Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For the sake of me and all my block peers

PRO Duties.

Ambassador of Goodwill mode:

Photography Prelim Requirement:

1. Human Subject
*Against the light
*Without flash (Silhouette)

2. Human Subject with Flash
(Meter the background)
(Fill-in flash) (Smaller aperture)

3. Low key (light) *Any subject

4. High key

5. Landscape/ Cityscape/ Seascape
*15 mins Before or after sunset or sunrise.

6. Candle light/ light by fire/ similar small light source
(without flush) ((DUH!))

7. Any night scene shot (without flash)

8. Subject lighted with flash light / led light

9. Light sculpture

10. Structure painted with flash
(Evening Shot) ((Bulb setting?))

11. Double exposure
*Bulb setting

12. Shoot sunbj using rear function of flash ((WHATEVER FUCK THAT MEANS))
(Rim lighted subject) ((WHATEVER FUCK THAT MEANS PART 2))

Print the photos, 4R. Submit on 2nd week of September.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Nasa compp shop ako ngayon.


Maybe.. it's all about philosophical thinking.

I Cant Find This And It's Depressing Me

Love - Matt White



This one is equally amusing...

HelloGoodbye - Oh Its Love - Hellogoodbye

Love the previous one better, though.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Here's a fact I know very well, but can't seem to apply:

You get work done 200% more efficient and 300% faster if you keep your ym signed out.




walang pasok

stuff to do:

1. Clean My Room.
2. Finish Ad Design Web shit (dont be such a perfectionist!)
3. Finish Packaging Design Digital Layout
4. Paint PD on Illus B

on another note

6. Charge Camera Battery
7. Watch Dark Knight

And since we're all adults here:
"Oo na, walang pasok. Edi magsex kayo. Pakshet."
to whom it may concern,



Gig Hangover.

FIRST OF ALL: Tag if the Music Box is killing you. Tell me if you A. want me to change the collection B. Want me to make it just stop playing C. Want me to just remove it because no one like listening to it anyway.


6am and I didnt want to blog earlier, but since there's nothing else to do but have breakfast HERE I GO AGAIN!

do you know that i love you?

Oh yeah, verrryy nice gig the other night. Thanks you Tita Che for all the freestuff. I know you're not reading my blog, none of your sons do.. so what the heck, right?

Anyway, it made my week. Or actually ruined it because I didnt get any work done. Which is unfair because I'm blaming the gig when it's all COMPLETELY my fault anyway. Starstudded sa it was, I only post pics I like. Not pics of people I LIKE.


oh yeah, this is My Dad, The Rockstar!!

Had a really fun night. I want more foooood!

Kublai's should really buy my menu from me. What the, I'll actually give it for free if they want it.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Detroit Rock City

I remember watching this wayyy wayy back. REwatching it is just ectremely nostalgic.

Sigh. Why do they have to grow up? :( THEY WERE ALL SO SEXY IN THEIR OWN WAYS BACK THEN. Sigh.

THIS HAS A HUGE IMPACT ON MY LIFE. I dare not explain why.

Friday, July 25, 2008


I have...

3 Cellphones
2 Sim cards (Globe and Sun)
9 Computers all over the house
15 Minutes average spent on watching tv in a day
240 Minutes average spent on being online in a day

3 Bestfriends
1 Best guy friend (Bry)
1 Ultimate bestfriend of all time (Pau)
8 Years of friendship with my ultimate bestfriend
4 Core Ultimates <3

1 Biological dad
2 Social Dads (Bombs and Mackyboy)
1 Biological Mom
2 Sisters
3 Housepets (exclusive of Jasmine)

3 Versions of this blog. (macciseasonone.blogspot, macciorig.blogspot)
? Countless blogs ever
1 Friendster account EVER

9 Subjects
27 Units
14 School Years Completed

6903 Days I've actually lived. Yup. Exactly.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

a 'new' approach to blogging

It's 3:21 am and I just read from Reader's Digest about the benefits of sleep. To pretty much sum it up, the article states that sleep will make me a better, smarter, prettier, and way fun-ner person.

3:24am. I could've been on my way to school right now, and five hours from now, on a boat to one of the "pretties" islands in the Philippines. But well, LTS is moved next week, so I guess I just have to suck it up. I mean, I wasnt ready anyhows. No clothes, no nothing.

3:27am and Earl, Chep, and Khan are online. The men of my lives. Well, some of the few. These guys are heaven-sent. :) I heart yous.

