Monday, April 6, 2009

wtf-state (c/o sooey)

I am so fat.
(Fine, not really... but no more to the fashionably skiny ol' me.)

And my hair do suck. It's like I get a bad haircut every two years, and we need half a year to remedy the haircut. Therefore, according to that made up computation, I spend 25% of my life with a pretty bad haircut.

And yes, very obviously, I'm EXTREMELY, IRRATIONALLY, FREAKY-LY sensitive when it comes to my hair. I'd sell my sisters for a good haircut you know.

Anyway, its not thaaattt bad. STOP READING THIS BLOG THE AUTHOR IS INSANE!

And yeah, this is the heaviest (and 'curviest') I've been ever since forever. Like gaah! Hiyang? Wtf.

Sooey coined a really pretty and suitable term, it's called the WTF-state, which is pretty much what every one is enduring right now.


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