Sunday, October 19, 2008


I can't sleep again.

Trust me, I tried. I even brought the laptop down, because I was considering the possiblity that the laptop is the reason why I don't get to sleep. Something in Reader's Digest said that the screen actually activates our mind therefore deeming sleep difficult. Whatever.

And because I am now a Proactive person (as described by 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey. Fuck off! Leave me alone!), I will be taking sleeping pills / aides every other day for a month or two UNTIL I GET THE SLEEPING RIGHT!

It's that or I go to a shrink!


Ans since I'm awake anyway, might as well as attempt to humour you guys.

Here is the very uninteresting magazine general review by yours truly according to my biased and merciless opinion.

Candy Magazine - Bullshit. Everything there is not real in the first place. Fashion sucks. Sucky writing too. General advices though... I thought they would work back then. VERY LIGHT READING. Layout's usually okay though.
Rating: ***

Meg - Worse version of Candy Mag in all aspects
Rating: *

Seventeen Magazine - Better older version of Candymag
Rating: *** and a half*

Chalk - Trendier-ish version of Seventee, but very much less informative. Vanity.
Rating: *** and a quarter*

Preview - Fashioable. Classy. Loved the layout. Getting boring though.
Rating: ****

MEGA - Preview only not as good. But it's okay.
Rating: *** and three quarters*

SugarSugar- bullshit. But I love whit layout. Worse version of chalk. Love that it's NEW though.
Rating: ***

Vogue - too Fashiony. Totally unapplicable. But its the mag of all time, and there must be credit for that. And good writing.
Rating: *** and another * for being the magazine of all time. = ****

Cosmopolitan - BAD BAD FASHION. And it's all about pleasing your man. Amusing though.
Rating: *** and a half*

Marie Claire - The best of Women magazine. Substantial. Good layout. Worth every penny.
Rating: **** and a half*

Allure - True to its form. Beauty. Good writing too. But repeats itself.
Rating: **** and three quarters*

Rogue - CLASSY. SUBSTANTIAL. NICE LAYOUT. LOCAL. VERY UNISEX. Lacks more content, but I can deal with that because the pages are always so crisp. ARTSY!
Rating: *****

Nylon - It's very trendy. Lacks content. But more or less its okay
Rating: *** and a half*

FHM - Very amusing. Nice layout. Too boyish though.. which is how it intended itself to be in the first place
Rating: ****

Maxim - Not as good version of FHM, but its actually ok. Not enough content though.
Rating: *** and a half*

Playboy - Never read. But its been told to be too trashy.
Rating: ** and a half*

Roam - Just one issue out. Writing and layout sucks. Pretty pics. Nice page. But really unconvincing writing.
Rating: **

Digital Photographer - Infromative. Clean. It's not its fault I can't relate sometimes. Success in objectives.
Rating: ****

Readers Digest - better lighter version of time. More reader friendly.
Rating: ****

Time Magazine - too political. I'm not THAT smart, I'm sorry to say.
Rating: **


I must have bored you. Sorry, got so much time. I'm waiting for Sex and the City to load. And I do love magazines, see.

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