Friday, April 18, 2008

season 2

hi. im macci.

it's currentyl 11:51pm, im as tired as hell, but im posting a welcome to everyone who may have "stumbled" on my "humble blog", as inept bloggers would put it.

my room is a mess right now, and so is everything, to be honest. well its getting better. so much better that it will be great. :)


season 2, huh? to those who have been a great audience of what im going through or just have gone through, i dont think i need to explain. and to those who've the faintest idea what its about, i guess i dont owe you an explanation because you weren't there for me. harsh, no?


as bloggers do, they tell the world what they have been up to. well, see, i spent the day at nica's, sunbathing, relaxing, tons and tons of soul searching.

fuck soul-searching! i put my ipod on loud, which i dont do in any situation, and try to drown my thoughts in music. aaahh, relaxation.

then i went throught the most brutal commute home all my life, which in its turn, drowned my thoughts in exhaustion.


see, season 2 is different. everyone changes. sometimes, it takes less than 2 months for people to change drastically. then life starts all over again. differently but still the same.


hi, season 2. this will be great.
and different. lots lots lots.

here's one. its 12:09, and i need to get rest. as you MAY know, 12:09 isnt really sleeping time. i'll tell more lots soon.


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