3:27am I really do love Photog. Seriously. I posted my takes online and they can be viewed here: my flickr.

3:29am If you must know, things have been dandy for me these days.

Enough of the time shit. Ive been spending time doing plates. I mean what else is there to do? Life has been a pleasurable and slightly altering routine. Routines kill. Still.

Im supposed to go with Bry and feed the poor a little later, but he hasnt confirmed yet. We would love that, us two. The philantrophist in my body will finally get to do his/her work.

On Friday, Louie and Chep might hang about her in the am. Coffee, plates and company. Not bad.

I have plates to do, lots. Nica and Jihan are facing the same dilemma. The only difference is, they've started theirs, and I've nothing yet. Oh well.

I lost my retainers, and I have to pay the devastating amount of 6000Php to get myself a new pair. This sucks. My teeth are getting worse and I just lost 6k. Ampf.

Im doing the "Potential Move" on this guy I've known since forever. Hmmm. Hope he doesnt read my blog. He'll know himself when he reads this. Besides no one knows about the "Potential Move" aside from a selected few anyways.

3:36am I think I'm getting a bit sleepy already. Perhaps. My room's a mess and Id rather sleep downstairs than here. Im not using my laptop because it's in the verge of a breakdowna and I dont wanna risk it.

And this blog post is still insigificant.

On the other hand, below is an image defining how girls are. Stalkers.

Goodnight. Til next time readers.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Wala pa ko nagagaw sa fuckaging plate. My plan is to do it in powerpoint na, Then I make my compre. I mean powerpoing isnt supposed to be that hard, but compre making beats the shit out of me.


Sunday, July 20, 2008


I am now a flickr girl.

I've unearthed this from old takes. Niiiicee.

play of shadows


1. Why do we get sick when rained / drizzled on?

2. I have to make an article. Write about what you know. Write about: Insomnia, Depression, CFAD. Insomnias relation to depression of CFAD Students. (That sucks) Write about Patriotism? Write about Stress? Write about.... suggetions please. This is a week overdue already.

3. It's 5pm and I have work to do.

4. "Scar Tissue" and "Can't Stop" by Red Hot Chilli Peppers. AHLAVET. Imeem's 30 sec preview suck sometimes.

5. I'm usually home on Saturday night. That sucks. Well, life of the non-party girl.

6. We have to go to Divi.

7. I have to clean my nails.

8. Stretch stretch stretch. Breathe.

One Love

out of the 192 photos from the ad design photobooth.. only 15 made it.

San ko kaya to mga ipaglalalagay. Ang super cute e.

I heart yous.

Happy Heart

Its like I'm not fully comprehending that the week ahead will be deadly. Deadlines, left and right... work... LTS..

And I havent done anything useful yet.

2. Ad Des Web Graphics
3. Photo. 10 Photos
4. LTS Shits: E.g. Buy aqua shoes / crocs-is shoes.

Goodness, please let me have the energy to finish this. And Im awake. And I'm sick. So just imagine where I'll get the physical strength from.


Grabe. Uso ngayon insomnia and depression. Fucking stress.

Pero seriously, it's uso.

Sooner or later, going to shrinks and popping pills will be the next big thing. That's the problem with modernity, you know. How can you be strong emotionally when you know na may back-up. Shrinks. Psychs. Yadayadayada.

You're not even supposed to expect them to work you know. They aid you in helping yourself.. pero you help yourself. Yun yun.

We all live in different realities, set in paradigms that we can adapt to our lifestyle alone. Sabi nga nila paulitulit, it's all in the mind.

So sometimes, I begin to wonder kaya. I mean, I know that thinking too much can screw your head. Pero it makes you a better person too. On the right hand corner of this blog, I've once put up the statement, "The highest purpose of your life should be to grow in spiritual grace and power."

Wala lang. Strength. Happiness. The pursuit of peace and contentment.

My heart is smiling.

Siyempre sooner or later, may challenge nanaman na dadating.. and I'm going to go crazy again. It may be worse than the previous ones, pero atleast I'm stronger. Maraming nagain from the shit Ive put myself through.

Hay angels.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

long long long post

Ang sarap magblog pag wala kang iniisip na dirkesyon ng ibblog mo. When you blog without consciousness of your language. When everything's pure and real and uncensored.

Buti nasanay na ko magcaps ng letter while tyoing, otherwise, I'd be blogging in small letters ulit.


bat ko nga ba kayo gustopa basahin? Wala lang. Sayang kasi sa effort.


