Friday, September 19, 2008

Love Letter

There's nothing else in the world I'd want to do, but can't seem to, than to write you this love letter.

Call me speechless, if you must.

I've been sitting here for past an hour, pen in hand, scratching and scrawning my way, attempting to express how much you mean to me. I can't find the right words.

Perhaps all the good words in the dictionary would suffice. Perhaps all the romantic expressions other people have spoken of can suitingly express what I want to tell you.

I want to weave words poetically. To be able to elaborate how much madness my falling in love with you has caused me.

I've been told that love hurts. That the pain of a broken heart is way beyond the pains of the greatest form of physical injury. That the damage it makes can change how my life goes.

But meeting you has already changed my life. You have struck me with so much desire. Everything you do is beautiful. Every movement is charm. Every word you speak is boundless. And no amount of pain, not at the moment and not at the future, can stop me from loving every single inch of you.

Love means giving someone the chance to hurt you, but trusting her not to.

Then they ask me why I risk having you, of all people, break my heart? And burst of reasons come about.

Life before you was vast emptiness, where pleasure weighed more than reason. Where reason weighed more than my heart. Then you come around, with all your lovelines and I started living like I've never before.

I feel more intensely alive, more intensely real. As if the dimming filter of numbness was shattered before my very eyes. The world suddenly shouts with bright colors, sharply outlined shaped, evocative scents, intriguing textures, music, laughter and flashes of joy.

The world was warmer, sweeter, and lovelier. Happiness was embodied in the little girl that is you. And no one else comes near to the love you make me feel. My heart is overflowing with your loveliness and no room is left for all other desires because you fill every crevice and corner.

In my heart and in my mind there is bliss.

With all the set of words I've sworn and impressed, I've been dying to tell you only these: I love you. So much and so dearly. I love you.

...don't ask.

Latest collaboration with THE Pepe Le Pepew.

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