Saturday, May 30, 2009

Phlegm | Half-Year Resolutions

I will stop smoking. I'm very sorry to say that my smoking habits are worse than ever. I am now capable of consuming over a case's worth of cigarettes in a day.

And I am now consistently sick... I think my throat's been burned up, and my skin's duller than ever. But that's what you get for a few moments of artificial relaxation.

Now I gaggle every other minute because of the phlegm. Eeewy.


Half Year Resolutions
(Basically, the same as my new year resolutions only I'm giving myself another chance because I just failed at them.)

1. I will stop smoking. when classes start. Just as much as the boyfriend will stop drinking when the classes start. Both of which I don't think we'll be able to actually accomplish, but swearing on it will possibly minimize the habits.
2. I will moisturize. I mean it's just gonna take a minute. And Olay does have a light finish... and it's gonna be good for me.
3. I will take better pictures. I will actually use the manual mode on the DSLR, and I will stop using the DSLR as a digicam. I mean better maxmize use.. it's heavy!
4. No to beer. And coke. Bye bye tummy.
5. No to haircuts. I've been ranting about this forever, so I don't think I need to ellaborate why.
6. I will remind myself that less is more. And I will avoid cliche like plague.


I love you and I never thought I'd ever get so kilig by text messages saying "Asan ka na? Bat ka anjan? Umuwi ka na, umiinom ka nanaman."

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