Sunday, August 16, 2009

the mandatory: jompy <3 nica post (part1)

I actually drafted an outline for this post, you know. Sadly, I lost it. Fuckity.

Identities are changed in this post for privacy reasons.

Jorpa*: (Insert asar dedicated to me here)
Macci: Tae. Ang yabang mo ah. Pag ako nagtanong sayo---
Jorpa*: Haha. Cge, tanong ko.
Macci: (Hesitates) Eh. Shy me.

(Immature friends continue computing compatibility between people through accurate and proven methods namely M.A.S.H and Flames)

Macci: Jorp!
Jorpa*: Ano?
Macci: In love ka na ba kay Niki*?
Jorpa*: Oo.
Macci: (Deep inside TANGINA OMFUCKINGFUCKINGFUCKIINGGOD! 100X! FDSHSJKDHFLDSH) Aaaaahhhh! Kinikilig ako. (Happy frown face)
Jorpa*: Ha.ha.
Macci: Nasabi mo na ba sa kanya?
Jorpa*: Uh. Hindi pa.
Macci: Shet. -_- Kinikilig ako.

(Macci pauses for 2 mins...)

Macci: Shet. Naiiyak ako.

(Macci rushes to her friends Bomba* and Jihad*. Cries with poise and grace.)

This was an actual event dated on August 11 2009. THIS IS THE LAST TIME IM TELLING THIS STORY!


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