Saturday, November 7, 2009


BUY LIST (If I had the money)
1. Levi's Jeans
2. Angelo Suarez's "Or else it was purely girls"
3. Mac's Keyboard Silicone
4. Warm Venti Mocha or Tall Americana
5. Smashbox Photo Primer (If I'm really really amazingly sad)
6. 1/3 Golden Brown; 2/3 Matte Ash Brown L'oreal Hair Color
7. A box of tissue
8. Hairpins
9. DRIP Album because I can't seem to get any mp3s form the net. :| sucks.


I am a Smashbox fan mostly because it's got good packaging, it's got pretty colors, and because I can't afford it. :|


I burned ants climbing my wall. Ive got so much ants in my room. I'm in a brooding mood today. I must buy a book and/or go to starbucks for a fix. But starbucks is irrationally expensive... and not luxe enough for that much expense. Still I can't stay home, I'll go crazy.

It's Ustetika deadline today.. and I have nada. This is soo why I didn't take lit.

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