Friday, September 19, 2008


I've been avoiding my room like plague for the past three days. I've been sleeping everywhere but. The other night, I slept at Jul's and Jas's, then I slept at the rec room, then the master's... then some nights, I'm not sleeping at all.

Everything's just so messy.

Nothing's at it's proper place and I have no time or energy or inspiration to fix anything. Grabe. I'm still at my all time low. Well, typically low.. not exageratedly. Labo nun ah.

I don't know when I'll be sleeping tonight though. God please save me because I have this sinking, nagging feeling that I'll be having an alcohol fix tonight. Which is wrong because I have no budget or tolerance for it anymore. And I can't afford to miss another class tomorrow. But you know how my relation to peer pressure is... so, there.

On the low of lows side of life: I'm still missing A LOT OF PHOTOS FOR PHOTOGEE, I do not have the balls to do an AdPrac Jingle and I am back at 88 pounds, when I'm supposed to be 90.

On the brighter side of life, I will officially be growing my hair.

On the brighterer side of life, I have finally revived mi iPod, I will be formatting my laptop (AGAIN FOR THE NTH TIME), and I have finally conceptualized for my Ad design events plate, and I have parties and non parties left and right which is exactly how I need life to be.

On the unbright side, I am late for my PD submission. Which, well, sucks.

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