Sunday, September 14, 2008


Pleasure = Cold hot choco PLUS Nica's happy songs PLUS Paper works.

I love paperworks. It's justa good change from the everyday mess of paint and lead.

Stuff to do:

*Ad Prac: Research on 'yuppies', 'statistics', e.g.; Chapter 5; 6; Compilation and Edit; Radio Ad Script;
*LP Painting: Big painting with reference (I hate)
*PD: Choose Artist; Make studies
*Photo: Prelims, take Human subject with flash, High Key?, Candle Light?, Nigh Scene without Flash, Led light, Light sculpture, Scrupture painted with flash, Double Exposure
*Ad Des: THINK, Make Logo

On Another Note:
*Clean my room
*Charge Ipod after 10 years
*Buy flash for Cam
*Hannah Lopez's Debut which I am so looking forward to go. Nakalimutan na nga ata niya na invited nia ko e. Iunno. I'm still going though.
*Capture Flyers
*Check Up (for more tha one reasons)

Since I spend the day sleeping for 12 hours, reading magazines and going online half the waking time, socializing for the rest, and SO not working, the load's just swamping on me. Grabe. Haha.

I guess this really is life.

Charmed, this one. This is MOST of what life's got to offer.

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