Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Catching up. Fail.

Poor public bloggie. :(
You dont get any decent posts anymore.

Okaaay, my hands smell like thinner and linseed oil right now, and I so feel itchy all over. Hahaha, that's some form of catching up there, no? I need to shower at 10pm, or I will sleep all tired and itchy, then wake-up at 4am to shower then go back to sleep. Yes, that's how pretty much I've been living my life the past weeks.

It's working well for me, I think. The sleeping before 12am stint.


I'm wondering, why isn't there a stealth setting in facebook?

And why is my hair being such a bitch. Makes going to school not a good option, pff.

It's the Virgin Mary's birthday today! Pff. Why are there classes!?!?! And I didn't even hear any announcement for mass. Maybe they proved her birthday wrong and forgot to announce it to the world. Just like how Christmas Day is totally historically incorrect. Gawd, whatever. I'm rambling. P.S. I do not have any credibility in this topic, so feel free to bash the previous statements.

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