Friday, September 12, 2008


I'm currently reading Chep and Camille's "The Reader."

I soo did not finish Sophie's World. Ack. Good thing I did not take law. Philosophy sucks especially if you're studying it in your own accord with no guidance or whatsoever.

The Reader is a much calmer read. And miraculously, less emo. Would you believe THAT?


Btw, I heart the Fossil watch ma gave me. It's far from THE Kenneth Cole watch I absolutely loved last year, still, this one's pretty. It took me a while to appreciate it actually, but it's actually a rugged, not too classy, but posh none the less way.

And it's so cowboy! And my arms look sooo fragile in it.


Overnight at Wi's tomorrow. Newsflash: The new house has jacuzi! Weeeee!!

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