Tuesday, January 13, 2009

12:54am Tuesday.

So I was in the middle of my piece for the Dapitan folio... a fictional short story THEN I REALIZED HOW WEAK IT IS.

Ugghh!! Aggh! Shuuucckkkss!

And the fact that I'm forcing it in my schedule. And the fact that I've had two sleepless nights because I'm trying to glue the pieces of the story together.

(Grabe, its so cold I'm actually wearing socks.)

I've never really been humbled by anything. You know how my effing ego can get through the roof every once in a while, right. Well............ I don't know. Literature just won't let me.

It's like there's these sets of unspoken regulations you have to figure out for yourself before you start breaking them. And what fun is there if you don't break the rules anyway?

It's like learning to play the guitar all over again. It sucks. Your fingers are thickened by calluses but you you just can't fucking strum a 'B-minor' properly.

It's effing crazy.


But PackageDesign is crazier. Fucker you PD fucker you. You're just a 2-unit subject! So what if you're a major subject... there are other major subjects that needs my time, HELLOO!

I just remembere how excited I years back when I read that we had Package Design in our curriculum.


Gawwd... My mind just went emo for a while there. Hear hear! There are things in life that have been over-rated, take for example, a debut. It's surreal in your mind, but when the actual time arrives for it, it's so fucking real it's just lost its whoa-factor for the moment. Like, 'So I'm wearing a pretty dress and all the people I love are here. But fuck! My back is itching!'.

Then there are the nights when you're in the FX with a bunch of strangers and you have your ipod plugged in your ears and you hassle yourself along with everyone else with your big backpack and 15x20 illus boards.

BUT YOU FEEL SURREAL. The Tamaraw FX's airconditioning unit is just perfect, and you're all warm and cozy. The streets are familiar, but the movements of the cars and people aren't. And you're not smiling or frowning. You just feel perfectly fine.


Okay.. this is ridiculous.


Back to PD. PD, you suck.

I've done enough work for the day. Imma try to sleep now. Try.


Anonymous said...

Wowow kelan ang deadline ng Dapitan? Pabasah!!

macci said...

eph!!! jan14 daw accdg to kumparang berting. sadly, wala ako submittion. :(