Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Petty Joys: Jeans!

I've got a brand new pair of old jeans. Fits really snug. Minimized my hips without sacrificing the curve. PERFECTION.

See, 2 years ago, my mom was teenager skinny and I was prepubescent skinny. She bought jeans from everywhere. And now since everyone seems to be gaining weight she can't wear it anymore and everything fits like a glove on me! Wiiih!

ESPECIALLY this dark blue gray F&H jeans. T_T So perfect.


I must say writers in my opinion over analyze. Artists, on the other hand, procrastinate professionally.

Writers and artists smoke and drink a lot. Writers do it because it inspires. Artists because its fun, and work can wait til tonight anyway.

Both are romantic.

Both are weird.

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