Honestly, isang lagok nlng ng iniinom ko I might just as well as get drunk. I can feel the uneasyness. Evrything.

Btw, did you know na mas nakakainlove ang gabi ng sobra kesa umaga. Especially when you talk with someone and you are so empty inside. Everything's more intimate.

Whatever. I'm not looking for romance. (Pero just the fact that I'm even mentioning it means I must want it, right?)

Hindi na ko nagbago. Di ko pa din alam kung anu gusto ko. Nagkaroon ng konteng moments na alam ko, pero ngayon hindi nanaman.

Pero atleast, ngayon masaya nako.

And globe na ko. Text me. 09052513545. Ang sarap imemorize. 0905 251 35 45. Lahat ng divisions may 5. Haha.

And I'm so tagalog.

Sa totoo lang, on my own will, I speak in english. Pero pag nakakabasa ako ng blog ng iba, napapaTagalog na din ako.

WTF diba?

Nagpapadala nanaman ako sa masa.


Sumosobra na ko sa pagaaral. Artist na artist na ko. Naalala ko kung bat ako nagfinearts and hindi ako nag lit. Kung bat hindi ako nag Law tulad ng sabi ng nanay at tatay ko. Kung bat hindi ako nag arki.

Kasi alam ko na dito ako mas magaling. Kesa writing, kesa speaking (yata). Na maski wala ako sa mood, magagawan ko ng paraan sarili ko to work artistically. Na I really loved designing ever ever ever. I write because I like expressing everything. Recording every moment. Analyzing situations, theories, and all the bullshit.


Napagtanto ko nga pala na We all Live in different realities. I keep on telling this to everyone fucking one.. and ung iba naiintindihan ako. And ung iba din hindi. (Teta, I heart you super.)

Reality is "subjective" as Khan says.

Reality is personal.

Iba ang reality sakin. Iba ang reality sayo.

Sabi ni Chep, infatuated ako sa life. I live this fantasy life which will never materialize anyway. Its true. I have the vision of perfection. Virgoes, I guess.

Mataas expectations ko sa lahat ng bagay. Tas ciempre, when they dont meet my expectations I get sad. Tas I get aggitated because I dont get it.


I want to stop thinking about myself. Face it. Everyone is a fucking Narcisist. Narcisism.

I want to think beyond myself. Pero what else is there to think about. The rest of the world? Philosophy? Kindness? Art? Money?

Punyeta. Wala akong pake sa pera ngayon. Seryoso. It's a really nice thing to have and ayoko maging mahirap, pero alam ko na wala jan ang kaligayahan.

Naging adik kaya ako sa Happiness.

Ive been pursuing it like hell.

Ewan ko lng kung nakukuga ko cia ngayon.

Pero tama c Mackydad/Mackyboy. I got better. Nararamdaman ko naman e. Sobrang better person na ko. Kung kilala mo lang ako dati.

Grabe kaya. Naninibago puso ko sa lahat ng bagay.

Para akong nabuhay mula sa pagkamatay or something like that.



And btw. Ang yabang yabang yabang yabang ko. Promise di ko alam bat may friends pa ko.


Sabi ni Sir.Logic (na magpapaquiz mamaya), we all live to define ourselves. Artist na yata ako. Na mayabang.

Tas magphophoto kami ni Earl sa Manila Bay bukas. Kasama C Alpreddd (With triple D.) Huwahahahha. Parang kalovetriangle ni Louieee and Mackyyy. Hahaha.

So dun sa defining ourself. Dahil selfish ako I love defining myself.

BTW. ALAM NIO BA NA MAHAL KO LAHAT NG TAO SA PALIGID KO. Kaya nga Live and Love e. Ang sarap pag mahal mo lang lahat ng tao. Isa tong malaking katarantaduhan I KNOWWW!! Pero well, mas madali e. Masarap sa heart. Happy heart.

Happy heart.



Friday, July 18, 2008

Article Trial 1

Before I drag my skinny pretty ass to bed, here's an attempt to an article, which I will never publish formally because I dont want to be banned anywhere.

Censored title:
Why CFAD students chose the right course


As long as feeble minds are dominating the population, Advertising will be (God) the dictator of the everything. Media will only be effective when injected with proper amounts of advertising artistry. A little content. Ample aesthetics. And competent strategy.

