Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This is a concoction of reason and sentiments.

2008. Rock became my lulluby. Filled my head, it drowned stains of undelightful thoughts.

Season two was filled with raw sentiments. Unedited. Incorrect: Gramatically, By reason, By circumstance, By aesthetics.
Year 2008 and I'd been held by different hands. Too many different hands. I didnt want to belong to any. My soul was crying, begging me to stop. She was on her knees, wrist bleeding, not out of wanting death... exag un. Just fighting the greater pain with the lesser.
I had a crash course in philosophy.
,I read Sophie's world.
We are not Gods. We are not required to know everything. The search for the complete ultimate knowledge and philosophy is futile. Aside from the fact that it is vagued by influences.

I had a crash course in life. I hurt, and I survived

I can walk alone. Keep my mouth shut. Smile at the world again.
I learned that people are individuals. That live and love means a person is a single unit and life would be better if we knew someone purely as a person sans the fictions and facts circulating, jading.

I have unlearned luxury, fashion and all the ornate bullshit I feed myself with.

My internal organs have probably grown weary, film thinner because of the irrational and slightly excessive alcohol intake. And the other unhealthy intakes for that matter.
But what can I say? I'm 19.
We are young and reckless and restless
love is malabo. love is a vice. love is the highest form of high. love is optional.
But I have a tidbit of everything I want. I've ever wanted. Ever.
Human nature wired us to be eternally discontent.
But for a while in my life
I am fully fully fully satisfied.

It's New Year's Eve later! Yippee!!

Here's a good one.

You are more likely to remember what the other party has told you, even to the point of directly quoting them, than remembering what you tell others.


Start of Year 2009 haircut:

I swear it kinda looks better in person.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Life would be better if half-drunk is our default.

Well, if half-drunk is MY default.

My stress level dives steep. I am relaxed and peaceful and fun at the same time.

I am in my perfect vision of high.

Thing is, I'm not even half of half-drunk.


Dearest deary. Ang cute mo. Ahihihihihihi.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Killing time


1. The perfect pale pink lipstick is perfect. Aside from the fact that A. It's prolly 5 years old and is in need of petroleum before application and B. It looks washed out on pictures.

2. Yet again, I've had the perfect haircut. Pictures someday. In the meantime, love me love me say that you love me.


4. Gifts for the girlsies, bestfriends, and miscs.

5. Sunday was set for cleaning up. I woke up at 1am, talked on the phone, fixed my brows and hair, then started dressing up. I'm in my anti-fashion fashion outfit while purging these sentiments.

6. I will be writing my newyear's resolution soon. Complete with signature. What better use for my tablet than signing my works eh?

7. The sisters gave me the ultimate. Peacesigns.

8. I need to submit for dapitan. Just trying. Im not expecting much. "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best." foolproof never fails!

9. Social life please. Any parties out there?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Afterthought

You know the kids are not kids anymore when you can no longer make them play 'the longest line' and 'bring me'. Then again, you know that they can't actually be adults because they give it their best shot at 'hep hep hooray'... which, because of the season, has been altered to 'merry christmas'. Same rules, just different set of words and actions. Either way, adults and non-adults alike give in to playing BINGO because of the 500 php pot money!

I didn't get it.

So this is the first xmas in history I don't get money.

We kids should've played longest line. Now that I'm not that rich (tama lang. steady), I wish we did play the annual longest line. I mean the fact that I lug rolled up tissue around is sure to help anyway.

Whatever. Hahahaha.

Still had a great time.

Required. It's christmas e.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

to Kimboy


Ang pinakamahalaga hindi ka nasaktan. Diba? Diba? Atsaka wala ka nasagasaan. WAG KA NA MAGDDRIVE NG LASING EVER AH. And andito naman kami e. Kami nila MarloN, RJ, etc. Magpakagoodboy ka nalang, pambawi mo sa nanay mo ah! Wag ka na sad. Paparape kita kay Rhai, para fun.

Mandate Christmas Season Post

Christmas eve later and I'm not looking forward the gifts. Na-uh. I'm looking forward my dad's grilled lamb concoction and all the other great food.

Everyone's been complaining that the christmas spirit is fading away. Scary. Next thing we know (around a century), there wouldn't be any christmases to speak of.

Back to the modern times, I just want to REMIND the whole of the universe that gifts are given to remind someone of yourself. What the? Okay, what I actually meant is, gifts are given to somebody as a part of yourself.

E.g. Aiwa gave everyone something that reminds her of them. She gave me a pair of leopard-print shades, because my (un)trusty ninoyaquino, perfectlyaviator, 700php Aldo shades got dismembered. Yeah, I tried having it fixed... to no avail. POINT IS, Aiwa's giving me animal-print shades to lessen the sorrow. Love love dear.

The thing is, sometimes (usually, always), the person's worth to us is directly proportional to his/her gift's PRICE. Okay, so maybe I'm complaining because I'm not very rich right now. (Not very rich = not broke but NOT VERY RICH).

Gawd, I already had my point through. You do get what I mean, right? Why am I even bothering, I haven't even bought gifts for lots of people yet! Friends, misc (chabbo).


Bad case of insomnia.
And it's christmas eve later.

^Ehem. No I did not just right WRITE a poem. I just press enter a little bit too much. Not that it matters actually.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Bago makalimutan ang lahat... here are acad stuff to be done:

1. Ad Design Comics... Render
2. Ad Design Story Board for Insect whatever shit. (research more)
3. Photography Prelims -- FOR YOUR INFO. ANG DAMI NIAN!
Hope in photo
Interpret relationship in photo
Human Interest with Xmas Theme
Street / Market Scene
Marketing Xmas
Out of this world xmas
Metallic Surface
Portrait in candid
Portrait in pose

4. PD Box Design. It sucks. How do I make it work?
5. Ad Prac!!!!!

Sorry. Mood breaker.


How do I delete my Multiply blog? Because, as you can see.. IT SUCKS LIKE HELL.


I believe that the on probation rule is already a thing of the past. It is gone and forgotten.



Invites please.

Fuck. Xmas is two days away.

Tomorrow errand is to get gifts for my sisters. And Tita Luisa, Ate Neng, ang Chabbo.

Fix shades. Save up.

Check up on Xta. Date Bryskitotz. Entertain Pau.

Gift for for friends.

Gift for misc.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Please pray for bombee.

For Sale

Just helping a friend out.

Size Small for Men
Which means, kasya din sating girls if we want. Yehey. Pero manly e.

For Sale. At the very low price of 600 pesos. Honestly. Astig diba. 650 yan dapat, may tagprice pa. At wala akong tubo jan, wala din cia tubo. I'm not businessy anyway. Just tag or pm or text me when you're interested.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Currently listening to a very clear copy of Jesse McCartney songs--from a CD. Thanks RR.

So anyway, this is what 10 pounds difference looks like

Seee!??! See!??

P.S. The second image is hhaawwt. \m/ -mode



Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's confidential, darling.

Sometimes, when you hurt people, you owe it to them not to apologize. To apologize is to rub it on their faces that you have such a big role and effect. You are giving yourself the importance you do not deserve.

Either way. I'm sorry. Because.

You owe it to me to understand. I hate drama but I seem to be drawn to it.

It's hard to explain. It's confidential, darling.


And to You/s.

I am very disappointed.

But life goes on, yes?

Matitiis ba naman kita in the end?

The party's downstairs.


Maligayang Pasko.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Anti-material girl

The Wishlist:

I don't want a lot for christmas
I don't even want you

Maski anung ibigay sakin ok
Solve ako
Maski wala maski meron

I just love yous.

The first and overdue xmas post.

Pasko pasko pasko nanamang muli.

Where are you christmas?

I can't find you because I'm broke, I'm stressed, and I'm worried. And because I've grown up.

Adtu block party tomorrow. Not expecting much. Whatevs. Another no pressure party. Pag di kayo nagsipuntahan bahala kayo sa buhay niyo dahil inaamin ko na bitter ako. Ok?


Still On Probation, even if I can sneak a few drinks here and there. I mean I can go out by daylight anyday as long as I don't go home too late. That's not happening soon. Well, maybe I have to appreciate it. There's always a bright side to everything. The assuring silver lining behind every yadayadawhatever cloud.

I bet my plate will be good. Harharhar.


The first xmas gift I got this year was the Unofficial Adtu Girls Notebook as illustrated by Nica herself.

AHLAVET! AHLAVET TO DEATH. You are officially a creative mind.



First TWG Workshop a while ago. I knnooowww my poem got the beating it deserved, it was good critique. Unbiased. Personal. Subjective. General. Yadayada...

Hahaha. Thing is I can get use to it. Yay! I'm strong.


I DONT WANT TO MISS ANY PARTIES. Is there even any to miss?

Oh, the Sobs dinner. Will it push through? I wonder.

I'd love it if it does though!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

On Probation

I will strictly be following the Cinderella curfew parentally promulgated once upon a time. Well, if they ever let me out, then I swear in the name of my Conchinita Cruz I will be home before the clock strikes 12 for the rest of the year.

Ad5 party rocked. Yeaaah, I know. I went.

I ditched BigBoy's semi-formal-ish socialite-ish ish 500php astoria christmas party for one that isn't my block's own. Next time, dear. Pramis! Sorry talaga I ditched.

Ad2 block party after paskuhan pushing through. Hopefully. Kayo bahala. I am not in proper sanity to make decisions now anyway.

No gifts for anyone yet. Can't even think of things I want for myself.

I am officially sabaw.
Does it matter?

Currently doing the overoveroverdued caricature rendering WHILE waiting for the parentals to go home and give me my second dose of reprimand. My throat hurts. And I am properly groggy.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Friday is plates day.

