Monday, October 26, 2009

Writers Block

Im just going to pretend that no one ever reads my blog so that I can actually write. I mean, that isn't far from reality anyway, considering I POSSIBLY have around 4 readers. So there.

Oh my god! I can't write. Ive been staring for the past 15 minutes... mustering courage for the past 4 hours... and I still can't write.

Okay, so I'm in a rut. I'm currently using mac right now, and its extremely pretty, but I CAN'T DO ANYTHING WITH IT. (trivia: my old laptop died a few days ago. bless you.) I'm trying not to use a mouse, and I'm trying to back things up, and I'm trying to download songs... and none of those attempts are successful.

And besides, I wanted to talk about deep stuff. But, babe, seriously, I can't think of any.


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