The children of the next generation is driven by the messages sent by Advertising. Psychologically, our actions and definitions--of what is right and wrong, normal and abnormal, popular and unpopular, beautiful, plain and ugly--is influenced both conscioulsy and subconsciously by effective forms of advertisements.

That is why, dear CFAD students, we are (Gods!) bounded by responsiblity to dictate the correct messages to the public.

Perhaps, we work behind a single statement or cause. We are the reason these causes rampantly reach the and motivate the public. The question is, what causes are we for? Our selection of what to support can change the direction of the future.

And ofcourse, all the talking I've just done is bullshit. Thank you for your time and forget everything I've just said because I'm not submitting this to the school/college paper. Salamat.

Great Job. :*

I did a great job and I have to congratulate myself by boosting my ego:
(Shoot me!)




It's 3:25 and I'm still awake. Refreshingly, I dont feel like killing myself because insomnia sucks.

Lately, everything's being just dandy.

My dad always asks me on the ride home, same question, "How are you?" and I find myself answering, "Better" every single time.

Better and better.

I didnt want to say it out loud, lest jinxing it, but here it is.

We survived dearests. All of us.

I love yous.


On the other hand, I still need to do the ff:

1. Have my teeth measured (WTF!) I lost my retainers and I need to go back to the orthodtist and make her make me a new one. It costs 3000Php and I'm paying half of it because ditzy old me couldn't find the pink ones. I mean, where the eff cuould I have lost it?

2. LTS Puerto Gallera Orientation tomorrow. Oooer. Adventure. No dears, I'm not expecting anything at all. It can be boring for all I care. But it would really be nice to get out of Manila (again) with friends (and strangers. ooooer.)

3. Article for Likha Mag. I need to get in. I NEED. My heart wont be happy unless I'm in. I'm thinking about writing about insomnia, I mean I have the credibility, don't I?

4. Studies for Ad Prod. Or maybe I'm using Chep's. But it's obviously not my work!! Basta I'll make a new one pa. Just in case. Teta, this is your fault.

5. Pau and I need to go out somewhere next Friday. We might go to a bar, and I can make her stay here for the night and we'll just go to school together in the morning. Or maybe, I can just stay at her place for the night. That would be great too.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Weddings are beautiful.

It was really really beautiful. More of magical.

I was bawling my eyes out! Argh. Girls. Amp. Girls live for these kind of stuff. Well, not me actually, I don't know.. I've turned into such a fucking sissy. I was crying harder than the bride's mom.

They were both crying while exchanging vows. Waaah. In love. Sigh. In love.

Their love story?

They were together since I was 8. They practically grew up together! Me and my cousins practically grew up around them too. They were each other's only love. Waaah. Cry cry cry. Lovely.


People love these kind of love stories. That there's this one person out there for you, repeat after me, ONE person out there for you...

What are the chances of you finding that someone?

The person whom you are bound to meet whether you like it or not.

It's a stupid theory actually. Wishful thinking. I don't know. See, you can never tell anything. Not these days. Not ever.

Sigh. The idea of Love.


Oh and had the chance to bond with my cousins. WE ALL SO LOOK ALIKE! GRABE TALAGA! HAHAHA.

See you around.

Turn Off#4

Improper posture. Or basta pangit tumayo.

Turn On#4

Tall moreno guys.

Monday, July 14, 2008


(Not in any particular order.)


I heart yous. :)

Quotes to live by

You will never be happy kung lagi kang puyat.

Happines is a mental state. It's a state of mind. It's a choice. Yadayadayadayadayada..... (Insert more bullshit-ish truths here)

[/emo mode]


Sweetest Thing In The World

My mom and dad are celebrating their civil wedding anniversary today. (Well, they have around 3 annivs in a year, dont ask.)

So, the thing is, they are both soooo dependent on me.

How my sunday went:

3:30pm Wakeup. Popsy shows his gift for Ma which turns out to be a Nokia6500 since my mom's phone is so warag na. Tells me to wrap it up TODAY.
5:00 Merienda with family
6:00 Mass. Ma tells me to pretend that I have a business to attend to in GH. She's yet to buy an anniv gift for Pa.
7:00 Before leaving the car, Pa tells me to stay behind and told me he needs me to pretend that I have business to attend to somewhere so we can go to Dangwa and buy my mom roses.
7:10 I pretend that I have to go to GH and calms Popsy down and told him will deal with dangwa when we get back
8:00 My mom buys my dad a Nokia6500! JUST IMAGINE HOW HILARIOUS I FOUND EVERYTHING. Awww.. and sweet.
8:30 Arrives home. I wrap their gifts and hid it in their closets. No need for names. Ma cooks steak. Steak = Special Occasion
9:00 Pa tells Me we have to go to 7/11. WTF! PINAKA KALOKOHANG EXCUSE SA WORLD! 7/11?!?!?!!
9:30 We get home.