My spine is aching from the stopping I had to do for my Masaccio knock-off painting. Whi Masaccio of all renaisance artist? Masaccio. Conceit to death. Buwahahaha.

1. Baby thesis. Killing me. In more ways than one.
2. I reaallly can't go to the ad5 party as much as I want to because I need Louie there.
3. I've had three or four old shades fixed. Yay! Brand new second hand shades! <3
4. Lit overload.
5. I hate beer. Please stop making me take beer. No to laki-tyan!
6. I have to pick up the 50 3r developed pics, as well as the perfectest aviators.
7. I have to digital render 1 more caricature and 1 set of comics!
8. I have to submit for tomorrow's EFFING DIFFICULT PD carry-all. How the fucker does that work anyway?
9. Half-way painting Masaccio's Old Man painting, I no longer have energy. I can't stop now, though. The oil paint's is perfectly moist! Perfect for editing and overlaying at the same time.


Why am I so fuucckiinngg inefficient sometimes?

Oh... and a little bit too spontaneous too.

11. I'm semi-broke.
But I'm not complaining. The last time I did got people into a bit of trouble.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good Morning.

9:15 am
On a regular thursday morning.

Class starts at 7. I woke up at 8.30. All that despite the new old-school (red and pretty :D) alarm clock I place on my desk for inconvenient access, and the usual mobile phone alarm. Yadayada.

I can't keep this up.

But I'm blogging right now. Wtf?


In being late, you have the liberty to dry your hair so it ends up being pretty and lugay worthy, apply the infamous no-makeup makeup properly (which actually just takes 5 mins to execute), eat breakfast, stretch stretch stretch, fix your bed, and bring the proper amount of school stuff.

Stretcy stretchy stretchy. My body's aching. Maybe the fact that I lug around stuff half my body weight contributed to that.

Fuck. My english is so weird this morning. Lit overload!


Tidbits from yesterday:
Pedro Illustrado
Poetic *insert any word here. ANY*
LaSalle Girl
Ang boyfriend kong di ko mahal.
Ang ma-sendan si orange bag ng sarili niang picture na (fucking) edited.
Pride or unpride

I had dinner alone at 1am in the morning. The sad verity is I'm getting used to it.

I really need to bring my own house keys, since I go home a little too late everyday. Not completely my fault.

9:28... I'm all dressed up. Kinda. Anyhows, KILOS!

P.s. LP later. Ugh. I hate LP. I will be hating LP until I get my painting right.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008


"On Philosophy and Psychology"

Every statement ever stated
Clouds of thoughts envelopes you

You eat the human brain for breakfast
You drink the system of the world like wine
You savor my contemplations and devour them
Then spit them back on your plate of associates

Primo you are my dawn's conscience
Leaving my conclusions scratching for survival each time

Mid'day I wake up thinking
You've licked my mind clean of philosophies.

Primo you have raped my mental complications


Makaranas. hahahahaha

pilit hinihimok ng mapusok na kaisipan
at tinatanaw ng bintana ng katauhan
sutla mong labi, balingkinitang katawan
di mapatid ng karunungan
pinanghahawaka'y tuwid na salamin
sinisipat ang babaeng wari'y nangangamba
tutok sa pagtitig sa sarili
at sa pagtanto ng munting imahe
nadaplis sa iyong kamusmusan
na nagtila hangin sa kapaligiran
isang hamak na diyosa ng karangyaan
saliw sa musika na dumadaloy sa napapatid
waring hakot ang puso at sayo'y hinahatid
astang galak sa pagkakatagpo
nagmimistulang sugat
na hinilom ng pagwawagi mula pagkabigo.

I didn't write that. Ung mga maayos ang network, malalaman kung sino yan. Wooh hanep us!

Balang araw maiintindihan ko din yan!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

On me. Now.

Bobo. Nanaman.


Kaylangan ko na gumawa ng plates. As in.

Kaylangan matapos ang fashion sketch para makasama ako sa wed... alam mo un, dun sa TWG. Dun sa org na newbie na newbie ako na pinagsisiksikan ko ung sarili ko. Yeah.

Scene from Org... mga twice to thrice per session:
TWG Member: Macci! (with sincere smile and sincere niceness and sincere curiosity na hindi nagpapacute lang.) Anu sinusulat mo?
Macci: Uhhh.. uhhh.. (Adtu, alam nio nung inenterview ako ni Christ look-alike Sir Pro Eth about sa kiss.. ganun katagal na 'uhhhh. umm. uhhh') Pareho eh. Pero mas gusto ko [*insert "Prose" or "Poetry" here. Depende sa mood mo sa minuto na un.*]
TWG Member: Ah. Ayihee. Pabasa!
Macci: Haha. Gusto ko nga mabasa ung sainyo e. Di ko lang alam kung saan hahagilapin.
TWG Member: Sama ka lagi sa workshop.
Macci: (Tunay na tunay na sincerity. Redundant ba?) Promise.

Basta. And nice nilang lahat. So far.
Pero being in a biosphere of quite a number of people... malamang sa malamang... may mga lilitaw na issue every once in a while.

According sa kaibigan kong long hair, meron na naman talaga. Pero does it matter?

At bakit ako nagtatagalog? Kasi naman ewan.

Tama na blog. Kaylangan na magpakaCFAD. Labor labor labor. Brain work with labor plus swertihan sa tamang layout, kulay, sketch etc.

Fight, Mac. Fight!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Random Dears

Find yourself and enjoy.

Dear Miss Perslab

Panghabang buhay na tong LQ natin. As long as we get through it, I don't care. I love you. Happy ako very na natulog ka dito kagabi. Tas we were so swabe lang... na parang ganun talaga tayo mabuhay. Tas masaya tayo.

Alam ko madami akong pagkukulang NA. I know. Perooo, hahah wala. Ok lang e. Wala kang takas sakin

Dear Mami

Thank you sa walang humpay na pagmamahal, paglalambing, at pag-aalaga. Ikaw ang ilaw ng tahanan ko na tinatawag ko na beato.

Dear Tay

The things I do that I ought not to... Hay buhay diba? Gusto ko lng sabihin na sana nandito ka. As in. If you were here, iba lahat ng bagay. Things happen for a reason, I know... pero anu naman ang wishful thinking diba?

Dear Nay

Anjan ka lagi lagi lagi. Maski kelan di mo ko hinusgahan. Ikaw ang taong nagmahal sakin ng buongbuo walang sabit. At mahal din kita ng buong buo.

May mga kasalanan ako, alam ko. Konte lnag and itsybitsy naman. And between the two of us, you're the better friend. *Sniff*.

Dear Mini and Micro

I will not survive without the support, the pagtakip, and the company. And the sizes. You are the bestests and you know it.

If I were given the chance to choose, you are the best choices. Ever.

We are forever. We are blood and bones.

We've never been better.

Dear Geek

Your support keeps me strong. Your company keeps me sane. You always make me feel like I'm not alone. Alam ko na hindi ko nagagawa sayo ung mga nagagawa mo for me. Alam ko na all you ever get from me are the occasional hugs and stupid advices. But if it weren't for your words, I would not be what I am. Whoa. Serioso un hanep.

Dear Happy Pill

I'm happy you're back and you're happy. Very much. I missed you.

Dear Lucky Charm

Without us recognizing it, we changed everything. We became foundations. We became a mutual tandem. You taught me and introduced me stuff I should've known all along. Na life is not all clothes and makeup. That people are actually good people. Huwat?

Basta. Love love.

Dear Disband

We da rakstars. Miss ko na kayo mga kapatid. I. Want. More.

Dear TweeGeee

You made my dreams come true. Parang tanga nga lang ako. Sorry sa ingay. And sa over entuthiasm. We love rogue, we hate twilight. We are true. Looking forward.... sa madami.

Dear Mr. Outlaw

Yip! Kung yung kahapon ay nangyari dahil sa sinabi nia, or kung dahil un sa di mo lng cia trip, I may never know. Di mo nmn to binabasa to e. Nafeel ko na protected akong sobra... na parang little little little girl. Oo. Sa tuloy tuloy na text all withing a 3-minute range, best ever. Dahil ayoko ng mabagal magtext. :) You are the siga of my life. Sana maging 1% girl ka naman. Madami kng ginagawa pa na naaapreciate ko. Astig us. It's been 9 days ulupong ka noh?

Dear Pizza

Hope ka ng world. Happy crush ka namin. Your smiles are like sunshine. Basta ganun...
Naapreciate namin ung kalabit mo etc etc. Tas sasayaw ka bigla. Lol.

Dear Bitchesa

Swerte ko naman sayo. Maski na pakyu ka.

Dear Core

Kulang ang space dito. Madami akong sasabihin.
Conclusion: I love you. And I MISS YOU. And alam ko naman na nagkakaintindihan tayo. Girlies, we are growing up.

I'm sorry to disappoint you. Every now and then. Lalo na ung now. Kesa dun sa Then.

Either way, you're still the true loves, maski na may true loves na kayo.

Dear Exie

I. Am. So. Tired.

Dear ConDar


Dear "You"

Hm. Sorry. Could. Not.



Dear Sweetheart,

I am very happy for you.


The wordless empty box.
I just cant take everything. Haha.




Hmmm... Nici came over in the middle of the night, just as planned, and I forgot to lock the door. Sneaking around has been becoming more usual then ever. My dad is a man of few words, and when he reprimands, it strikes hard.

"Please be responsible naman."

No more partie for me for a while. Not this week.

I keep on asking for help and people keep giving it to me. "Are you even helping yourself?"

A bit. I'm actually doing plates again now. And next thing I know, I don't get late anymore. Hopefully, rawr. And the nextest thing I know, I'm back in the greatest shape ever.

