Monday, April 21, 2008


since im sober and no longer drunk from sorrow and all those emo shit. i have to move on to happy stuff.

fine, im happy that i have a great family, a great bunch of friends, and a great self, and great god (whoa. bat ganto na ko?)... but one of the things im happiest about is having sexy friends. pretty. hot. hmmm. ego as high as the heavens.. but true. believe me.

so what is it with my egoistic, super confident, abnormally superior self.

i have no idea. i dont know. maybe it comes with being happy. or maybe happiness comes with it. no matter, no matter. just appreciate everything that comes your way, and you're good to go.

CHE! LET ME BE! SAYA E! harharharharhar.....\:D/

gawwd.. i have to stop giving words of wisdom already. changing my blog into this is already boring my royal subjects. i really have to do something with this already. really.

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