Monday, August 31, 2009

thank you

Thank you sa lahat ng dumating.

Happy birthday yet again.

bagong buhay

For my birthday, I have decided to go Kurimaw-style.

photos c/o george
pants c/o migz senires

happy birthday!


The most important life lessons I've learned in my 19(+1) years of existence

1. Lots of water and Powerade is your anti-hangover potion.
2. Moisturize moisturize moisturize, especially when you're drinking and smoking. Tas tons of water. Take vitamin C. Gulay is optional. Hahahaha. Commute = exercise.
3. Perfect moments dont happen on birthdays and proms etc, it happens when you least expect it.
4. Its okay to be crazy. Di mo naman makikita ulit the people around you.
5. Friends come and go, families are boring, boyfriends go to hell... but this laptop will never leave you as long as it has fan underneath!

Chillest house party I've had.
Standard operating procedure never fails.

P.S. When I'm too happy my mouth gets big and my nose flares and my eyes get so chinese small. I will now frown. Im all grown up e.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

attention. important.

Pumunta ka sa bday namin ni Pabs sa sabado! gabi yun! 8pm! dala ka ng alak kasi short kami sa pera. PERO WE WILL SURVIVE.

inuman lang naman. wala ngang kainan e.

Maski daan ka lang.
Or makitulog ka na din.

Happy Birthday Yippeeeee :D

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Since I overproduced yesterday, I am now compensating by producing half-baked, almost unthought of ideas.

Mind juice is low low low.

No fuel.

And I cant find my original chapter1. Fuckity.



Everything you heard about me...'s very true.


Must not stop! Thesis rush!

Must not interrupt train of thought.

Caffeine, black and research everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fucking spent my money on cab rides and coffee. Lost a lot. I didnt even eat. Camon! What an unfair world)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Random random random.. mental clutter.

first and foremostest:

ANG GWAPO NI ZANJOE......................................... omaygad!


I wake up some mornings with the perfect post-aircon temperature, perfect blanky snuggle, and bright sunshine. Uh huh, and then life is not all glamor. You have to clean the bathroom every once in a while.


MY PRINTER IS WORKING! No more overpriced and extra effort printings. Not the best quality though. But working's working. We can't be too choosy or else we'll get stuck.



I miss dSquare, babies. The mud on my fake crocs, the overpriced food and bad service, the waitresses of varying prettiness (some are hot, some looks like magsasaka toenail), the evil that is gossip, beer beer beer, and most importantl the supposedly smart debates that aren't really smart, but are just long complex words tossed around.

Gimme them back.


I talked with the Jesus Christ of the Local Literary Scene for approximately 21:38 minutes, recorded.

My charms were defunct. Intimdation > common social skills.

One life goal down.



Friday, August 21, 2009

Obsession's a lovely curse

Schedule for tomorrow:

9:00 wake up, eat, fix
11:00 leave. secret
3:00 secret
6:00 secret

edits. later

1. Sponge Wedges!
2. Eyeshadow Applicator hopefully long handled
3. 2nd Lip Brush or/and retractble lip brush
4. Medium round blush brush
5. Proper contour brush
6. Posh Makeup Box, in black or silver... Yipppe <3 (Hopefully nothing too Orocan)
7. Eyebrow sealer/clear mascara
8. Light / dark brown mascara
9. Proper Fan brush
10. Smudger brush tiny
11. Smudger brush laage
12. Gel Liner in Black
13. Gel Liner in blue / yellow/ purple/ green
14. Beige eye liner
15. Bright metalics
16. Extra Cream Liner Brush
17. Cream eye color collection
18. Mommy's Baby Pink Lip Liner... so unfair
19. Liquid liner in black and brown

And Budget.

I know this makeup rage will fade soon, but while I'm at it, might as well as get broke for it. I mean, even if I do quit for a while, I always go back. Ohlalove.

Will never grow hair past collar bone

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Liberation is not notoriety.

Liberation is sponteinity, and being able to do what you want to do or know what you have to do.

Its smoking because you know you work better that way
its giving wrong number to wrong guys
its loving your family even if people find it passe
its wearing men's clothes because you know it suits you
its cussing because it emphasizes a point
its reading a book
its saying thank you when someone says something nice
its walking alone in school and knowing that, duh, you're cooler than 90% of the population because you dont care and they dont know shit

Liberation is being able to say no to yosi and beer
its accepting that we are all aging
its knowing that the decisions we make makes us, pero making a wrong decision is not the end of the world
its knowing that there really isnt anything such as a wrong decision

Liberation is talking to anyone you want to talk to, and not caring about what you've heard about them
its wearing the same jeans over and over again.. and wearing the clothes you love over and over

Liberation is knowing you can look stupid sometimes because well you'll never see the people around you all over again
its knowing that your health is more essential than your grades
its sleeping without taking a shower with a lot of junk on you hair, but as long as you wash off all traces of makeup and moisturize.

Liberation is, as always, making the best of what you have, what has happened to you, and loving and seeing the best of the people you surround yourself with.