Well, I'm in a good shape, just not the greatest.

I just need a bit of work.

This, my friends, perhaps, is a plead for help. I am officially announcing that I need a push. I need yous, loves.

It's 1:29, I haven't had dinner, I'm broke and I need sleep. And oh yeah, my head hurts.

Salamat sa inom mga kapatid. Lalo na sa kapatid kong whore, artist, at outlaw. You know who you are loves. :)

Sunshine tomorrow and I'm absorbing every bit of it. Wish I could help.

Wish I could stop bein such a cryptic diarist.

Monday, December 1, 2008

It was Nothing

Eye Opener

You open my eyes
But its too late
Nah, it's not too late
It wasnt mean to start in the first place.

But it was great.

Sweetheart, don't mind me.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Yipee. Kakauwi ko lang.

I have house keys. Illegal. Promise next time uuwi na ko maayos, legally. Pero had fun xe e.

I WANNA JAM. DEAR BAND, LOVE YOU. Ewan... enjoy kasi e. Maski amateurs. Well, ako oo.

Chep ang ganda ng cam mo! upload as soon as possible!

As always. Undrunk.


Friday, November 28, 2008

Today Part2

I had to cut part 1 short to save you, my lovely avid readers, from boredom. But again I go.

Hear hear.

Friday is plate day and unless I'm invited out, I'll be staying home and be all academic. You've no idea how much school work I missed because of what Gel jologz-ly calls "kaka-goodtime".

Well, she isnt't really wroooong, is she?

Nica on the other hand tells me to get God as a boyfriend and start being all goody already.

In other words, people are starting to get concerned.

And I am sooo late in realizing that they are.

The wake-up call?
1. 2 more absences I'm failing Ad Design. (I don't like addes much right now, though.)
3. Some guy who we shall be anonimizing with the penname "Jonh" asked me if life is treating me well enough and why am I not being dragged around by the usual girls I surround myself with.
4. I forgot to count. Tignan niyo ^ walang #2.
5. PD. CFD.


I am not turning my PC on til I'm done with work. Some people are sucked in their bed like some scientifically unexplained vortex... and Richard does that to me. I am, have been, always will be, in love with you.

Richard is the crappiest laptop in class. Gel used to have the crappies one, pero hightech na cia ngaun. Me, I'm using the never wading Mr.R.

You know how I see it?

You know how it no longer matters how faded by time mobile phones are? The more vintage-ous (uy imbento term), the better? That's how this laptop is.

Maski na kinakain na cia ng virus, sumusuka na na din cia ng virus, isa isa ng natatanggal mga keys nia sa keyboard, gasgas niya sadya kuno, springy na ung monitor, di na cia sensitive sa usb devices, at madalas na ciang mas sabog pa skin.. MAHAL NA MAHAL KO PA DIN TO. Antique to e.

Today Part1

Friday is now officially plate day.

I woke up at 11am and started working. Cutting, painting, conceptualizing... etc etc the works.

I am still late for everything. Late for CFD. Late for PD. But well, I dont mind the tardy. I just hate submitting crappy works.

Im late for school too every single day. Angels, help. :(

THE PD Plate is pretty. Ok lng. People would possibly like it. A bit impressive. But I don't like it. I did my best, I did. Still, bad composition. Oh well.. atleast the mojo is back.


This is the the third night I won't be sleeping. I've been comsuiming salvation (Starbucks Venti Hot Mocha) (uhhh. Pacool o. Sbux pre! lol.) for two night straight. When I asked my mom for another one because ill be pulling an all-nighter, she said "Tangina! Magtimpla na nalang kaya!"

Fine. She didn't really say that... but the content is very similar.


Yours truly is strictly an FX girl. But since I waited all morning at E-rod... with a bag weighing half my body mass strapped on me, I've decided to take the jeep. Yeah! After 30 mins I've decided to take the jeep. It was ok. It's morning anyway. And people smell pretty in the am.

Therefore, I've finally made up this practical rule I should've promulgated two years ago to take the jeep if life's being shit transportion-wise.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Attempt #2



Personal Assignment: Express how you feel at the very moment in the most poetic fashion you can possibly...uhh.. express.

Brittle nails are painted this orangish red
Feel the keys on these fingertips
No sensation must be left unsaid
Yet these churning thoughts I better keep
Passion is poetry in prose
But stringing words is such a feat
Shallow words are better than those
Empty excerpts I claim as shit.

Interpratation: Hindi ko natulog. Ang cute ng nail polish ko oh! Maski sirasira na. Yipeee! At TWG ako ulit maski bano na ko. At judgemental ako sa ibang writers. Buwahahahhaa.

Alam kong bibitaying yang "poem" ba yan sa TWG.


Naaalala niyo ba yun? Naalala niyo ba nung July-August 2006?

Alam kong bibitayin ako dito PERO I DONT CARE.

P.S. Salamat ng sobra kay George and Issa. Gusto ko tawaging ate si Issa kasi parang.. basta feel ko kaylangan. Pero unfair naman kasi 18 palang si Geoerge. WAHHAHAHAHA. Ay 19 na pala pero di kasi nagpainom.


Dear Nica.

Tangina ang immature kooooo.

Your perslab, Macci.

P.S. Baka pag-inulit ulit ko to maicp mo na mature ko.

OO SABAW AKO. GUTOM NA KO. DI KO PA TAPOS PD! At kung anu anu na plano ko sa buhay ko. Pero nag-enjoy tlga ko sa pagpuyat ngayon.

Alabyulayp. Im just happy.

2:58 am.

I am in the middle of doing my PD plate. 36 hours overdue and 40% executed. I promised myself I wont go online.. but here I am, pouring redundant thoughts.


Iba talaga kapag napamahal ka na. Who would've thought?
Blurry noh. Siyempre, alam nio naman na may sense of mystery tong kalokohang blog na to e. Dahil duwag naman talaga ako e.


Speaking of duwag. Uh-huh. You are. You always were. :)

Pero anu magagawa ko. Masaya ko e. And okay na e. Hallelujah e.

Besudesm parepareho lng tayo. Duwag. Tao. Emo. Hahahaha.


Namiss ko ang magpuyat for a reason, not just because my mind is being abnormally overactive. Starbucks soy-based warm mocha. Definitely not decafenaited.


I love you sweetheart ko.

I know I should be writing bit more conscious and professional now because of TWG... more on that on the next post. I am sabaw na.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wag nang makulit.

Monday, November 24, 2008



Sunday, November 23, 2008

CFAD Week Part 2 (Galit Version)

Excerpt from one of the best writers I know personally. The content, pare.

"rant (babala puro mura NAKAKATAMAD DIN BASAHIN.) Nov 22, '08 1:42 PM
for Bruce's contacts
tungkol sa cfad.


isang malaking PUTANGINA para sa administrasyon na nagpapalakad sa kolehiyo ng fine arts sa uste.
isang napakalaking WALANG KWENTA ng namumuno sa PUTANGINANG administrasyon na humahawak ngayon sa kolehiyo ng fine arts sa uste.

tangina ng DEAN.
tangina ng putanginang PARI
at isang gitnang daliri para sa lahat ng sumusuporta sakanilang dalawa.








kung sino pa yung dapat na nagmumulat at nagtuturo satin kung pano iimprove yung kakayahan nating magisip na gumawa ng mga bagay na kakaiba e, yun pa yung mga taong nagmimistulang mga pabigat sa atin.

nagkandaleche leche yung cfad week dahil sa administrasyon.

kaya walang tugtugan nung mga nakaraang araw, na dapat sana kung may kwenta yung cfad week e araw araw from 1pm-9pm may tumutugtog na mga banda galing cfad, e dahil sabi daw ng admin "NONSENSE". TANGINA NILA.

isa pang kaululan.
yung masayang cfad week intramurals, underground, kase di pinayagan ng administrasyon. ANAK NG PUTA TALAGA. pati athletics.

isa pa ulit.
kaya walang booths, o tindahan sa loob ng uste, yung mga nakikita nyong cantonese bla bla, yung binibilhan ng pagkain sa tabi ng pav, yung mga nagbebenta ng kung ano ano sa tabi ng pav. e dahil pinatanggal nung hayop na pari. PARA SAN? ngayon, dahil may kontratang pinirmahan yung mga yun, nagkaroon ng malaking utang yung CFAD SC sa kanila. DAHIL PINATANGGAL NG PARI. TANGINA KA PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH.

di ko na sasabihin pa yung iba, yan nalang. yan kase yung medyo issue e.

estudyante tayo, may karapatan tayo para sa kaunting kaligayahang nakalaan para sa CFAD WEEK. dahil tayo ay cfad, yun ay ating linggo.

pero bat hinahadlangan ng mga kumag at buwayang mga hayop na yan?
bat nila kailangang pumapel?
bat nila kailangang MANGDIKTA?





Saturday, November 22, 2008

Artistically Emo


Okay. Im not going to sleep. This is what will happen. I'm prepping up for school at 5am, then I'll be at school at 7. I have an hour to kill, which I will probably use for Fashion Design. Im paying nici's 100php! Finally! I hate borrowing money, ugh.


My biology is wasted. I popped my first ever ever ever v tonight (im sorry to disappoint you friends and family), buuut turns out I just drunk no-drowse decolgen. So that just means I am now completely wasted. Disorriented. My body will be detoriorating soon.


I am in no posession of legal intimacy. It's so poetic that it's quizical. Legal intimacy. Legal intimacy.

You can ask for it, it's just like the Vs... or any other form of drugs. Its something you just have to look for, and if you really want it you'll have it.

