Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quarter 2009 _ List

The Quarter 2009 Shit List:

1. I am now drinking too much soda. I make it coke light, but what the hell, coke's still coke.
2. Am not moisturizing anymore. Boohoo.
3. My computer's antivirus is an antique. The last it's been updated is eons ago.
4. I've yet to actually WRITE. (See how shallow my blog vocab has become.)
5. Attendance not really well.

The Quarter 2009 Bless List:

1. Am now getting enough sleep, despite the stress. Yipee! Fafay quasi-jetlag.
2. Am now using Globe!
3. 90 pounds.
4. Am a behaved girlfriend. :D
5. Independent (ISH!) (Ish 10x!)

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Anonymous said...

Hello hello happy summah to youuu!