Saturday, July 4, 2009


Here's something psychological.

I will lose weight because there's an oversupply of food in the house, and just seeing so much food makes me want to hurl. Nothing looks appetizing anymore.



When I grow up, I want to live in an apartment with minimal supplies. Nothing too much. Everything that unused for a reasonable period of time should go away. No to clutter. I will not survive without airconditioning and just the proper amount of alcohol.


Mr. Mraz makes me so dreamdreamdreamyyyyy. :x :x :x.

I'm in front of the computer in the office, alone, wooden columns, wooden floor, speakers on, productive, no company, with an almost non-alcoholic drink, pringles, silent mobile phones, ACU just turned off, printed research, usb....

and Mr. Mraz singing this song that I once hated a lot. But its still surreal.

OXI missed you, very absolutely magically dreamily much.

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