That is so not the point, though. The point is I'm still awake at 3:23 and my mind has fearlessly wandered all the options of teen-age life as an artist. It's the art in the mess, chaos, and ruins.

All that and you have to keep your self sane for college. And for your damn no longer squeeky clean, but fortunately clean nonetheless, reputation.


Ice Cream is for the heartbroken. Dearest dear dear, I love you. We've always been like this, but we somehow get through stuff. LQ is LQ, but the L in LQ prevails! Woohoo! Hanep!

Olats, pare.. I sound like some potbelly-ed drunkard, I know. But oh well.. richish.

Lol lol lol. This sounds so malisyoso. Huwahahah.


10 minutes to 1am.


There's nothing to write about.

There's nothing to think about.




Dearest. Do you still love me. :( Sorry na. Hanggang ngayon di pa din nagsisink-in. So ayun. Go. Diba? Im sorry. Kausapin mo na ko. -Jr.

Friday, November 21, 2008


The best of Arcadedrifter.blogspot... well an excerpt of one of the best. You should do more reviews like this, yknow.

"...In other news, Fine Arts week in uni is sucking to high hell. Students blame admin, admin blames students, and every other person is blaming the head of the college (not the dean, let's call him The Rectum.) So, the past head of the college was actually a pretty cool guy, but he passed away, and this new jerk came to power and became The Rectum. Since his establishment, it feels as if he's out to make us unnecessarily miserable; Suddenly throwing major restrictions on what liberties we could take with the uniform(personally, I find being forced to wear dress shoes in a flood-prone area retarded. Otherwise, I'm used to it, I went to a catholic boy's school for fourteen years.), Slowly degrading the fun factor of our fine arts week, and from what I've heard, he's a generally disagreeable piece of crud to most students.

I know I keep bringing this up, but I sincerely thought that The Rectum was trouble ever since he decided to ask that particular professor to 'politely leave'. That was total bullshit, and we all know it. The security guards were causing unnecessary hassle, and I'll admit, Sir's reaction was less than professional, but the fact that The Rectum was willing to let go of talent like that... not to mention, he didn't blink an eye when two more of the professors, good ones at that, left in protest... well, I guessed it wast just going to get worse, and it surely has..."

And yeah.. he writes waaayy better than I do. As always. Read more:

On illness, strength, enigma, and haircuts

6 hours ago I was so fucckingly sick. As in. I can't remember being so pissed off at being sick than that. So that's how being sick feels like.

Growing up lessens the charm of sickness. You used to get pampered up when you're sick, and you get an extra special everything. You don't even have to eat dinner when you're sick.. and you pretend to be sicker than you really are for the sake of sympathy.

Then you grow up. And when you do, being sick means you don't feel well. T_T At all.


Sweetheart, what happened to this?

Strength is the ability to make great changes despite the consequences.
Strength is the ability to adapt to changes.
Strength is positive thinking inspite of challenges and difficulties.
Strength is grace under pressure.
Strength is calmness.
Strength is being able to think straight and proper.
Strength is accepting blame and keeping an open mind.
Strength is kindness.
Strength is an outlook that makes things better instead of bleak.
Strength is standing up.
Strength is living under correct principles.
Strength is betterness for others and for yourself.
Strength is finding happiness.


Remember when I used to post cryptic entries months ago? Well, I can't understand a word of it now. o_O



I need a haircut. AS IN. AS IN AS IN AS IN AS IN! My hair is in a stage where it needs... a haircut! As in!

BUUUT... I'm waiting 'til december. Mid-december? End of december?

Haircuts can be rather scary, you know. You don't really know what you'll look like when you get out of the salon. Scaaarrryyyy...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Squar root

Just to keep you guys entertained.

Watchy watch!


Can't breathe.

Well, actually... nung isang araw ko pa napanuod yan at hindi na siya ganun kaeffectiv.


Sicky. :(

Again. Told you it's around.


So anyway, I've been keeping it quiet but I am involved with some trial band with some guys I know. It's nothing really. I just tried it, and frankly, I enjoy it. Thing is, I kill too much time on the studio just hanging out. I go home too late. My alcohol rate has increased threefold. Fine, it's not really the band's fault... But I just think I won't be pushing through with it anymore. I mean, my vocals suck. I don't think I can actually BE a band girl anyway.

I mean the people are great. They're funny and spontaneous and extremely laidback... there's charm in that. And I get along well with most people... so why not right?

Gawd. I don't even know why I'm ranting here.

On academics, honesty, and relief.

So far, I am sooo behind. Everyone's at the peak of theire works and I'm just starting out. Damn.

Is the DL-power wearing off this quickly. (Oh yeah, it already has.)

Am I doing everything in my power to pull my grades up? Am I, ack ack ack, being mediocre?

Seriously.. help. I need a lot of push right now. Please. I need you to show me that I'm sooo far behind and that I have to start working already.

The perfect solution to DL-dom: Stay home with nothing interesting to do aside from photoshop, sketching, and conceptualizing. Enough socializing, you social climbing bitch! Stay home and remind yourself that life is not all fun and games... Life's more of torturing youreself to work.

Semi-Perfect working situation:
Chatting with plate at hand.
Ipod on and working in class.
Painting while gossiping.
etc etc


I don't lie. I do my bestest in the world never to lie. To my friends, to my parents, and to myself. Especially the self part, because the best way to fix yourself is to know what to fix anyway. Not that I'm very good at fixing myself. I'm not good with memorizing either, so excuse making is not my forte. Why depend on a fictional statement when you can manipulate the truth without lying.

I, however, do keep secrets. And play pranks. A lot.

But I don't lie.

Disclaimer: As much as I can.



That was harsh, I know. And well it's not exactly closure. You're around there roaming and its just over with. I tried other ways, but it nothing works as well as this.

That was perfection to the core. Perfect perfect perfect. Sigh.

And That was x months overdue. Relief. The greatest weight has been liften from my ribs and I can breathe again. And live again.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Post-controversy ish

I am sick.

As Timbay says, it's flu season. It's going around. It's either you're sick, or your seatmate is. A third of the biosphere population is suffering from cough, cold, snottiness, bangag-ness, grouchyness and phlegm.

I don't feel so good.


Macci: ...Hindi naman kasi ako ung tipo ng tao na masalita e.
World: ULOL!


Random other people updates:

1. Marina likes RJ. La lala lala la.
2. Nica is still kulot.
3. Bryski is career mode moveiewatching-wise
4. Mel is hard to draw caricature wise
5. Adtu is green for the fashion show. Ugh. Green. I wish we did the stereotype themes instead.
6. Adtu loves Ma'am Nady lectures
7. Bombee is not takda, he is bakla.
8. Geno is very much missed still
9. Pepz does the invites
10. Kit not blogging enough
11. Khan is MIA

Could have been

*Nakalimutan ko na lahat ng dapat isulat*


90 miles outside chicago can't stop driving, I don't know why...

Someday, when I'm awfully lone...


Dear "Mac",

I miss you. Good night.



Dear you,




"*Insert quote I forgot here*"

Big kiss. Big hug.


Dear you,

Sigh. Hmmm.
Im still speechless... as always.

Dead na dead. Lol.



Dear me,

...Next! It wouldn't have worked. I miss you, dimples. What is time?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Missy miss.

To my dearest belovedest FIREFOX,

I missed you so baddy bad. Kissy kiss. Hug hug.

Finally. Back again to the perfect tabs, favorites, search histories, links, speed, etc. No more unavailable sites and uncatchy layouts. Whatevetevetever.



Can't find the dollars. Found 2 issues of Allure instead. And 3 new pair of chucks. And fancy fakes I'll never wear. You can't have it all.


To my lovely friends who knew any history about me... Maybe its not what I attract. Maybe people in general really go psycho when they like someone? Wachathink?

Too too too bad.


9:32 PM




You wait for what ranges from 5mins to 15 mins to an hour for a message not more than a hundred characters. The anticipation is awful. And you always have to check your phone for updates.

Then technical misfits (e.g. signal, battery, networks, dysfunctional keypad...)

I know I used to complain that I barely get to text anyone and I just realized why I dont. The fucking anticipation is hell.

Rant mode.


My worst habit in the world is hitting the snooze button on everything. Waking up. Doing work.

My second worst habit is / has been cutting my hair.

The third worst would be chasing the crush away.


To Do List

-PD Research: a.size reference
-Photo: (Ad Reproduction) a.Submit ref b.Take photo
-Fashion: (Ways and Means) Make calls for sponsorship
-Ad Des: a.Render b.9 boxes comic strip
-Fashion: 4 figures of sports apparel

-Find 400D charger
-Find your Mocha Pink blusher
-Fix bags
-Buy Jas's stud belt
-Replenish funds (e.g. You are broke do something about it)
-Band record whatevevevs.


Manong Guard took my ID because I was wearing denim jeans to school. Black semi-denim jeans which didn't use to be a big deal back then...

It isn's to bad really.. since it's always been a bit of an issue and I've never really done anything to legalize my schoolwear. (They said they won't let me in beato wearing those jeans, so I got a new cotton-ish pair from Bench. Sadly, cotton-ish does not count as slacks. Fucker.)

So now.... I guess I'll be actually buying the offial CFAD slacks which may absolutely do nothing for me. :( And what the fuck am I going to do with the previous five pairs I've purchased solely for school use!??!

Oh. And I'm still kinda broke.


Nica's hair is kulot and she was able to conceal it from us for THREE FUCKING YEARS! And she went around all day showing off her glory of curls.

Then I cut it. Now it's all pretty and layered at the back. Well, hopefully it is... We'll find out after she wash her hair.

Anyhows,:D Yihee. The tandem called Macci and Anypairoffunctionalscissors is on again.