Monday, August 17, 2009


1. I finally have the perfectish brown liner from Loreal
2. I got a cheap white one from Nichido. OMG, it actually works!
3. I need round medium blusher brush, contour brush, an uncheap fan brush. I also need gel liner in black, in brights, and I need cream eye colors.
4. I SMASHED A 700PHP WORTH OF CONTOUR POWDER. Hinayang to the highest level. Pero still usable,... besides I can get the same shade at Nichido for 15% of the Body Shop prize.
5. Im finally learning to use a concealer.. always been against it because of its too light reflective properties. Unwise for photo ops. But sometimes you just have to use it.
6. My mom gave me a really muddy lipliner. It sucks. I asked for a pink youthful one, and she has one and she wont give it to me. Pff.
7. Almost giving up on curly beachy messy hair since I found out that Bench Water Creme with Gatsby Strong Hold wax can actually do the job! Lol.
8. I need a toteable makeup palette. You know the ones you can customize. And a whole set of eyecolor and blushes, and yes even foundation and concealers.
10. I dont know how to do hair. My hair is wash and wear.. so I think I need Louiee... or maybe I'll do it myself with her assitance. I used to cut hair remember?? :|



Calling all faces

Pretty morenas, do line up. Pleasing personality not required.

I need to stop practicing on my face and my sisters' only. It shelters the imagination. I need girls with wide eyes, little eyes, healthy cheeks, and square faces. And as much as I want to practice on the mestizas and chinitas, as pretty as you girls may be, bring your own foundation and concealer. Foundation and concealer and my resourced are limited.

And btw, no one has the time anyway. Lolz.

P.S. Don't take this post seriously because:

1. No one has the time, not even me.
2. I do not have a photographer.. and I'm in semi-retirement from photography. It strains my hands, I'm very shaky, nad I suck at measuring light.
3. Limited resources
4. I guarantee nothing.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jompy <3 Nica part2

I've learned that cinematic drama in words or in an actual event is not what makes a moment.

Happiness just pops in places and moments when you least expect it.

Life is never without awful and pleasant surprises.

The world is just a much better place now. :) :) :) :) :)


P.S. Pwede ko gamitin tong post na to just in case ikasal kayo. Hahahahhaa.

TRUE FEELINGS: Tangina :(( Naiiyak pa din ako. I'm so happy for you. Ang saya ng puso ko. Feeling ko kami na din ni Jompy. I love the both of you very much. :(( heart heart heart everywhere

the mandatory: jompy <3 nica post (part1)

I actually drafted an outline for this post, you know. Sadly, I lost it. Fuckity.

Identities are changed in this post for privacy reasons.

Jorpa*: (Insert asar dedicated to me here)
Macci: Tae. Ang yabang mo ah. Pag ako nagtanong sayo---
Jorpa*: Haha. Cge, tanong ko.
Macci: (Hesitates) Eh. Shy me.

(Immature friends continue computing compatibility between people through accurate and proven methods namely M.A.S.H and Flames)

Macci: Jorp!
Jorpa*: Ano?
Macci: In love ka na ba kay Niki*?
Jorpa*: Oo.
Macci: (Deep inside TANGINA OMFUCKINGFUCKINGFUCKIINGGOD! 100X! FDSHSJKDHFLDSH) Aaaaahhhh! Kinikilig ako. (Happy frown face)
Jorpa*: Ha.ha.
Macci: Nasabi mo na ba sa kanya?
Jorpa*: Uh. Hindi pa.
Macci: Shet. -_- Kinikilig ako.

(Macci pauses for 2 mins...)

Macci: Shet. Naiiyak ako.

(Macci rushes to her friends Bomba* and Jihad*. Cries with poise and grace.)

This was an actual event dated on August 11 2009. THIS IS THE LAST TIME IM TELLING THIS STORY!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is such a weird effing game.


And i love yous. :* Happeh happeh happeh.. <3

Sunday, August 9, 2009


See that dress? I may never fit into it anymore. :(

Past Midnight

Creative juice seem to dry up after midnight. Pff.

I was finally able to use the perfect black dress. I really do love its discretion and versatility. <3 <3 I can even wear it with jeans. <3

Highheels were invented for family dinners and going to the salon, because you wouldn't have to walk much.

Really, I don't have any substantial thoughts tonight. o_o

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hangovers.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Romance in Politics

Sigh. Lovin.

Hey, welcome back to the team. <3

Monday, August 3, 2009

must understand fully


We are so young and our futures are so vague. We don't really know how far we'll go or how stagnant we'll remain.

But still, look at us, we're young and restless and reckless.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I can remember neglecting all aspects of my academic life back when I was in 4th year highschool. And right now, the same perception is devouring me.

Sometimes, workaholism hits you... and since you're on a roll, you don't want to stop. I developed a reputation of being good in school.

But this year's different, instead of being all excited because I'm finally graduating, I barely have anything to push me to do my best. ESPECIALLY THIS SEMESTER.

My new blockmates think I'm one of the lax characters. One of those kids who enjoy their lives to the fullest and in the process lose their concentration. Kind of those people I've once detested. (Ugh.. detest is such a strong and ugly and 1990s word.)

I've heard from this guy at SC office "Naman kasi, ang daming demonyo ngayong fourth year. Gusto ko nalang umuwi at gumawa ng plates, tas biglang magyaya. Ayun uwi ko lagpas hatinggabi din."

O peer pressure, you fucker.

But, nevertheless, I've always loved working. It's one of better highs where you actually accomplish something as you lose yourself from the real world.

Work work work and don't stop until you get it all done. Aja.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vanity for the win

The quest for beach-y hair is almost over. I am around 200 pesos away from textured, piece-y and severely heat damaged hair.

Besides that, I have tons of new clothes and nowhere to wear them.

I've just failed my 6 week pact of not purchasing any fashion item. But it's such a lovely piece. How can I not have it.

The "MUST-HAVE" way of thought is financially destructive.

Hello August. :) We've always loved August, haven't we?