Tuesday, October 14, 2008



New header.

"It's what I see that matters."

...umm, no explanation. Really. It just sounds good. Maybe I'll change that soon.. who knows.


We are all miserably unaware that we suffer the same malady.

Monotonous life.

I know, okay. We just want things to be new. There's that fresh cold whiff of lovely air when new things happen. Good ones.

Can we expect life to be fair and exciting? There are pleasant and tragic surprises waiting for us. And sometimes, there aren't. Quit waiting.


It's Season ?

? being "God knows what"

We can't countem. As much as we try. How do we know if they are countable in the first place, because sometimes, they aren't. They are better left alone.

Contrary to popular beliefs, theere never was a season 2. Or a season 1.

It just drags on day by day by day.

Or maybe there actually is.

OH MY GOD. I've got a rationale: It's just how we see it.

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