Monday, November 16, 2009

On artificial beauty and ineffective sleep.

I give up. Makeup artists are dominating the world. We very much need more layout artists, photohraphers, and definitely illustrators. And ofcourse marketers.

Anyway, despite these brush toting kikays conquering the world, I'm not going to stop from going to makeup school (Yeah.I fucking wish). Life is a constant journey of learning anyway. I'm just keeping all the skills to myself. It's called "TAKING CARE OF MYSELF"... and part of this is eating veggies (OOOMAAYGAD!), doing yoga (that costs too much), and getting enough sleed (which is risky because I'm tamad and I currently depend on pills--of all kinds. Melatonin, Vs, Antihistaimine, Benadryl... name it! I tried it!) Something must be very wrong with my brain.

My doctor suggested taking me to a neurologist... but I sounded to brain damaged that I backed out. Well, this one doctor check up on me, and gave me the fucking mildest form of pills. I could've turned that into pulutan and stayed awake. Fucker.

I love pa naman the 7am sunshine. :(

You know what, freakily, scarily... if I die, or if I go insane, I dont think anyone will wonder what caused it.

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