Pauline's back home and I still haven't talked to her. Sucks. If life were perfect, I'd have brought her to Terrance's on Saturday night. But I have an earlier affair to attend to... so there we go. My bestfriend still don't know my college friends. PAU WHERE ARE YOU?


Oh and yeah, if life were perfect, I'd have my ID back and I can go to school in my pair of black non-denim/non-slacks jeans.


Since, as it turns out, there's a chance you might be reading this...

Dear you,



Monday, November 10, 2008




Wala na. Lol.


I need to get myself on the DL-list. Other wise. I'm useless.



Friday, November 7, 2008

Moving moving moving

The thing is, my idea of sport is stretching. Uhhuh. And I don't excel in it. I can't even fucking reach my toes without that anguish pain on my tendons. Scratch that. I don't know what tendons are.

Moving on.

Me and my friends got this Friendship Notebooks. 6 miniature-ish notebooks with pretty pretty and expensive looking desighs. Well, despite the classiness, it's still immature to have friendship notebooks. Especially now that we are in our third year of college. AND WE HAVE A FRIEND AGED 20 (uhh.. Gel)!

Mine says "Happy Memorial Sky". Aaaandd.. despite the classiness, the captions are reminiscent of dysfunctional korean dvd subtitle. Don't let me get into the other girl's captions.

Moving on (again).

I want flash for my 400d. I want the flash so that I can use the pretty diffuser! (I am so absolutely lame.)
I want lenses too.


They coined the term "old school" and the world became a better place. Old stuff aren't just "old"... they are "old school". Totally tacky songs from 90s and beyond are oldschool. Shouldpads are old school. The monstrous look I had from my past is old school. And monstrous.

Broke. Not broken. Nor emo.


I finally had my bedsheets changed after over 2 months. Or more. I'm not telling.


I know the sheets are not in sync with each other, but wtf. It's so nice to sleep in.

And btw, I'm like totally broke. So broke that I'm in debt. I'm working on raising my allowance, I am, but it's not working very well because I am under parental probation. A.k.a. nagpapagoodshot.

The previous statement follows that I will be having a week-long alcohol fasting. Well, it doesn't start today, mind you. 2nd week of the school year.

So, what's up with me?

1. Under Parental Probation due to going home smelling like smoke and bottle of beers. Not once, not twice, not thrice... get the idea yet?

2. I do not have new clothes. At all. I've been recycling.

3. My insomnia is a wee bit better because I still do the fake yoga before sleeping, and because of the 'divine' bedsheets.

4. I have somewhere to go to tomorrow night, but I have respectively Php-150 and no savings. See the negative sign (-)? I've yet to figure out how to survive school tomorrow! Or go to school at that.

5. I firmly believe that I am undoubtedy kicked out from the DL list and the only way to get my name there is via some divine intervention. Which does not really happen in real life. If I were in some tacky movie or book, I'd find my name there "unexpectedly"... but what am I saying? Life's not perfect... can you see that I'm short. In more ways than one.

6. I think I lost a pound or two. No big deal. Atleast I still look properly malnourished.

7. HOWEVER DUE TO ALL THE MISFORTUNES PRESENTED, I AM PERFECTLY HAPPY. Which is totally weird. And I think the yoga-ish did it!

8. I haven't smoked for x days. Well, that isn't very extreme an event... but the fact that I've been surrounded by my lovely friends who smoke all those x days gives it more meaning than, well, me staying home andnot having a stick in sight. Peer pressure begone.

9. We miss Geno. Correction. WE NEED GENO! This is his idea of the perfect semester. T_T Fashion. Photography. Caricatures. Fashion Show. Fashion. Fashion. Fashion. WHERE ARE YOU? YOU'VE BEEN M-I-A FOREVER! We can't stop thinking about you!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I'd like to share details.. but its boring. So a game of pictionary will do.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I might as well as figure out the schedule on my blog for public purposes :)

Monday 7-12 Ad Design
Tuesday 7-12 Photography | 5-9 Package Design
Wednesday 12-4 Fashion
Thursday 7-12 Ad Design | 12-4 Life Painting | 6-9 Ad Prac
Saturday 8-11 Art Ap? | 12-3 Pro Ethics | 3-6 Psychology


Lalalalalalalalala. Sigh. *Smile*

Friday, October 31, 2008


Currently nursing the last and worst hang over of the season.

The next one's different. We know it.

It's safe to say, but there's no reason to say it, but here I go: I'm happy today.


Sunday, October 26, 2008


Another one of Macci's Utterly Biased Version of
(not just physically, but mentally)

1. Wakeup at 7:12am when your class starts at 7am
2. Get a proper 7-10 hour sleep. Not less than 7 ot more than 10.. both of which makes you feel all groggy and unpretty
3. Apply makeup
4. Learn that you have a good breakfast downstairs. Or perhaps a good day ahead of you.
5. Accidentally get your period while you were asleep. (YOU DEFINITELY HAVE TO WAKE UP NOW)
6. Find a foreign creature on bed with you (ex: Chabbo, an insect, a reptile, a male humanbeing)
7. Have a broken heater. Or maybe a new shampoo!
8. Don't press the snooze button!
9. Sudden surge of sunlight
10. Annoying knock on the door.


Because I am living in an artist's community, I don't think I'll ever find out what a Republican is? And what's the other one again... a Democrat/ic?


One more week of semestral break... and miraculously, my birthday box did not arrive. I know, it's already two months late. The overseas grand-folks said it takes 30-days delivering period, BUT HOW COME IT'S NEVER ARRIVED EVER?


I am listening to Paramore. Weird because I am, like, a year late on EVERY Music trend. Which, you know, doesn't matter.. because music interests are extremely subjective.


I sound so much smarter because I just read Time Magazine. Oh, and they featured this Filipina scientist who loves shrimps so much that she would like help in saving tha mangroves to save the shrimps. Go figure. All that actually matters is that she's a Filipina.

Uhhuh. That's a smart me for you.


The past and the future just as much as each other... but nothing beats the present. Now is now. Everything else is just good on paper.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I dont play games.

What are the chances of me getting addicted to valiums?

Maybe thats why God gave me friends who dont have them.

Talk is cheap.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Talk is cheap.

Imma Shades Now.

My heart is beating so fast I can feel it throbbing everywhere. The back of my ears, my ankles, my chest, my fingertips.


No moment can ever be duplicated.

And no great thoughts you formulate on the jeep-ride home will sound just as you wanted it when you blog about it.

It's just nice to know that this is it. And that the ideas you keep on your head will actually be what you'll get. LOA regulations.

Sometimes I wish I can give you guys something worth reading. Haha.


All in all our relationship with people aren't supposed to be complicated. Their are expectations and growth whatever whatever etc etc.

THEN THERE'S EMOTION. Which pretty much messes up everything, especially our hearts and head.

We always run the risk of hurting and being hurt.

TANGINA MO. ANG EMO MO. Nakain na ng sembreak utak nating mga kabataan kaya emo na tayo.


No. I do not have thoughts worth sharing right now.


Yan. Masasayang oras natin parepareho!

Ano school mo?

Magkano pamasahe mo araw araw?
20php plus 15 php x2. un

Ano course mo?

Nung first day of classes, pumasok ka ba?

Nakatapak ka na ba sa library?
oo. para magmakeup. nung 1st year

Nawala ka na ba sa library?
uh... hello. no.

May tambayan ka na ba sa University mo?
pav 2-5. Pangit sa pav1, madilim and hindi friendly.

Memoryado mo na lahat ng sulok ng school mo?
uhh. no.

Binaha ka na ba?

May terror teacher?
PE. Table tennis.

May baklang teacher?
OO. Madami. Iba't ibang version.

May baliw na teacher?

May menopause/andropause teacher?
???? not sure.

1st day of classes, ano hinanap mo?
naghanap ng friend and ng gwapo.

Aircon ba room niyo?
We're rich thankyou very much.

Malamig naman ba?
Depende sa room at upuan mo.

Ano pangalan ng section mo?

May epal ba sa section mo?
C teresa ng.

Ikaw lang ba magulo sa class mo?

May skolar ka bang kaibigan at kaklase?
si mike delicious pasites.

May pinagtitripan ka sa klase mo?

May natripan ka ba sa klase mo?

May maganda ba sa College mo?

madami kami. wahahahha. kala mo hindi ako hihirit noh! huwahahah.

Tumakbo ka sa student council?
hindi. c nica pinipilit ko magpresident

Officer ka ba ng class mo?

Ano fave subject mo?
Marriage and Family.

Ano worst subject mo?
um... O_o logic

Nag cut ka na ba?

Nalate ka na ba?
ay hinde.

Kumakain ka ba sa mga karinderya?

Sumakit naman ba tiyan mo?

Ilang oras klase mo?
basta madami.

Miss mo na ba High school?
hindi. pangit st.paul university quezoncity e

Ano tawag sa building mo?
beato lurve

Nagpapasa ka ba ng assignment?

May nakaaway ka na ba?
oo c jihan. ayoko sa muslim.

jokes are halfmeant. isipin mo kung aling half dun ung meant. WAHAHHAHAHAH!
<3 <3 <3 lots of love.

San ka mas close sa mga kaklase mo, babae o lalake?
boys. kasi malandi ako. JOKE. fine hindi joke. pero sa girls ako mas close.

May pakner ka na ba?

Tambay ka ba ng CR kapag walang teacher?
maski meron, deary.

Napasok mo na lahat ng kasulok sulukan ng University mo?

Last, masaya ka ba sa mga nangyayari nitong 1ast sem mo?
tama lang. oo, i guess. puta, pake mo.


