Monday, April 6, 2009

April 6 2009

Despite the ongoing css and photoshop construction, I will go blogging.

To be perfectly honest, I can only remember having a real blog hiatus once. When I found blogging to be unhealthy... more of mindboggling than reassuring.. and that is, like when.. 5 years ago. So even if I tell you I'm no longer blogging, I must be having some sort of outlet in some other blog, or other blog's comment box.

Whichever. I suffer this great need to record every moment. You can accuse me perhaps of dwelling to much in the past... or maybe its just my own narcisism.


I am drifting away
despite myself

When the anticipated remedy does no good
Then the malady must be so innate, it must be you

The passion fluctuates
There is a tinge of desperation
Everyminute consists of the urge for a smoke
for an escape
for the alcohol to tide my brain
every root of me.

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