Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's Saturday and I'm at home. The world sucks and I should learn to live with it. Well, actually I'm just overreacting, but what the hell. My blog.

1st picture in a hundred months:

this is the 80% finished wall of Christa's room. I actually filled the higher part with graduating stars. They also painted and sprayed stars on the ceiling. Plus butterflies. And emulsion. I knoooww it's much too girly and colorful for my liking... but she's the boss. And it actually went well.


Jonas Brother's "Year 3000" has been playing in my head for two days now. I can't believe they sung that. I didn't know that THE Jonas Brother played that until yesterday.


It's the 100th day on *insert secret day here* and he'll never know because he never reads my blog anyway. Lol. Counting hundred days isn't really something that I do, you know. It's a very Korean thing, which isn't me either. All my friends love it and I don't mind, but there's I am not inclined to luuurving it anyhows.

Sooo colors, Jonas Brothers, and romantic Korean antics. Goodness, did I just turned into a Nica incarnate?

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