Conclusion: I curse like a guy. fuckness.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I'm at Nica's house. It's gonna be a busy week.


Thoughts and insights:

Sex and the City still rocks. I miss everyone. I WANNA DRESS UP AGAIN!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I can't sleep again.

Trust me, I tried. I even brought the laptop down, because I was considering the possiblity that the laptop is the reason why I don't get to sleep. Something in Reader's Digest said that the screen actually activates our mind therefore deeming sleep difficult. Whatever.

And because I am now a Proactive person (as described by 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey. Fuck off! Leave me alone!), I will be taking sleeping pills / aides every other day for a month or two UNTIL I GET THE SLEEPING RIGHT!

It's that or I go to a shrink!


Ans since I'm awake anyway, might as well as attempt to humour you guys.

Here is the very uninteresting magazine general review by yours truly according to my biased and merciless opinion.

Candy Magazine - Bullshit. Everything there is not real in the first place. Fashion sucks. Sucky writing too. General advices though... I thought they would work back then. VERY LIGHT READING. Layout's usually okay though.
Rating: ***

Meg - Worse version of Candy Mag in all aspects
Rating: *

Seventeen Magazine - Better older version of Candymag
Rating: *** and a half*

Chalk - Trendier-ish version of Seventee, but very much less informative. Vanity.
Rating: *** and a quarter*

Preview - Fashioable. Classy. Loved the layout. Getting boring though.
Rating: ****

MEGA - Preview only not as good. But it's okay.
Rating: *** and three quarters*

SugarSugar- bullshit. But I love whit layout. Worse version of chalk. Love that it's NEW though.
Rating: ***

Vogue - too Fashiony. Totally unapplicable. But its the mag of all time, and there must be credit for that. And good writing.
Rating: *** and another * for being the magazine of all time. = ****

Cosmopolitan - BAD BAD FASHION. And it's all about pleasing your man. Amusing though.
Rating: *** and a half*

Marie Claire - The best of Women magazine. Substantial. Good layout. Worth every penny.
Rating: **** and a half*

Allure - True to its form. Beauty. Good writing too. But repeats itself.
Rating: **** and three quarters*

Rogue - CLASSY. SUBSTANTIAL. NICE LAYOUT. LOCAL. VERY UNISEX. Lacks more content, but I can deal with that because the pages are always so crisp. ARTSY!
Rating: *****

Nylon - It's very trendy. Lacks content. But more or less its okay
Rating: *** and a half*

FHM - Very amusing. Nice layout. Too boyish though.. which is how it intended itself to be in the first place
Rating: ****

Maxim - Not as good version of FHM, but its actually ok. Not enough content though.
Rating: *** and a half*

Playboy - Never read. But its been told to be too trashy.
Rating: ** and a half*

Roam - Just one issue out. Writing and layout sucks. Pretty pics. Nice page. But really unconvincing writing.
Rating: **

Digital Photographer - Infromative. Clean. It's not its fault I can't relate sometimes. Success in objectives.
Rating: ****

Readers Digest - better lighter version of time. More reader friendly.
Rating: ****

Time Magazine - too political. I'm not THAT smart, I'm sorry to say.
Rating: **


I must have bored you. Sorry, got so much time. I'm waiting for Sex and the City to load. And I do love magazines, see.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sex and the City

It's 5:09am, and when I write, I have Carrie Bradshaw's voice reading my lines in my head!

Then, life becomes so cosmopolitan for me.

SO here's a lowdown of the previous week. I go out every single day, I don't know how I get to have money... I dressed up once, and the rest of the time, I'm a jeans and shirt girls.. with chucks if I'm in a slightly dress-up mood.

Why the sudden disinterest in fashion?

Fashion 2008 sucks. It's not fun anymore. I'm better off wearing the comfy clothes that does nothing for my confidence than the fancy ones that does nothing for my confidence either because they are too "pop". Well, good thing it actually converted my wardrobe selection younger.

I am NOT trying to save up on clothes either, most of the stuff are just not worth my time or money.. besides thet comfiest heels on earth (Cyprus Crocs in Bronze size 6. Do not judge me because I don't judge you. SO FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONE SUCKERS!).

Okay, Carrie Bradshaw does not curse in my head. That was me all along, reading outloud because that is exactly how I feel at the moment.


It's now 5:14. Maybe I should get breakfast then sleep.

Dear friends

Sa mga kaibigan ko na ninakawan ko ng ipit (lalo na ung more than once)

e.g. Louie (ng sobra), June, Nici, Jihan, Pido, Marina(?), Dad(?), Te, Tin, Mil(?), Pauline, atbp.

I AM SO SORRY. Di ko na cia maisosoli sainyo. Pero sana mapahiram nio pa din ako ng hindi nasisira mga pagkakaibigan natin.

I love yous.

Long hair na ko.


My head hurts. Anyway, I've been watching Sex and the City. You know how every academic break is entitled to one or two television series, right? No matter how old school or hot new.. yeah, that.

(Thanks to, sembreak salvation.)

Well, it's extremely empowering to women. Kinda. Ugh, whatever. They make sex sound like so recreational. And they make cities sound like some modernized and (itsybitsy) civilized pigpen where dating is a breeze. Where love is shallow and coincidental.

Men are driven by sexual urges and women are driven by emotions. That's a life lesson for you. But it's not exactly true-true... but....


I've been having signature coffee everyday of the week. Or half of a signature coffee everyday of the week, since I can't get to finish them due to other circumstances I have to attend to (e.g. going home).


I'm formatting my laptop on tuesday. Goodbye pictures. GEL, WILL YOU PLEASE GO ONLINE!

Oh and btw, my sleeping pattern is screwed. Just like always. I sleep at 5am.. wakeup at 10am.. watch an S&tC episode and go back to sleep without breakfast.. wakeup at 4, leave then be back home before 12. That's sembreak of the truly single for you.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


It's at 6:26am that the world is actually asleep. No one's online anymore and the solitariness is bearable. They didnt leave you. They just had to rest. Besides, they'll all be awake at 11pm later.

Girl Day Plans

Be as shallow and maarte as you want to be.

1. Indulge in Fashion Magazines
2. Prep self up.
3. Dress up. Wear a skirt. Or shorts.
4. Don't be afraid to wear makeup for a while. I know you love makeup, but they don't... so you compromise yourself for them.
5. Don't wear the same bangles, watch and earrings you wear every single day.
6. Don't say bad words.
7. Watch sex and the city, E!, and chick flicks.
8. PINK.
9. Don't wear a backpack.
10. Use perfume.

Seriously, I very obviously try not to be as girly as I want to be lest being called maarte. It's inevitable though. Because I really actually am maarte by heart. I talk too much because I've got lots on my mind and I want it out. I want to justify everything. I curse a lot. I give in to peer pressure. I can be tad too nice or tad too bitchy. As much as I aim to be mature, I'm still a kid. I am so fucking imperfect.

And of course I'm insecure. Duh duh duh! Who isn't?

Thiiiss feels so nice.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Must Buy

Rogue October
Sleeping pills
Comfiest heels in the universe

Back issues


Ang hirap ng ganto. Promise. IIYAK NA KO!


91 pounds na ko. wow. sana wag ako malungkot.. pumapayat ako pag sad.

To the only man
who has ever brought
thunder and lightning
and rainbows
into my life.
It happens once
and when it does,
it's forever.
To my one and only love.
with all my heart,
beloved Popeye.
I love you


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Once someone stops respecting you, you don't need them in your life.
Sembreak na.


Agh. Btw, 1 goal down. I'm finally officially 90 pounds. FOR REAL WALANG DAYA!



5 hours later, I'm 89 again. Fuck.

Ang sarap sigurong hindi mag-isip.

Kelan kaya dadating yung araw na titigil na ko sa panggugulo sa utak ko at TALAGANG MAGRERELAX? Hindi magiisip ng problema or ng future? Ng what-if's and why's?


BTW. Ang sarap ng Yellow Cab Cheese 10" Php250. Lalo na pag nagshashare ka.

Maski walang kashare masarap actually.

Pero mas masarap talaga pag wala ka sa bahay.




New header.

"It's what I see that matters."

...umm, no explanation. Really. It just sounds good. Maybe I'll change that soon.. who knows.


We are all miserably unaware that we suffer the same malady.

Monotonous life.

I know, okay. We just want things to be new. There's that fresh cold whiff of lovely air when new things happen. Good ones.

Can we expect life to be fair and exciting? There are pleasant and tragic surprises waiting for us. And sometimes, there aren't. Quit waiting.


It's Season ?

? being "God knows what"

We can't countem. As much as we try. How do we know if they are countable in the first place, because sometimes, they aren't. They are better left alone.

Contrary to popular beliefs, theere never was a season 2. Or a season 1.

It just drags on day by day by day.

Or maybe there actually is.

OH MY GOD. I've got a rationale: It's just how we see it.

I go home and the thin film of the country's stench envelopes my skin. It is an aroma of vices, of smoke and alcohol and saliva and pot. Oh, and pollution.

I wanted to get away from the dark ages. And the night life is far from the dark ages. It is actually a collection of glow-in-the-dark neon rainbow colours. It's the perfect redemption. But yes, it's still in the dark. Dim, more like it. Metro Manila as lit by lights hanging on the post like a crucified man.

In the little social biosphere that I live in, after-sex does not mean post the carnal act. It does not mean waking up at 7am with a man beside you. It can merely be defined as the state of yourself where your shirt is more than 3 sizes too big for you, your hair is messed up, and your lipstick is naturally smudged off.

And I bring my friend home, after-sexed. Very. Drunk.

Another friend told me: "Die fast, live young".

Hilarious. Something like that you can not just make up on your own. He really did say that.

