Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sex and the City

It's 5:09am, and when I write, I have Carrie Bradshaw's voice reading my lines in my head!

Then, life becomes so cosmopolitan for me.

SO here's a lowdown of the previous week. I go out every single day, I don't know how I get to have money... I dressed up once, and the rest of the time, I'm a jeans and shirt girls.. with chucks if I'm in a slightly dress-up mood.

Why the sudden disinterest in fashion?

Fashion 2008 sucks. It's not fun anymore. I'm better off wearing the comfy clothes that does nothing for my confidence than the fancy ones that does nothing for my confidence either because they are too "pop". Well, good thing it actually converted my wardrobe selection younger.

I am NOT trying to save up on clothes either, most of the stuff are just not worth my time or money.. besides thet comfiest heels on earth (Cyprus Crocs in Bronze size 6. Do not judge me because I don't judge you. SO FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONE SUCKERS!).

Okay, Carrie Bradshaw does not curse in my head. That was me all along, reading outloud because that is exactly how I feel at the moment.


It's now 5:14. Maybe I should get breakfast then sleep.

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