Friday, April 25, 2008

on blogging and still on happiness

same question as ever: should we blog about how we feel and think or what's been happening to us?

the answer is: write about the things that MAY POSSIBLY not bore your audience.

i may write and dwell on my search for happiness, or i can just jot down everything ive been doing and am going through this summer.

psshhh, whatever, right? i mean this is my personal blog. not my multiply where i am pressured to conform with the network's idea of "fun" and limit my excerpts to censored articles.


but it's too late to write about the things i've been doing. since the blog was kinda stagnant this summer, it's already missed:

1. pretty much 4 major parties (and when i say party, dearests. i do mean party.)
2. 3 swimming escapades
3. 2 weeks' worth of mind-less fun
4. more or less 2 weeks worth of devastating heartbreak
5. a handful of strangers
6. loads and loads of both meaningful and meaningless conversations. lots of living and loving
7. the whole summer's worth of daring amusements
8. unforgettable and unforgiveable drunken idiosyncrasies
9. karaoke, hanging out on the grass, cards, malls, lunches, breakfasts, dinners, volleyball, naps, jamming, and everything of everything.
10. and ofcourse, a decade's worth of realizations.

ive been going home pretty late everyday this summer. well, not thaaatt late. but considering that i get out of the house at 6am in the morning, am free from 9am onwards, and go home at 5-8pm, its pretty hard to keep track of where ive spent whiling the time away.

i appreciate everyone's company. even the kids in PE. everyone.

the only reason i love being at home is because the blog is sooo pretty. but if i had the chance, id stay out til its time for bed.


update: im getting better though. :)

cheers to me. im back at 84 pounds, and if do i great great great job, id be 86 on monday. just in time for bikini season again. yippeee!

and sleep is better. can you believe that i get sleepy at 9pm these days. gotta keep this up. forever if possible.


i should stop lying in my blog. well not lying per se, but keeping too much secrets.
from now on, id be saying names and actually telling you about my activities. no promises, though. but we'll see.


realization for the day (well one of the many) : there's past and there's future. but now is more important than both. :)


insane_orange said...

"How can you lose the past or future? The past is done, the future isn't here yet. How can you lose what you do not own? Focus on the present." -Marcus Aurelius, Meditiations


macci said...

khan that is great! O_O