Sunday, April 26, 2009

Must Sleep Now.

I think photobucket is down.


You know, I never really let money--better yet, the lack of it--ruin my fun. I'd go as far as begging to get my resources. I just can't fund two people. Despite the one-unit funding, I still need money though.

I'm not really working right now. Too busy whining and complaining about being home too much. Being home gives me a head ache you know.

BTW, finished my Eva Fonda piece for twg. Kinda. Yiih! :x

And finally TWG have this 2-day workshop. And I really really really want to go. Then my head goes all confused. :( Have I messed up my priorities? I know I like writing, and I know that I'm not bad at it... But if only I exert as much passion in my art than in my writing, wouldn't that benefit me more? My passion for writing is half-baked. My efforts in improving my illustration/layouting/photoshopping skills are half-baked too. It's like I'm torn between two loves. (ugh. cheesy.)

Point is, I REALLY WANT TO GO! Maybe for the fun, but I should go because I want to learn right? Well, why do I want to learn anyway... am I making a career out of this? Well, perhaps, since I'm focusing on magazine work (and am not making much progress).

I went to TWG anyway because I don't want to forget how to write. But what about all that "You should wake up a writer" brouhaha?

Well, I guess I can manage both. I think. I just have a very low self-esteem right now. Tonight. And I really have to sleep. Really really.


I've given up in taking good pictures. But maybe pictures that matter suffice.

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