both. I think. I just have a very low self-esteem right now. Tonight. And I really have to sleep. Really really.


I've given up in taking good pictures. But maybe pictures that matter suffice.

It's Saturday and I'm at home. The world sucks and I should learn to live with it. Well, actually I'm just overreacting, but what the hell. My blog.

1st picture in a hundred months:

this is the 80% finished wall of Christa's room. I actually filled the higher part with graduating stars. They also painted and sprayed stars on the ceiling. Plus butterflies. And emulsion. I knoooww it's much too girly and colorful for my liking... but she's the boss. And it actually went well.


Jonas Brother's "Year 3000" has been playing in my head for two days now. I can't believe they sung that. I didn't know that THE Jonas Brother played that until yesterday.


It's the 100th day on *insert secret day here* and he'll never know because he never reads my blog anyway. Lol. Counting hundred days isn't really something that I do, you know. It's a very Korean thing, which isn't me either. All my friends love it and I don't mind, but there's I am not inclined to luuurving it anyhows.

Sooo colors, Jonas Brothers, and romantic Korean antics. Goodness, did I just turned into a Nica incarnate?

Friday, April 24, 2009


You know what, I'm in a rut.. and I will now be fixing it. Somehow ish. Ugh. Must unearth the camera!

I can not believe it's Friday already. I can not believe it's Friday all over again.


I should be sleeping right now you know. Christa's picking me up at 7am because the past few days she'd be waking me up through mobile, wasting load, and I'd be saying "Oo maliligo na" then rolling back in bed.

I mean IT'S RAINING! Isn't that the immortal law? Rainy days are perfect for snuggling under the sheets and just staying in bed.. even if that's pretty much what I've been doing all my summer life.


My hair isn't that bad anymore. Yippee.. :D Had it cut again. I SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY AM SWEARING ON ALL MY RELATIONSHIPS AND SKILLS wont get a haircut til somewhere around september to nov!


I'm still broke. Le boyfriend dated me and the sister one tuesday afternoon. Ooer. Lovey. And therefore, I'm not alone at being broke anymore. I spend dawn chatting with people online since there seems to be an unlimited provision of semi-insomniac people.

Yes, I still consider myself the ultimate insomniac... probably because I'm the only one childish enough to whine and cry about it.


This blog need pictures!


On totally unrelated and unimportant matters:
(because I am under an unintentional house arrest)
1. Lindsay Lohan have boobage fold. (boobage fold = when gravity have totally affected your boobs that it seems as if there's a fold between your boobs and and chest)
2. I love brown leather. I do. Its so casual chic.
3. Tight skirt is so in these days. Weird.
4. Found the perfect wide belt for me. Its velveteen and dark gray and adjustable. Yippee. Am using it on all my shirt dresses. Coolio. Got it from a Zara coat.
5. Pulin's in the states so I can get any Urban Outfitter article. O yea. Although, better not because I can't fit it.
6. I need shirt dress, tunic dress, and pretty tube top. We soo dont have tube top.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I do believe I am stuck in 2006 fashion wise. This is when people of the fashion worlds werent trying too hard and short hair was barely at the brink of popularity. And Geno was here.


Some people are just really pleasant, aren't they?



Sunday, April 19, 2009

i. dont. have. anything. to. say.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Still Under-construction But Not Much

Spent two nights to make this work. It's actually cute. :D Am still working on it.


Am about to sleep but decided to write a little. Just to keep the blog fairly interesting.

For those who aren't in the know, this is how the bad hair looks like on a good day. This is the only sane looking one out of 24 shots. Yes, my face do look skinnier. And yes, I'm growing it.

It's 5am. I really have to go now.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm having trouble installing photoshop.

Aiwa's here.. and I guess there will be a lot of hanging out.

I'm going to Tameng's shortly. The paint thing.

I realized that my hair isn't that bad if I tie it up. It's actually pretty cute.

I still don't have budget. But it'll be better soon. The ATM's coming! Yey.

And the weight of the laptop just killed my leg.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Summer as of the moment

As you all may have observed... my layout sucks. Luckily, my laptop has finally been formatted, which may possibly inspire me to relayout.

