Sunday, April 20, 2008



happiness doesnt just come around.
you have to pursue it.


im my daddy's girl through and through.

wala lang, share.

he's got a big chunk of him in me, and im more like him than anyone else in the world. strong, positive, smart, charismatic, funny-ish, and both amusingly/annoyingly overconfident.

the thing about me and popsy is we talk like friends. like peers. we share a deep outlook on life and therefore, we talk like we're always preaching. we talk about the facts of life, an we talk about strength. we talk about successes, and dreams, and we celebrate ourselves.

BASSSTTTAAA!! ANG GUSTO KO LANG PALABASIN IS ANG ASTIG NG TATAY KO! and we are so fortunate to be friends and folks.

my life is the best. :)
now, that's happiness for you!

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