Saturday, January 3, 2009


Major Resolutions.
Let's make this firm and brief.

1. No to beer, (and coke)
2. I will (finally) be driving
3. I should (finally) learn to walk in heels
4. I will stop whoring around. No more kissing guys just because my guts says so and my lips are itching to. Idle lips no more!

*Oooh. I will stop cursing and cussing. My globe will be active. I will use a planner again.
**I will stop playing games. I will not smoke because it is very bad for the teeth and skin (despite the wonderful fact that it gives you the perfect relaxing mild high.)

I will do what my insticts/guts/feelings/wachamacallitwhatverfuck tell me to, because in the end you decide for yourself.
Ipasa-dyos nlng natin lahat ng maaari.

2009 has a nice ring to it.

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