But what do we know? This blog really is full of empty promises anyway.



Well, I am bored as hell. It's hot as hell. Am finally catching up on my GossipGirl, started 90210, and am not taking sleeping pills. Not because I've decided against it, just that I am FUCKING BROKE.

YEAHES! FUCKING EFFING EFFING ABNORMALLY BROKE. And to follow would be I am stuck at home. This hot unexciting hole I call home.

And am starting to bitch.

My atm's still a bitch. That would've been easy income. But noooooo, I dont have it because I lost it last november.


What else?

Hmmm. This layout sucks. I still have that MAP work thing. And I'm in luurve with a pair of Steve Madden shoes, ONSALE. AND I FINALLY FINISHED MURAKAMI'S THW WINDUP BIRD CHRONICLES AFTER 6 EFFING MONTHS!!!

Am rereading Good Omens. See, I stopped reading in the middle of the book......

Omg, I'm ranting. See, boredom just seeps right through. And idleness really does bring out the bitch in me.

Monday, April 6, 2009

wtf-state (c/o sooey)

I am so fat.
(Fine, not really... but no more to the fashionably skiny ol' me.)

And my hair do suck. It's like I get a bad haircut every two years, and we need half a year to remedy the haircut. Therefore, according to that made up computation, I spend 25% of my life with a pretty bad haircut.

And yes, very obviously, I'm EXTREMELY, IRRATIONALLY, FREAKY-LY sensitive when it comes to my hair. I'd sell my sisters for a good haircut you know.

Anyway, its not thaaattt bad. STOP READING THIS BLOG THE AUTHOR IS INSANE!

And yeah, this is the heaviest (and 'curviest') I've been ever since forever. Like gaah! Hiyang? Wtf.

Sooey coined a really pretty and suitable term, it's called the WTF-state, which is pretty much what every one is enduring right now.


April 6 2009

Despite the ongoing css and photoshop construction, I will go blogging.

To be perfectly honest, I can only remember having a real blog hiatus once. When I found blogging to be unhealthy... more of mindboggling than reassuring.. and that is, like when.. 5 years ago. So even if I tell you I'm no longer blogging, I must be having some sort of outlet in some other blog, or other blog's comment box.

Whichever. I suffer this great need to record every moment. You can accuse me perhaps of dwelling to much in the past... or maybe its just my own narcisism.


I am drifting away
despite myself

When the anticipated remedy does no good
Then the malady must be so innate, it must be you

The passion fluctuates
There is a tinge of desperation
Everyminute consists of the urge for a smoke
for an escape
for the alcohol to tide my brain
every root of me.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Still still still Under Construction

Officially, my layout sucks. But in a matter of 60 days, my pride has risen to a new level, affecting numerous aspects of my life. Such would be that I refuse to use layouts, even if it means having a clutter after the every 6 posts I publish in this blog.

I've already permanently deleted the previous layout, so no going back to that. The header is but temporary.

Css and htmls have lost their charm.

And guess what, I am still reading Haruki Murakami's The Chronicles of a Wind-up Bird, and its only 70% read. It' been the only book I'm reading in 2nd sem.

My brain is currently at its lowest state. My hair too. Still, the hair. Fuckity.

No pictionaries, no anything.

Summer Commandments

1. You will not cut you hair. Even if you very much want to and even if it sucks big time. Just imagine bangs so long it reaches your nose when its swept to the side. And imagine hair up to your collar bones! Perfect aint it? Besides, what's a whole summer of scarves anyway? And lovely, you've got a boyfriend.
2. Must complete work
3. Must not deprive self of beaching
4. Must reach out to college friends somehow
5. Insomnia is not to be a part of summer. Smoking perhaps.. but not insomnia!
6. Remember your fashion.
7. Happy Mondays!
8. You will clean your room. Clean room is anti bitch fit.
9. You will figure out what thesis you're taking.
10. You will chill.


But the posts will resume. Hello blogworld. I believe I've resurrected from a month's worth (or more) of online death...