Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Summer as of the moment

As you all may have observed... my layout sucks. Luckily, my laptop has finally been formatted, which may possibly inspire me to relayout.

But what do we know? This blog really is full of empty promises anyway.



Well, I am bored as hell. It's hot as hell. Am finally catching up on my GossipGirl, started 90210, and am not taking sleeping pills. Not because I've decided against it, just that I am FUCKING BROKE.

YEAHES! FUCKING EFFING EFFING ABNORMALLY BROKE. And to follow would be I am stuck at home. This hot unexciting hole I call home.

And am starting to bitch.

My atm's still a bitch. That would've been easy income. But noooooo, I dont have it because I lost it last november.


What else?

Hmmm. This layout sucks. I still have that MAP work thing. And I'm in luurve with a pair of Steve Madden shoes, ONSALE. AND I FINALLY FINISHED MURAKAMI'S THW WINDUP BIRD CHRONICLES AFTER 6 EFFING MONTHS!!!

Am rereading Good Omens. See, I stopped reading in the middle of the book......

Omg, I'm ranting. See, boredom just seeps right through. And idleness really does bring out the bitch in me.

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