Saturday, April 26, 2008

addictions and unaddictions

i believe that i will crush geno's heart by saying this, but its just a revelation i have to make already. ready, boys?

i am no longer addicted to fashion.

when reality hits you, it hits hard. see once you've established your style and have finally learned fashion, there's no going back. you bring it with you forever. so despite my unaddiction to it, fashion will always be a part of me. harsh as it sounds, however, i have fallen out of love with it.

harsh, harsh, harsh.. i think ive just slashed my heart.


the list of your highness's current addictions

allure magazine
sleeping pills
paries and non-parties
chocolate (always have, always will)
buddha beads

aghhh! cant think of anything else. pssshhhhh.

me and jasmina, and our new bangles-slash-bracelet-slash-beads (plus shoelace).

goodmorning, sweethearts. :*

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