Saturday, October 18, 2008


My head hurts. Anyway, I've been watching Sex and the City. You know how every academic break is entitled to one or two television series, right? No matter how old school or hot new.. yeah, that.

(Thanks to, sembreak salvation.)

Well, it's extremely empowering to women. Kinda. Ugh, whatever. They make sex sound like so recreational. And they make cities sound like some modernized and (itsybitsy) civilized pigpen where dating is a breeze. Where love is shallow and coincidental.

Men are driven by sexual urges and women are driven by emotions. That's a life lesson for you. But it's not exactly true-true... but....


I've been having signature coffee everyday of the week. Or half of a signature coffee everyday of the week, since I can't get to finish them due to other circumstances I have to attend to (e.g. going home).


I'm formatting my laptop on tuesday. Goodbye pictures. GEL, WILL YOU PLEASE GO ONLINE!

Oh and btw, my sleeping pattern is screwed. Just like always. I sleep at 5am.. wakeup at 10am.. watch an S&tC episode and go back to sleep without breakfast.. wakeup at 4, leave then be back home before 12. That's sembreak of the truly single for you.

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