Saturday, May 30, 2009

Phlegm | Half-Year Resolutions

I will stop smoking. I'm very sorry to say that my smoking habits are worse than ever. I am now capable of consuming over a case's worth of cigarettes in a day.

And I am now consistently sick... I think my throat's been burned up, and my skin's duller than ever. But that's what you get for a few moments of artificial relaxation.

Now I gaggle every other minute because of the phlegm. Eeewy.


Half Year Resolutions
(Basically, the same as my new year resolutions only I'm giving myself another chance because I just failed at them.)

1. I will stop smoking. when classes start. Just as much as the boyfriend will stop drinking when the classes start. Both of which I don't think we'll be able to actually accomplish, but swearing on it will possibly minimize the habits.
2. I will moisturize. I mean it's just gonna take a minute. And Olay does have a light finish... and it's gonna be good for me.
3. I will take better pictures. I will actually use the manual mode on the DSLR, and I will stop using the DSLR as a digicam. I mean better maxmize use.. it's heavy!
4. No to beer. And coke. Bye bye tummy.
5. No to haircuts. I've been ranting about this forever, so I don't think I need to ellaborate why.
6. I will remind myself that less is more. And I will avoid cliche like plague.


I love you and I never thought I'd ever get so kilig by text messages saying "Asan ka na? Bat ka anjan? Umuwi ka na, umiinom ka nanaman."

Thursday, May 28, 2009

CFAD really does affect the IQ

I have an extremely grave confession.

Worse than all other confessions, uhh, ever.

I haven't been reading. *insert horror sound here*

The last I've read is Bob Ong's MACARTHUR which is obviously a light read. Before that I've read a bit more grown up version of "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" and "Aladdin" (I failed to read "Robin Hood" because its version was so Old English-y). Everything else I've read before these are dissolving memories.

Lately, I've been having frequent Slowdom attacks. And I've already consumed 15 mins writing this entry.

AS Pabs said, "Sucks to be you, Macci."



Bataan 09

We were too busy bumming to take pictures. Wish we did though. Ugh.
Pics on nica's, sep's and my multiply.
In the meantime, make do.

The girls.

Everyone. (taken by pabs. :c )

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why I'm Growing my Hair


Lily from How I Met Your Mother

Silver from 90210

and because I want to tie my hair in a wispy ballerina bun.
and because it's been years!


Monday, May 18, 2009

1. there is sense of freedom in illusion of choice
2. when you're in a difficult situation... you go to the people you think will tell you what you want to hear
3. so many things happen in a span of 30 days, 60 days... why worry? it will just all fleet by anyway

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I can't write because I don't actually feel strongly about anything right now. Nothing too heavy etc etc.

Yes, next week's booked. There's the contest over thesis advisers, then the dreaded MAP meeting AGAIN (sucks), a check up, Cavite, and hopefully a day-date.

Anyway, do you know that I keep on losing my MRT card? Which is why I've finally given up on the train and am taking the bus regularly. I spend more than an hour of my morning commuting and an hour dressing up.

Pshhh. You don't need to know about this. This isn't some worthy insight. Ugh.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The 2009 Summer Survey


Ten things you wish you could SAY (don't tell us who it is)
1. You know I'd write about you. When have I ever left you out in open-letter/lines such as this one.
2. Pagkukulang = me
3. You've no idea how much I need you. Needed you for the past 2 years. Therefore, go home.
4. Goodluck with that. I'd love her. I know you'll do well.
5. Thank you, you're so sweet. 200% sweeter than I ever expected.
6. I miss you ver ver much dear. You never seem to realize how integral you are.
7. You are the most inlovest I've ever seen. Saludo.
9. may cavite ako next week. can i go pretty please? :x
10. Please stop ruining my fairytale.

Nine things about YOURSELF:
1. I hate my fringe.
2. I love virgin coconut oil and all its benefits.
3. I don't know what thesis I will take.
4. I hate staying in.
5. I love people.
6. I attempt to steer clear of everything too girly.
7. Have a very twisted view of myself.
8. Very sucky instincts.
9. Very Chocoholic. Moderately shopaholic. Slight alcoholic.

Eight ways to WIN your heart:
1. Talk to me in a very YOU way.
2. Be unexpected. Sponteinity.
3. Hahahaha pretend that you're staring at me.
4. Date me!
5. Be awake from 1am to 6am.
6. Let me be my true true true self. Whatever though. haha.
8. Be kim.

Seven things that cross your mind a lot through the day:
1. Obligations: Thesis, MAP
2. My hair!
3. Fashion. My own, not the world's.
4. That I need to get out of the house.
5. Things I want to be, should be, will be etc
6. BOYFRIEND love!
7. Friends. Parties. Relationships. Fun.

Six little STUPID things you want to happen to you before you die:
1. Beach bonfire!
2. Get published.
3. Be a 50% cool mom 50% perfect mom. o yeah!
5. Be my own picture of perfection!

Five turn offs:
1. Bad manners
2. Boring
4. hindi ako pinagbibigyan
5. too fashiony

Four turn ons:
2. Broad shoulders.
3. Height.

Three smiles that describe your life:
1. \(^_^)/
2. o_O or -_-
3. \:D/ or @-)

Two things you wish you never did:
1. Took more work than I can chew

One confession
I miss everyone.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So I spent the whole of yesterday with Nica and Louieee, a fraction of the 'posse'... and I can't believe that that's what I've been doing every single day last summer, and it's the first time I did this summer. I just can't believe it. We should be doing that as often as time allows us.