What is this infatuation for the non-reality called glamour? Ah, yes. The short-lived, exclusive, luxurious, and unrewarding vision called glamour.

This non-reality lead people to indulge in irrational pleasures and make improper decisions. Life is not a fairytale, my friend. Yes, you, my after-sexed friend. Wake up and smell the stench of Manila. Of vommit.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 14

2 weeks, 12 hours ago, I was at the carpeted hotel room floor, with the couch cover as a blanket, laptops and papers and cali's and mudshakes strewn all over the floor, and singing happy birthday with a bunch of ultra-stressedout girls.


Nica: Ito ung pruweba na masaya tayo
Ji: Oo nga. Pag 30 years old na tayo tas may nagsabi na ang lungkot ko, papakita ko to. Tas sasabihin ko, 'Masaya kaya kami nung 19. Yan o. Tigna mo o. O. O!"


I'm waiting for the October issue of Rogue Magazing and I'm down on my kneew praying that it wont be anything im vaguely interested about. Like food for example. Or sports. Eeek.

The reason I like Rogue Magazine actually is bacause it has great contributors. Unlike most magazines, the articles are actually art in themselves. Double that up with great layouts and photographs, quality glossy paper, and that crisp magazine scent that I always need to keep me reading. Uhhuh uhhuh.


Best ideas come around in the morning. When you just wokeup. And you look messy and groggy and well, very human.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where din my stripes go?

"Kaya hindi mo alam kung ano gusto mo.. kasi, in the first place, lahat gusto mo."



"For men, dealing with hair does not require as complicated and taxing a daily ritual as that of their female counterparts. For most, it merely involves a few elementary steps.

Step1: Wake up
Step2: Get into shower and shmpoo
Step3: Toweldry or for the lazy ones--airdry
Step4: Apply clay/wax/whatever styling products lay conveniently on the sink
Step5: Style hair like you just have woken up

-The Naturalist Pg.130



The horror.

Friday, October 10, 2008

it's official. i love parties. and all those that goes with it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Before I finally give up on the internet and take a long shower instead, I'm going to blog.



Who blogs about their day? Like ever? I mean, I don't. Yesterday was perfect though. Extremely happy. Today is fine, I guess. Well, it's nice too. Maybe I should count the reasons.


I told teta dearest that I'm going to school at/before seven. Which ofcourse, knowing me, never happens. So I got to the gallery at 8:30. MY PICTURE IS HANGING ON THE WALL! AND I CANT HIDE THE FACT THAT ITS ME! Well, hooray!, I know. But ugh. Having your picture on the wall means its vulnerable to criticism. Which matters to me, because I do not have too strong a personality to accept that.

So anyway, we rocked (ish) the AdPrac reporting on the Automated Voting System Advocacy Campaign for COMELEC.

I can't remember what happened next but I can remember painting kuya model of LP class in a really rich dark brown hue and he looks so aetha-ish. ETHNIC! ETHNIC! That tone! You know what I mean, girlsies.

Then Te says she's leaving. Which totally destroyed my world. I can not lose another sunshine! But atleast they're holding hands....dsfjkshfkjahd


Everyone went straight to Jomp's. Did photog plates. Really lovely McDo breakfast. I SLEPT SUPER SUPER SUPER SOUNDLY! GRABE! ANG SARAP MATULOG SA RETIRO.

Went to school. Theo exams. 90%! Wohooo!

Everyone went their own way. I bought and paid for everyone's materials. You all owe me 15Php.

Had the wonderful sepia-filtered late afternoon with everyone. Everyone had great pictures!

BK. Swore I'll play billiards soon. Probably this sembreak.

Went home. Had great chat with my mom.

Got so bored. Blogged.


Everything will have eyes soon

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Doing Lines

Time out of mind + Jack of speed + Slang of ages

Children we have it right here
Its the light in my eyes
Its perfection and grace
Its the smile on my fae

Tonight when I chase the dragon
The water may change to cherry wine
And the silver will turn to gold
Time out of mind

Just by chance you crossed the diamond with the pearl
You turned it on the world
Thats when you turned the world around
On the hill the stuff was laced with kerosene
But yours was kitchen-clean
Everyone stopped to stare at your Technicolor motor-home

Katy tried
I was halfway crucified
I was on the other side of tomorrow

Thursday, October 2, 2008


The Infamous Donatella Versace, the queen of couture...

And ^that^, my lovely friends, is the reason why I'll never get anything done besides my teeth (because, I already have and it proved to be the best decision evah).


On the other notes, Guil had all his acads work done, which makes me feel so left out, even if people are progressing the same pace as I am. It's just that, if someone can do it, then why can't I?

It's not like I've got lots of things to do... so no excuses, ayt?


On the Emo-er side of life, BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN! I think it might be just a simple no-fuzz case of PMS... either way, when stuff like this happens, I just want to bum with people, friends or non-friends, whichever, and just drink.


No pressure, though.

I can blame me, but what the heck?


Sigh. Swooners. They know their way around, don't they?

Whatever. I hate you.


I'm off to work dears. PFFFFF!

Attempt #1

It's been a while since I've written anything of importance or interest to anybody aside from myself, and I still don't think I am about to do that right now, but it's worth a try.

Ehem ehem.


Fine, I'm fooling (ish) myself into believing that I am actually evolving as a better person. Due to boredom (which is the patriot of pretty much everything), there's nothing much to do but fix yourself up every once in a while. Emotionally. Mentally. Uh huh.. whatever.



....Because I can't think of anything anymore, I'm decluttering my blog as of this october.

Oh there we go. It's October! Woooh! Another month of trivialities, blunders, stress, and the occasional kilig moments from men (err boys) who are all definitely useless. Anyhows, more trying to figure out where I want to get myself to everyday and not thinking about the consequences or how I'm getting myself back home: Merville, Bacood, ol great UST, ol great Banawe, SM Sta Mesa, my sister's rooms, possibly Napocor Village, out-of-town trips, and God knows where as long as I don't rot in my room indulging in reads then turning emo and senseless 10pm onwards.


That's better.

Also, have I discussed how boredom is the root of all evil, goodness, and everything in between? Uh-huh. Well, it is. Idleness can change history. The most daring antics are anticipated when you're mind is running and running yet doesnt have an outlet for its energy. Uhhuh.

On idle moments, you start complicating your life by thinking too much, therfore causing misery for yourself and the people around you. Or, you can watch TV, preferebly some amusing slice-of-life sitcoms and you end up either a.) jealous because they live such colorful lives despite the mundane-ity or b.) uhhh, well, smiling.

And sometimes, you drink. Just out of boredom. Not from personal experience, I swear.

Or, you blog!


Namimihasa ka na. You don't wear makeup anymore.


I can tie my hair now.


My back is aching.


I can't do rim light.


I want that f-2.8 50mm Lens, but I dont think I deserve it.


Fuck. Sayang.


I'm sleeping in the same mess I made.

O sembreak, paligayahin mo ako.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

stop counting

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I can't even attempt it.

It's 3.04 pm and I've yet to leave my room. I've been awake since 10, but I'd go from fiddling with the PC, then re-hibernating.

After 3?5? days of! Ang sarap. Todo.

Fine maliligo na ko in a while.

I sooo need to finish my Ad Design plate already.


Monday, September 29, 2008

'Ramon' says

Ramon Rios (9/29/2008 9:37:48 PM): pg mei gus2 kang gawin, dpat buo loob mo para wlang pgsisisi
maccaroo (9/29/2008 9:37:58 PM): oooohhh
Ramon Rios (9/29/2008 9:38:01 PM): kc kung mei khit onting pgdududa, wg mo ng i2loy


Stress. Konte nalang and everyone will be acting in their worst behaviours. But in the end love's love.


Reading Archie Comics is so relaxing because it is such an archetype. There's the nice guy, the nice girl, the snob, the slob, the slut, the male-slut, the jock, the brain... and it just fits well.

Life is not complicated.

Life is a consistent fairy tale of Poptate's and Junior Year.


Uh-huh. Daring.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Maybe life would be so much better if things were a little bit more shallow. It's actually the great vacation if I start seeing things in the light side, not the damaged philosophical-psychonalysis-spiritual way I strangely immerse myself in 24/7.

Maybe it's not about power. Maybe it's not about stress.

Maybe it's not about how different girls are from boys are from men.

Maybe it's not about the fucking IMC Plan.

It's better if I don't like pleasing yous. It's okay. :)



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September: Monthly Tagalog Post

Ewan ko kung bakit, pero wala naman ako gusto at dapat patunayan.

Pero natatakot na din ako dahil hindi ko na alam kung ano ang mangyayari. Panu kung madala ka?

Wow. Emo. Tagalog version.


Bestie, alam ko naman na lagi kang tama. Kung hindi lagi, MADALAS. Mga 95% of the time. Diba? Since "bata" pa tayo...

Hindi naman ako kokontra e. Alam ko naman na mahal mo ko at gusto mo lang kung anung makakabuti sakin. Lagi. Bilang kapatid at alaga mo.

(Fuck you drama)

[Tagalog Mode Off]

I just wish...


You'll never know how much that means to me.

Mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal kita.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Once upon a time.

Me, two years ago. Gawd I'm skinny. I had such pretty hair. Ack. And the hottest pair of legs known to mankind.

No after pictures for this one. :*


"Ang oras ay biglang natrapik."
I just wanna kiss you.

And when we get the there we're gonna fly so faraway, making sure to laugh while we experience antigravity.


Stop. That.


Your eyes hurt and it feels like its tearing up.

Somethings are more importan than the either, though the matter is completely irrelevant.