ANG SWEET! They have the same gift. Waaah. I cant wait for them to find out.

It's 5am in the mornig and Im still awake. Fuck life.

My writing sucks. Bear with me.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

thank you

Thank you life for

1. Pleasurable sudden rains
2. Hugs
3. Milo
4. Waking up great in the morning
5. Driving at night with good music
6. Good music
7. Red Lip Gloss
8. Girl friends
9. Guy friends
11. Shampoo
12. Bestfriends :) :) :)
13. Free brushes and fonts online
14. bikinis
15. nice people :)
16. good conversations
17. shades
18. school
19. new music
20. smiles


I really really really really really really REALLY want to do yoga. AS IN REALLY REALLY REALLY sobrang REALLY!

I mean it's perfect for me. Aside from the fact that it's intimidating me to hell. I mean I can't even reach my toes without.... I just can't reach my toes, that's it.

Reasons Why Yoga Is Perfect for Me (And Reasons Why I Should Upgrade from Yoga-ish to the Real To Life Yoga)

  2. Backbone problems. (Uh-huh. I have scoliosis. It's actually pretty common these days though)
  3. I sooooo do not know how to relax. (I mean, I'm getting better, but I'm not soo relaxed yet)
  4. I get exhausted easily
  6. I need to learn to focus.
  7. I really really really want tooooo!!!

I guess that's a good list up there. But just the thought of the Cobra Pose (See is exhausting me already. Ack ack ack.

Steps to Upgrading Yogaish to Yoga
  1. Quit blogging and quit yoga-ish
  2. Research!
  4. Buy a book
  5. Get yourself in Bikram Yoga Manila and cash out Php5,000 for the first month! That's enough incentive to keep you stretching for the whole 30 days!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Insomnia Fucking Sucks Its Fucking Ruining My Life. Save me. Please please please!! Save me!

Lemon Tree
Fool's Garden

I'm sitting here in the boring room
It's just another rainy Sunday afternoon
I'm wasting my time
I got nothing to do
I'm hanging around
I'm waiting for you
But nothing ever happens and I wonder

I'm driving around in my car
I'm driving too fast
I'm driving too far
I'd like to change my point of view
I feel so lonely
I'm waiting for you
But nothing ever happens and I wonder

I wonder how
I wonder why
Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky
And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon-tree
I'm turning my head up and down
I'm turning turning turning turning turning around
And all that I can see is just another lemon-tree

I'm sitting here
I miss the power
I'd like to go out taking a shower
But there's a heavy cloud inside my head
I feel so tired
Put myself into bed
Well, nothing ever happens and I wonder

Isolation is not good for me
Isolation I don't want to sit on the lemon-tree

I'm steppin' around in the desert of joy
Baby anyhow I'll get another toy
And everything will happen and you wonder


If you're still awake at 1am... Panic.

Remind yourself, things to do when (putangfuckingshet) Insomnia hits:
1. Ipod while writing notes
2. Do AdDes
3. Novelette
4. DO NOT CRY! DO NOT DRINK PILLS ANYMORE AFTER 1PM! It's too late na yan. You already ruined your chances of sleeping. Now, you just have to suck up to it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

7.10! Happy Birthday Pau, sweetie !! I heart you!

I lost 500Php today. No biggie. Back then I would've cried and whined my day away. I mean, it is 500php. But oh wells.

Its just sad. Think of all the SM DeptStore merchandise I'm missing on. (The fuck... I know. Happiness in the trivial things, see.)

I'm turning my room upside down for that. Argh.


Arctic Monkeys ROOOOCK!!
I'm sleepy. 12:17am.


But before I end my night, here's pictionary for you:

hooray! Milo.

I've been craving for the past month and have finally quenched the desire today.


Thank Sephy. Very much. :)


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

virus alert

I've been putting off upgrading my AVG for, like, a month now.. and my laptop, once again, is contaminated with a reckless virus/trojan (ack!).

I dont know what to do with this now anymore.

Should I reformat the laptop for the nth time? I mean, I have a new external harddrive now. Should I back up files and all the shit that goes with it?