Anyway, had awesome fun. I never have to be anyone but myself with these people. You know what I think? It's undoubtedly easier to find a boyfriend, than to find friends that will last for the rest of your life. Therefore, the maintenance should be flawless

I'm sick today. It's phlegm overload. And as disgusting to share, I have ample amouts of bright gooey bright green snot and phlegm.

Plus when I'm sick, my whole existence revolves on healing measures. I never take ice, I take calamansi juice, I take salabat, I take tea. For breakfast, I minimum amount of what's on the table and popped 3 vitamin cs, 1 mucolsovan (whatever this is), 1 neozep, 1 biogesic, and 2 lagundi tablets. The electric fan is off limits and I will not do any rigorous or stress-inducing activities (ex: riding the effing MRT).

Monday, May 11, 2009

12:07am 5.12.09

I don't know why I do that.

When my boyfriend comes over, I panic. When he sms me asking me where I am, I panic. When he asks me at 4am in the morning what kept me awake, yuuuh, I panic.


Although, we look so far apart. And too friend-y. Eughck! It's still sane though. It totally didn't capture any sweet moment... but what am I complaining about? I look human!

Would you believe me if I told you my hair has grown? Maybe not. But it kinda has. I've been so happy with it I'm bombarding everyone's camera with annoying vain pictures and changing profile pics every half an hour. Eewy. But what can I do, it'll grow awful someday and I won't be able to bring it back.

This does not proove hair length... but look how unskinny I am. :D

So honestly, I just made this post to compensate for the blog's lack of pictures. Tatah!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Woke up after 4-hour sleep.

Why does it seem that time just goes away?

We make plans days before summer, and when summer's here, we're all too busy with stupid trivialities to make time for the good stuff.

I do wish I were better at taking pictures... but it's tricky to be good at photography when my camera is just beside my bed, rotting and all.

For light reading MACARTHUR by the infamous Bob Ong. It's his only non-humor driven novel/ette that I've read (it's Julia's), and he never ceased to amaze me. Struck me hard, this one. I had goosebumps reading it. And it's tagalog if you must know. You know how choosy I am in appreciating tagalog literature.

In my case, why can't I write properly?

Happy birthday to my dad.

I just DL-ed twitter tool bar. :X

Goodluck to me and my involvement in the newest LDR coupling.

I don't need anything else but virgin coconut oil. Hooey!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why do I keep talking about my hair?

a. I'm an insecure bitch
b. I'm a narcisstic shallow bitch
c. I'm a retarded bitch who can't spell 'narcistic' properly, and keeps on cutting my hair.

I should never ever wear brown. I should never have bangs. I should color my hair champagne brown. I should find a raspberry pink intense lip gloss/balm... hopefully in a pot.. very much like my now lost phased-out BodyShop lip gloss that lasted my whole college junior year.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where are my clothes?

This week is spring cleaning! Just like every previous week I've attempted to clean my room. And in this attempt, I've realized A LOT OF MY CLOTHES ARE MISSING!

And makeup too. My famous pot of perfect red lippy, my perfect versatile denim miniskirt T_T, bunch of accessories.... So weird how accumulated articles of clothing just vanish into thin air.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Night in.

-Boyfriend is already exactly 38 minutes late as of the moment.-

AM actually Plurking. Yip!


[11 hours later]

Baby baby baby, I need to get out my camera. I'm home Saturday night (again) and not complaining this time. Is it because:

a. I've finally stopped being a desperate socializing bitch who crashes anyway
b. I'm ACTUALLY happy
c. The week's satisfied my social needs and I don't need a Sat night out to compensate for my lack of social activity
d. Work (literary, parental, skill-development) is taking up my evening time
e. Am engrossed with an addicting activity: Plurk / TV Series / Fashion and Beauty / Monopoly / Book / Boyfriend / Online Comics / Trial-and-error do-it-yourself haircuts
f. So tired. Imma sleep now.


3% a.
    Socializing is such a harsh and complicated sport. I'd give up, but I love people.

3% b. happiness
    Ugh. It's not like anyone's like completely happy. Like, ever. But nevertheless, moments of pure content strike every once in a while.

40% c.
    I've totally used up my week worth of parental permission. I go home late practically everyday. And have slept over someone's house. Sleepovers are limited to one per week when academic matter is not involved, see.

15% d.
    I'm trying to work on everything. I'm such a scatterbrain, I haven't finished anything. My friend's making me make a certificate for some rotary matter that I've the slightest idea about. And I'm actually making it. Funny though, I've got loads of work to do for my dad (CPs), the NON-ENDING Marble thing, some design work for a french resto, and research for summer class... BUT I'M NOT DOING ANY OF THOSE.

We really are drawn to things that people don't MAKE US do. Ooh. Philosophical.

15% e.
    Hello Plurk! I check like every half a minute if someone's plurked anything new.. nevermind that it's utterly of no interest to me.

Thankfully no hair cuts for me. Call that discipline!

the rest% f.
    Tired yeah. But not enough to make me go to sleep.

I guess I've bored you enough already. Soo goodnight then. Or see you at Plurk.

P.S. Time to bring out the camera, lovey. Le blog is bland.