Sunday, July 12, 2009

12:53 Sunday.

Midday Sunday, everyone's up but stays in their bed. My face is like an oil mine and I do not have a hangover. Hooray to me.

Now all I have to do is do the MAP, VMA, TXD, and I'll be fine.

NEWSFLASH: I just realized, that if this were the real world, MAP could be suing me right now. That would so make things easier for them. Ugh. I may just have given them an idea.

...English slowly sucking again.


Reasons Why Im Not Working

1. My bed, closet, aircon, and bathrooom usage increased by 200%. Non-lame and non-noob translation: my sisters are staying in my room and the mess is unimagineable. We dont fold our blankets anymore and theur are flipflops, laptops, wet towels, books, and used clothes EVERYEVERYEVERYEVERYWHERE!!!

2. Drinking, blogging, and typical convenient bumming has used up my time.

3. I know that everyone is faking industry. My peers are claiming that they are working, but actually aren't, therefore, I am confident that my misery (or in this case, unproductivity) is not bereft of company.

4. My workspace is 10 meters away, too far away.

5. Yes, I'm lazy.

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