Friday, January 30, 2009


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Because I was late for AdPrac, I had no choice but sit at the boys' corner (e.g. back of the class, left side facing the board). The whole area reeked of boy-ness, and when I couldn't stand it any longer, I told Nici I'm moving back my usual seat when Teta leaves, which she did shortly.

FYI we flunked the first half of AdPrac... our Chapter One was a total failure, and we barely/didn't meet the cut-off of the prelims. Therefore, upon moving back, I was greeted with a sheet of paper where our half-sem resolutions are listed.

The list was entitled "BAGUHIN NA NATIN ANG BUHAY NATIN :)" and is written in tag-lish. Putang list yun.. fierce!


"...Pangapat. More time for plates, less time for boyfriends (Jompy (and Jihan), Bombee, Miguel, Mackyboy, and Jay Manalo "Kim", Xian? (Isasama ba natin si Gel dito? Hahaahaha!"

"...Panglima. Ang events na excused tayong lahat ay birthday ni Nica (Bukas! EK tayo, STARCITY) & Valentines & Fieldtrip. The rest vacant. Wag na isama birthday ni Teta."

Because of the unclear copy, I can remember the other parts being prayers for War to arrive causing us to graduate without labor, and setting a lunch date for us girls, and something about a dysfunct unipin.

I love you girls.

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