Sunday, November 22, 2009

40 years if love

1. My laptop was sick. And we're in recovery mode right now.

2. I had the most sincere conversation with my lolo 5 minutes ago. My lola's sick. She's getting better, she is. Pero this is what's going on in my mind. Movie scene: She lies in bed, white sheets and all, simple day lang, pero she just stares blankly at you as you tell her about your day, and how she'll get better. You know she's giving it her best shot to comprehend your words, but its not enough. And you massage her hands, her legs, and her tummy... because she cant do it herself, because it hurts, and because you love her very much. That's my lolo.

If I can just find the words to deliver exactly how I'm seeing them in my mind.

So there, my lola's sick. Not the 5-day kind of sick. She might stay in the hospital for 3 months to a year, in that blank state. And its crushing my lolo's heart.

So, please pray for my lola.

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