Sad part is, tha virus attaches and multiplies everywhere. It's very likely that the backup will be saving the virus too.

Sigh. All my external memories are contaminated.

I'm almost desperate.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


God gave us work, because we have no social life to speak of.

I haven't gone out for ages.

And I've got all the time in the world at hand.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Superficial Happinesses

1. I found a black bikini. So the only thing I need now is someone to invite me to swim.
2. I've got great hair. YEHEY!
3. I can sleep til 6am! 7am. Yehey!


I am my father's daughter.

I had breakfast with my dad this morning. I'm his little girl. I'm his reflection. I'm the little boy he never had, well, aside from the noteable fact that, hello, I'm a girl. A big chunk of his character stays with me.


I need to stop all this emo-ing and start to entertain you my dearest lovely readers.

you wake up in the morning, infatuated with life.
hurting, sometimes.

reality can be a pretty thing.

Good Morning

Sa dami ng maririnig mo na payo pang-araw araw, ikaw bahala sa paniniwalaan mo. Makinig ka sa sinasabi ng pusot isipan mo. At sa realidad na kinatatayuan mo.

Ang sakit ng ulo ko dahil 4 hours lang tulog ko. Tapos balak ko p nmn 8. Tas gandahan ko na tulog ko forever. I need it.

Malapit na ko mabaliw. Konte nalang. Or ayan na yata. Baliw na yata talaga ako. Or maaaring, baligtad. Napapadpad na ko sa tamang pag-iisip.

Ayoko tumayo. Ayoko lumabas ng kwarto.


Kung mamamtay ako ng 40 years old (na hindi naman sana. Sana mga 70 years ako mabuhay), nasa kalahati na ko. Haha. Eto na pala yun. Buhay.

Buhay = may mga buwan na ang daming nangyayari. Parang kagulatgulat. Tas meron ding mga buong taon, buklod buklod, na walang nangyayari. Lahat surprise.

People who are happy are not the ones who have everything. People who are happy are the ones who make the best of what they've got.

Gising na ko.


Saturday, July 5, 2008



My eyes burn.
My hands shake when I raise them.
I feel my throat dry.
Every muscle aches as if stretched extensively, despite the fact that I have not done any physical work within five paces of the description 'rigorous'.
I'm exhausted. Fatigue envelopes the whole of my existence.
My ideas are dead.
My body is covered with a feign film of sweat.
I feel my bones shattering in front of everyone's eyes and no one being able to do anything about it.


Everyday I wake up with it.
I formulate new reasons and ideas and theories every single day.
My soul's status fluctuates. Surprising me sometimes and annoying me sometimes because I'm going through the same thing I've been at moments before.

The hurt's so real it's poetry.


Happy thoughts: us girls. :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

i speak of love

dear monay mommy and ofw daddy,

possibly one of love's greatest gift is distance. to take someone away from you, when you want it so badly.

in distance, our hearts grow fonder.
what the eff am i saying? sino naman ba ako diba? what credibility do i have to proclaim the statements ive mentioned? i've been in love, sana enough na yun.
in distance, our love grows stronger.

alam natin na it's too early to tell, and we are young and restless. pero kung nahanap mo pa, bat ka pa hahanap ng iba. why do you have to experiment pa to find the perfect person when the perfect person is in front of you already?

number does not exist in love. it's not in how long you've been with each other, its not in how many years you've spent living.

trust your love for each other. if in both your hearts you know that this is true love, the chances are its enough.

be thankful that God gave you distance. kasi kung hindi dahil dito, you wouldn't understant how much you want this love.

Q&A 1

Sinong pipiliin mo? Taong mahal mo, o taong mahal ka?

Kung sinong mas sexy. O_o

Thursday, July 3, 2008


sunrise sky

I know the composition is awful, but i got to get the pretty colors. Yippee for me.

hi bloggeee...

I know I havent been around for a while now.

Ive been busy.

And crazy.

And emo.

But so far, everyday's being the same.

Anyhooos. Love you.



Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kinakabahan ako.
Nagpapalpitate ako.
Para akong tanga.

And hindi ako makatulog.

Malaking problema na yang tulog ko e.


I just want to be yours. Pwede kaya yun. That IS too much to ask, noh. Hay. Boredom.



grabe. san ba kasi nakakabili ng ginintuang puso and extra 10 pounds. super handa ako isangla un dslr ko for dun sa ginintuang puso thingy.