Wednesday, April 30, 2008


there is only one day i my life that i can remember hating myself. it lasted for about an hour and a lot of whining and "oh my god"s. i bet you cant guess when.


i caanntt write. nothing to write about. tell me what to write anyone.


[edit: 15 minutes later]

i hate judging people. i really do.

as in i really really really really really do.

thats one of the many live and love principles that i have to fully master you know.


oh yeah, and ive just read the most arrogant post in the universe written by yours truly... AND I AM SO FUCKING FULL OF MYSELF! GODDAMNIT! BURN MACCI BUUURRRNNNN!!!


and disclaimers.. uhhh i guess i do those "stuff" in the mildest mildest sense.

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