Friday, September 19, 2008


I've been avoiding my room like plague for the past three days. I've been sleeping everywhere but. The other night, I slept at Jul's and Jas's, then I slept at the rec room, then the master's... then some nights, I'm not sleeping at all.

Everything's just so messy.

Nothing's at it's proper place and I have no time or energy or inspiration to fix anything. Grabe. I'm still at my all time low. Well, typically low.. not exageratedly. Labo nun ah.

I don't know when I'll be sleeping tonight though. God please save me because I have this sinking, nagging feeling that I'll be having an alcohol fix tonight. Which is wrong because I have no budget or tolerance for it anymore. And I can't afford to miss another class tomorrow. But you know how my relation to peer pressure is... so, there.

On the low of lows side of life: I'm still missing A LOT OF PHOTOS FOR PHOTOGEE, I do not have the balls to do an AdPrac Jingle and I am back at 88 pounds, when I'm supposed to be 90.

On the brighter side of life, I will officially be growing my hair.

On the brighterer side of life, I have finally revived mi iPod, I will be formatting my laptop (AGAIN FOR THE NTH TIME), and I have finally conceptualized for my Ad design events plate, and I have parties and non parties left and right which is exactly how I need life to be.

On the unbright side, I am late for my PD submission. Which, well, sucks.

Love Letter

There's nothing else in the world I'd want to do, but can't seem to, than to write you this love letter.

Call me speechless, if you must.

I've been sitting here for past an hour, pen in hand, scratching and scrawning my way, attempting to express how much you mean to me. I can't find the right words.

Perhaps all the good words in the dictionary would suffice. Perhaps all the romantic expressions other people have spoken of can suitingly express what I want to tell you.

I want to weave words poetically. To be able to elaborate how much madness my falling in love with you has caused me.

I've been told that love hurts. That the pain of a broken heart is way beyond the pains of the greatest form of physical injury. That the damage it makes can change how my life goes.

But meeting you has already changed my life. You have struck me with so much desire. Everything you do is beautiful. Every movement is charm. Every word you speak is boundless. And no amount of pain, not at the moment and not at the future, can stop me from loving every single inch of you.

Love means giving someone the chance to hurt you, but trusting her not to.

Then they ask me why I risk having you, of all people, break my heart? And burst of reasons come about.

Life before you was vast emptiness, where pleasure weighed more than reason. Where reason weighed more than my heart. Then you come around, with all your lovelines and I started living like I've never before.

I feel more intensely alive, more intensely real. As if the dimming filter of numbness was shattered before my very eyes. The world suddenly shouts with bright colors, sharply outlined shaped, evocative scents, intriguing textures, music, laughter and flashes of joy.

The world was warmer, sweeter, and lovelier. Happiness was embodied in the little girl that is you. And no one else comes near to the love you make me feel. My heart is overflowing with your loveliness and no room is left for all other desires because you fill every crevice and corner.

In my heart and in my mind there is bliss.

With all the set of words I've sworn and impressed, I've been dying to tell you only these: I love you. So much and so dearly. I love you.

...don't ask.

Latest collaboration with THE Pepe Le Pepew.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Life can be fragile. Very.

Life can kiss you on the ass one moment, then slice your fingers off in the next.

Today's Friday but Sunday will come.


I am fighting the losing battle against a cliched life


Fluctuating is better than an all time low. :*


I think, I'll be growing my hair. Comments, dears?


More stuff to do:

Ad des.. Conceptualization
Find PD instructions
Ad Prac.. Jingle T_T


Fine, don't comment.. since i don't have much of a choice anymore.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I want:

1. to wear the comfiest jeans as pambahay.
2. wear nail polish again.
3. use my dslr. ive been idle for a week already

i reaally do want to wear my jeans at home. comfy comfy. and a bit loose white tank. pretty. :)


Mackyboy would always tell me back then to travel beyond my comfort-zones. I never quite figured out what my comfort zone is and to what extent it applies.

According to my psycho-analysis damaged train of thought, possibly, I am having a hard time adapting to the fact that life is imperfect. Curse of virgoes, perfectionists. Something will always be bound to go wrong even if you push your LOA powers to the limit.

Even if things do go wrong, everything will be alright... well, depending on how you define 'alright'.

Ang lupit naman ng post na to. Mind boggling siya in fairness.


I miss Geno. So much.

"Walang Nagbago"

Despite the possible consequences, I'm posting this.

Do read.

clicky click:

On Pride.

Pride. It's something you have the ability to turn on and off.

Pagdating sa sorries, mababa lng pride ko. Kung hindi lng annoying e. Pagdating sa family, tama lng. Keme. Pagdating sa mga saleslady sa malls, fluctuating. Pagdating sa lalake, shet ang taas. Shy ako e! Pagdating sa bisyo, ang baba. Sobra. Konteng peer pressure lang.

Ack. I'm all weirded out again.

What's gonna happen to me?

How common is depression?

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Please. :( Tonight. :( Mozarella.

Secret Weapons

Weaknesses: Magazines with great layout. As I always say, Presentation is everything.


Boyfriends are divided in two categories:

Category A:
Tall probably pretty guys, defined by how rich and cool he is. Good conversationalist with a 300peso plus haircut and high tech gadgets

Category B:
Everything that falls under True Love.



Why am I getting so incredibly obviously short. There are people out there who are just as short as I am, yet no one seems to notice. Is it the hair??

Or maybe you all just know me well.

Despite that:

True Friends = People who know how actually short I am.


Pleasure = Cold hot choco PLUS Nica's happy songs PLUS Paper works.

I love paperworks. It's justa good change from the everyday mess of paint and lead.

Stuff to do:

*Ad Prac: Research on 'yuppies', 'statistics', e.g.; Chapter 5; 6; Compilation and Edit; Radio Ad Script;
*LP Painting: Big painting with reference (I hate)
*PD: Choose Artist; Make studies
*Photo: Prelims, take Human subject with flash, High Key?, Candle Light?, Nigh Scene without Flash, Led light, Light sculpture, Scrupture painted with flash, Double Exposure
*Ad Des: THINK, Make Logo

On Another Note:
*Clean my room
*Charge Ipod after 10 years
*Buy flash for Cam
*Hannah Lopez's Debut which I am so looking forward to go. Nakalimutan na nga ata niya na invited nia ko e. Iunno. I'm still going though.
*Capture Flyers
*Check Up (for more tha one reasons)

Since I spend the day sleeping for 12 hours, reading magazines and going online half the waking time, socializing for the rest, and SO not working, the load's just swamping on me. Grabe. Haha.

I guess this really is life.

Charmed, this one. This is MOST of what life's got to offer.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008


I'm currently reading Chep and Camille's "The Reader."

I soo did not finish Sophie's World. Ack. Good thing I did not take law. Philosophy sucks especially if you're studying it in your own accord with no guidance or whatsoever.

The Reader is a much calmer read. And miraculously, less emo. Would you believe THAT?


Btw, I heart the Fossil watch ma gave me. It's far from THE Kenneth Cole watch I absolutely loved last year, still, this one's pretty. It took me a while to appreciate it actually, but it's actually a rugged, not too classy, but posh none the less way.

And it's so cowboy! And my arms look sooo fragile in it.


Overnight at Wi's tomorrow. Newsflash: The new house has jacuzi! Weeeee!!

Pictionary - LTS Series

Pictures, once more, speak louder than words.

The most unfortunate and UNanticipated twists of events

I heart orange!

And I heart these guys more. :*

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I need better pictures!!!

But this would have to do, I guess.


"Even more damaging than the consumer culture is the use of generalities. When we initially ask people what they need from other people, we usually get vague answers: “I need respect,” “space,” “love,” “to be understood.” Yet what do these really mean? These generalities act as barriers to relationships. We expect the other person to second-guess what we really want. And they can’t! Others will filter these words or phrases through their own childhood experiences, and they will mean different things than they do to us."


According to National Statistics Office:

Census count 8 years ago:
Male and Female

Our age group can be found at the 10-14 and 5-9 age bracket.

For a clearer shot of the record:
__AGE____|_total pop_|___male___|_female__|sexratio|
5 to 9_____|1,045,297_|__536,296_|_509,001_|_105.36_|
10 to 14___|_914,010_|__461,142_|_452,868_|_101.83_|

applicable only to NCR year 2000.

The odds are in favor of us girlies! Yippeee. Huwahahaha.

source: NCR,NSO

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mas sumasakit katawan ko pag nasa bahay lng ako whole day kesa nag amazing race ako. T_T.

Monday, September 8, 2008


You will meet different people in your life, lots of them. You will greet them in school, chat with them at pavs and yosihan sheds, see them around the mall, colaborate with them workwise... but only few of these people will actually be part of your lives.
(Statement as told by Ji in response to our not wanting to make friends with new people anymore).


I have the perfect girls in the world. :)

"...ang perfect kaya ng college life ko dahil sa inyo.."
"...stay pretty, rich, cool, smart. basta lahat ng magaganda..."

Wi's Trivias about Macci
-you hate trinoma
-umiiyak ka pag may cute
-crush mo si.... basta madami
-wala kang gusto as of the moment
-pacute ka by heart
-mahilig ka magjudge ng panget
-in love ka sa love
-masaya ka ngayon
-bwl maglandian sa harap mo
-tinawanan mo si _-_-m last week
-love mo si aiwa, love ko din sya
-hindi ka nanunuod ng tv
-mahilig ka sa sex jokes and poor jokes
-bestfriend mo si _ _ _ _ y <3
-happy birtday, mas maganda ka kay...



I woke up at 7:00 and decided not to go to school kasi it's too late na. Ngayon ko lng narealize na 9 ang pasok.. and it's noe 9.30 am. SHEEET!


The fuck!!