Thursday, January 15, 2009

Forgetfulness (shit and stuff)

It's been said that the key to a happy life is a poor memory. I can't exactly pinpoint who said those words, or how exactly. Bah! You know how much of a quote religous I am... I just really can't remember where I got that.

Anyway, point is... Can it be any truer?

Sometimes you just really have to leave it behind, don't you? My peers have diagnosed me as depressed via too much thinking... too much contemplating on why-I've-done-so's, could-have-been's, what-if's, how-will-I's, when, why... etc etc.

Well, I can't help but think, hhellluurrr. It's actually easier to manipulate another's mindset that manipulate your own.

Really, it's just so refreshing.

You can't erase it all, and there's no use in regrets. And those were memories anyway.



Anonymous said...

Now I know why click kayo ni Jacob. Hehe

Read, relax, everybody loves macci.

macci said...

writers think too damn effin much o_O

haha. yeah, he seems to be a worrier.

ayihee! memorize mo pati takbo ng utak nia ah. <3

insane_orange said...

And people are envious of people who think. Thinking too much sucks.

macci said...

true that. we are live evidences!

aiwa said...

*sinok* *sinok*

[no kidding im having hiccups, i just came from the infamous DREW's]

iloveyou mac. ur not in circles, we'll could be, everyone is an nway.

ENJOY mo lang yan. u are LEGAL to forget things sometime though.

no one has the right to judge you but yourself. omg im talking too muchrxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZ.