Sunday, April 5, 2009

Summer Commandments

1. You will not cut you hair. Even if you very much want to and even if it sucks big time. Just imagine bangs so long it reaches your nose when its swept to the side. And imagine hair up to your collar bones! Perfect aint it? Besides, what's a whole summer of scarves anyway? And lovely, you've got a boyfriend.
2. Must complete work
3. Must not deprive self of beaching
4. Must reach out to college friends somehow
5. Insomnia is not to be a part of summer. Smoking perhaps.. but not insomnia!
6. Remember your fashion.
7. Happy Mondays!
8. You will clean your room. Clean room is anti bitch fit.
9. You will figure out what thesis you're taking.
10. You will chill.

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