Sunday, April 27, 2008

the most arrogant post in the universe

spontaneous post.

being the egoistic bitch (/whore/slut/emoqueen) that i am, i have decided to write about how i view myself. gracing this blog, dear readers, with my amusing arrogance.

(sigh. its just one of those days.)

macci is a charming strong person who will always be the girl she wants to be. its not thaatt hard to be who you want to be you know... you just have to, uhh.. well work on it.

so as i was saying, im strong, charming, mature, and despite all the bitchiness, bratiness, and pagkaantipatika... i am loveable. read it with me, everyone.. loveable.

ooohh.. and i love everyone too. TRY IT! ITS GREAT! a little psychotic and annoyingly overfriendly, but its great. takes great load off your chest. as long as you dont make too much noise.

its always been you either love me or hate me. that's been the macci way for, i dont know, forever perhaps. whatever. BUT ITS CHANGING NOW. just a year ago, i believe, i learned my manners. the real ones. and just a short while ago, i finally learned to smile and stop being such an erratic snob. (i dont know what erratic means though. it just sounds cute.)

and on matters of my flirtiness/sluttiness/whorishness... it is all temporary. i swear. ive always been a good girl, see. and i still will be. its just that summer is boring me to my wits. and there's nothing else to do but whore around a little. (gawd, ill hate myself for posting this.)

but when school comes round by june, id be back to the old study hard, party harder nerd that i am. oh yeah, and im pretty. have i told you that. maybe i have. I SHOULDNT BE SAYING IT, BECAUSE PRETTY GIRLS DONT HAVE TO GO TELL PEOPLE THAT THEY ARE.. just like a proper lady doesnt need advertising that she's one. BUT WHAT THE HECK THIS IS MY BLOG AND I WANT TO FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF... so there we have it:

macci is pretty.

not that prettiness matters much these days. seriously.

macci is no longer materialistic. once in my life, i lived for the luxury of everything. but you grow up and learn that there are more important things in life that branded coffee and a guy with a great car.

despite that, there's nothing like a good haircut. and great eyebrows. and polished nails. and NEW PAIR OF SHADESSS AND LOTSA NEW MAGAZINES.

i knowww i swore to be less vain. see, i am no longer using the undilluted vanity theme ive had before. but well, i lluuurrrvveee taking care of myself. i mean, in the long run, YOU'RE ALL YOU'VE GOT!

and since im totallty erratic now (i know what it means., GOD is my boyfriend! yiipppeee!! every guy that would come along are created only for physical and emotional and tangible needs. BASTA GOD AKO FOREVER! LABAN KA!!?!!!

let's see.. what else. in the long run, macci is a semi-partygirl, nerd. you just have to mix it up a little. im just your typical 18 year old, who looks like 16, thinks like 14, and has the height of a 12 year old. little queen. im not a princess, never have. PRINCESSES ARE WEAK AND GIRLY! QUEENS ARE WOMEN!!! AND THEY LOVE THEMSELVES! they dont need the king to love for them. but having a king for a while would be nice though. agh.

and in terms of happiness... you have no right to be sad when you've got the ego the size of mine.

whoopeedo. there's a nerd for you!


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insane_orange said...

I'm changing the tag for your blog in my links, then.