Tuesday, November 24, 2009



It's been half a year since OMG's been so good. Edits and details and pictures later. Gawd, I love local lit.

I loved everyone's reading. And everyone love the "Go on, Manwhore" poem very much. YOU SHOULD HAVE HEARD THE CROWD! YEEEESSS... THE CROWD. LAUGHIG, and possibly think (This girl's a natural!)

And it was a huge crowd, man.

You love me, you really really love me.

Then they made me, uhhh, how would you call it, sing-chant-perform on stage when the last band played and it went on for about a million minutes (in gert's words).

Oh life. Oh love.

BTW, it's an unwritten rule that a writer... an actual creative writer (you know, people whose hearts are infused with flowery words) must tote around a notebook about the size of a hand. Some are thick some are slim, some are hardbound, some leather, some just some cheap 26phps (mine.pff )... the scrawnier the better. Then I lost mine yesternight. Not that it's scrawny enough to be of sentimental value, but I still lost it. And I've already written stuff there.

The quest for the perfect notebook will start later! (Requirements, size, no lines, and not necessarily a mole skin. But maybe I'll get one for myself this christmas. Hmm. Perhaps, if the size is right. Oooh, and proper amount of pages. And expensive so that I treat it better)

And I'm stocking on Pilot Pens.


YES I'M OVERSPENDING DRASTICALLY. We'll compute the horrifying expenses. Chores first. Mwah see you later

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