Friday, April 24, 2009


I should be sleeping right now you know. Christa's picking me up at 7am because the past few days she'd be waking me up through mobile, wasting load, and I'd be saying "Oo maliligo na" then rolling back in bed.

I mean IT'S RAINING! Isn't that the immortal law? Rainy days are perfect for snuggling under the sheets and just staying in bed.. even if that's pretty much what I've been doing all my summer life.


My hair isn't that bad anymore. Yippee.. :D Had it cut again. I SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY AM SWEARING ON ALL MY RELATIONSHIPS AND SKILLS wont get a haircut til somewhere around september to nov!


I'm still broke. Le boyfriend dated me and the sister one tuesday afternoon. Ooer. Lovey. And therefore, I'm not alone at being broke anymore. I spend dawn chatting with people online since there seems to be an unlimited provision of semi-insomniac people.

Yes, I still consider myself the ultimate insomniac... probably because I'm the only one childish enough to whine and cry about it.


This blog need pictures!


On totally unrelated and unimportant matters:
(because I am under an unintentional house arrest)
1. Lindsay Lohan have boobage fold. (boobage fold = when gravity have totally affected your boobs that it seems as if there's a fold between your boobs and and chest)
2. I love brown leather. I do. Its so casual chic.
3. Tight skirt is so in these days. Weird.
4. Found the perfect wide belt for me. Its velveteen and dark gray and adjustable. Yippee. Am using it on all my shirt dresses. Coolio. Got it from a Zara coat.
5. Pulin's in the states so I can get any Urban Outfitter article. O yea. Although, better not because I can't fit it.
6. I need shirt dress, tunic dress, and pretty tube top. We soo dont have tube top.

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