Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Night in.

-Boyfriend is already exactly 38 minutes late as of the moment.-

AM actually Plurking. Yip!


[11 hours later]

Baby baby baby, I need to get out my camera. I'm home Saturday night (again) and not complaining this time. Is it because:

a. I've finally stopped being a desperate socializing bitch who crashes anyway
b. I'm ACTUALLY happy
c. The week's satisfied my social needs and I don't need a Sat night out to compensate for my lack of social activity
d. Work (literary, parental, skill-development) is taking up my evening time
e. Am engrossed with an addicting activity: Plurk / TV Series / Fashion and Beauty / Monopoly / Book / Boyfriend / Online Comics / Trial-and-error do-it-yourself haircuts
f. So tired. Imma sleep now.


3% a.
    Socializing is such a harsh and complicated sport. I'd give up, but I love people.

3% b. happiness
    Ugh. It's not like anyone's like completely happy. Like, ever. But nevertheless, moments of pure content strike every once in a while.

40% c.
    I've totally used up my week worth of parental permission. I go home late practically everyday. And have slept over someone's house. Sleepovers are limited to one per week when academic matter is not involved, see.

15% d.
    I'm trying to work on everything. I'm such a scatterbrain, I haven't finished anything. My friend's making me make a certificate for some rotary matter that I've the slightest idea about. And I'm actually making it. Funny though, I've got loads of work to do for my dad (CPs), the NON-ENDING Marble thing, some design work for a french resto, and research for summer class... BUT I'M NOT DOING ANY OF THOSE.

We really are drawn to things that people don't MAKE US do. Ooh. Philosophical.

15% e.
    Hello Plurk! I check like every half a minute if someone's plurked anything new.. nevermind that it's utterly of no interest to me.

Thankfully no hair cuts for me. Call that discipline!

the rest% f.
    Tired yeah. But not enough to make me go to sleep.

I guess I've bored you enough already. Soo goodnight then. Or see you at Plurk.

P.S. Time to bring out the camera, lovey. Le blog is bland.

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